Check Sponsor Name and ID at MOFA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also known as MOFA normally visited by expats looking for their family visa. But you can use it to find your sponsors name and ID number. Also, it will tell you the meanings of your profession, nationality, complete name and your date of birth. Check-in case of any discrepancy.

Also, try these methods if this one is not working.

Check Sponsor Name and ID

Follow the below steps to find out the name and ID of your sponsor;

Step – 1: Go to MOFA official website by clicking here MOFA

Step – 2: Make sure to change the language in English for your convenience.

Step – 3: Scroll down a little and you will find a section called E-SERVICES, click it

Click on Services Section at MOL

Step – 4: In “All Services”, click on “Residents” and choose “Family Visit Request”

Go to Resident Section at MOL

Step – 5: A new tab will open.

Step – 6: Now, scroll down to the bottom and you will find “Start the Service” click it

Find Start of Services at the end at MOL site

Step – 7: Again, you will find two sections, “Individuals” & “Organization & Sectors”

Step – 8: Click on the “Individuals”

Click on Individuals here

Step – 9: Select the Family Visit Visa Application for Residents under the “Residents” tab.

Select Family Visit Visa from Resident Section

Step – 10: Next, you need to agree to proceed forward after you agree with the terms and conditions.

Now you need to agree to go forward

Step – 11: Here, you need to enter your Iqama number and expiry date. You can find the Iqama expiry date by following this link. How to check Iqama Expiry


Step – 12: Here, you will find the name and ID of your sponsor and your information as well.

You are done, note the name and ID and quit the process!

If you don’t have Iqama number yet then you can find this by other means online & offline. Visit below link to get that.

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FAQ’s about Kafeel Name

How do I know my Kafeel ID??

You can get that by offline and online as described above.

Who is a kafeel?

In Arabic Kafeel or Kafil means Sponsor. He is the person sponsoring a company and other individual and ultimately have authorities as well.

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