Haroob Status of an Iqama

Huroob is an Arabic word that is used for a worker who is reported to the Ministry in Saudi Arabia by his sponsor that he/she is absent from work. This is the most undesired situation for an expatriate in Saudi Arabia.

Once an expatriate worker is on Huroob it means his Iqama is canceled. His stay in Saudi now become illegal. He is going to be sent back home by deportation centers with a 5-year ban (normally) to come back to KSA.

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Why a Sponsor Does Huroob?

There are well set of rules and regulations to work in Saudi Arabia set by Ministries in Saudi Arabia to better control huge expatriates. These rules are good for both a worker and the sponsor as well. A sponsor has to make it clear to follow the labor rules as well.

If a worker violates labor laws then a sponsor should report like about a runaway worker otherwise he is going to be penalized himself. The punishment to sponsor for non-reporting is  5000 SAR for the first time, 10,000 for second and 15000 for the third time including one month imprisonment.

Huroob Status at MOL

Ministry of Labour – MOL has an online portal to facilitate to its residents from they can check about huroob easily.

I will explain the steps but make sure 100% confirmation can only get from Jawazat as sometimes systems are not updated.

Step – 1: First of all, open Ministry Of Labor by clicking here MOL Portal

Step – 2: Here, you have three options like you can use Border No., Iqama & Passport No.

Visit MOL website and go to e services

Step – 3: We will see through Iqama number, so enter your 10-digit Iqama number as in below snip

Enter your Iqama Number in the Raqm Iqama field

Step – 4: Enter the Captcha and press بحث

Step – 5: If you see the result like below then you are in trouble.

Picture is displaying that you are on Huroob

Huroob Status at MOI

You can also get an indication from Absher Account by following steps

Step – 1: Go to this Absher.sa web portal by clicking here Absher.sa

Step – 2: Log in to your account. You must have an account to check that status.

Step – 3: Once login goes to Dashboard as you can see in the below picture.Huroon check through Absher Account. Go to Dashboard

Step – 4: Log in to your account. You must have an account to check that status.

Step – 5: You will see More Details on the left side as indicated below. Click here.

Go to more details at left side

Step – 6: Now in Personal Information at the top you will see your status if it is Yes then you are in good shape if No then you are Absent from work means a Huroob applied by your sponsor.

If Enrolled status is No then it is Huroob means you are absent from work

Note: For Domestic workers, these methods are not applicable and they need to check at Jawazat. Also, for all other workers, as stated earlier, you can get confirmed status from Jawazat.

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How to Remove Huroob Status?

Yes, you can remove Huroob by following methods;

  1. Request Your Kafeel: The best way to deal with the situation is to request you kafeel and settle the issues within 15 days of Huroob imposed. After 15 days it is hard to get this done.
  2. Ministry of Labor: You can go and seek for help if you think you are right and the sponsor wants to grab End service benefits.
  3. Surrender to Police: You can go to the police station and ask them to deport you.
  4. Find a Lawyer: You can find any agent o lawyer who can help you to settle the issues but the fee may be high.

The best is just settle the issues with your kafeel at any cost.

FAQ’s About Haroob

Why Haroob is not a good thing in Saudi Arabia?

The reasons are below that once an expatriate got an huroob then;

  • Iqama is voided (canceled) immediately
  • He cannot work anywhere in Saudi Arabia
  • He/she is not become illegal to stay in KSA
  • End service benefits are lost
  • He will be sent home by Tharheels – Deportation centers
  • A ban of a minimum of 5 years to return on a work visa

Who will pay the traveling expenses of in Huroob case?

Employers’ expenses if he is working his own then by himself.

What are the other names of Huroob?

Huroof, Absent from Work, Absconde, Runaways, etc.

Can an Employer misuse of this rule to avoid end service benefits?

Yes, it was reported and hence to put the huroob an employee is not that simple at all. First, he has to prove the runaway in court. A minimum run away period is 30 days. The same employee can contact a report for the delay in salary, mistreatment, etc.

What does Saudi Labor Law say about Huroob?

It says that  An employer (sponsor) may not terminate the employment contract without an award, advance notice or indemnity except in the few cases, and provided that he gives the worker a chance to state his reasons for objecting the termination.

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