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EID – Emirates ID is called بطاقة الهوية in Arabic. It is the most important document in the United Arab Emirates, like Iqama, in Saudi Arabia. A resident needs to have this all the time everywhere he/she goes around UAE. It is like a Personal Identity card like other countries have. This card is valid for 2-10 years according to the category. This card is not required for visitors or tourists. Emirates ID card is mandatory to have for all expatriates residents and citizens of the UAE.

This is an electronic identification card issued by EIDA – Emirates Identity Authority. All information like Name, DOB, Nationality, Marital status, biometric info, etc., of the cardholder, is stored in an electronic chip embedded on the card.

Sample of an Emirates ID Card

An Emirates ID also stores information about medical details like blood group, diseases, allergies, and organs donation approval. This is useful in an emergency. UAE government is taken steps to make an easy process for obtaining an Emirates ID.

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How to Get an Emirates ID?

Before we head towards the steps, let us see what documents are required.

For UAE Nationals

  • Family Book
  • Valid passport
  • Emirates ID Application

For UAE Residents:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Visa (Work Permit Visa)
  • Emirates ID Application

Steps to get Emirates ID

Step – 1: You can fill the application online or go to any Emirates Identity Authority designated center. Emirates ID fee is 100 AED per year validity & they will charge an extra 70 AED for typing services.

Step – 2: Once you apply successfully, you will receive an SMS at registered mobile or E-mail that goes for further registration. Expatriates need to go for a medical test to an official Preventive Medical Centre. Take your original passport and entry permit visa. Now, biometrics like fingerprints and a photograph will be taken.

Step – 3: Now, you are done here. You can track your application process at the EIDA portal. Your card will be printed after some formalities. You will receive an SMS and e-mail about the status.

Step – 4:: An account number will be created when you register. You can track the

progress of your Emirates ID card by typing the account number into EIDA’s website ID Card Status

Step – 5: Now, you will receive an SMS from Emirates Post. Just visit the post office and collect your ID. Don’t forget to keep your passport and ID application form identification.

Make sure to collect it within 90 days. EIDA will discard it.

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Check Emirates ID Status

If you are residing in Emirates countries, then it is essential to have a periodic check on the status of your Emirates card. If it is expired, you cannot process any transaction, and your account will be blocked automatically. All other official activities will also be blocked in UAE.

Either you are a UAE citizen or a foreigner on a stay in UAE for any reason, it is mandatory to have a valid Emirates ID to avoid legal consequences.

First of all, I am going to explain how you can check the status of your ID. All you need an ID number. Let us see how easily you can check through the internet and a call.

Ways to Check Emirates ID Status

Just grab your ID card as you need to provide the valid number, and no need to visit the office physically in both cases.

Emirates ID Check | Online

There is an official government website that lets you check your ID status online. To check the status of your ID, follow these steps:

Step – 1: Go to the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship here, ID Status.

Step – 2: Now, Enter your Emirates ID card number in the box under Check Application Status

Step – 3: Hit the “Check” button

You can see all the information like

This is the simplest method if you go through the above link I have provided in the first step. A new screen will display all your information and the validity of your ID.

Emirates ID Check | Phone Call

If the system is down or the above method is not working, then you can go for the below procedure;

Step – 1:  Make a Call at 600530003

Step – 2: You will be connected to the Agent immediately

Step – 3: Check your desired language if available

Step – 4: Ask them that you need info about ID status

Step – 5: Tell the ID Number or Application number

Step – 6: Let them check, and you will get your status

How to Renew Emirates ID

There are two ways to renew ID online and at the typing center. The main benefit of applying online is you need not visit the office & save typing fees physically.

But using an online system, an applicant can fill e-form in both Arabic and English Language without

Renew Emirates ID |Online

Step – 1: Make an account by registering at ID Eform.

Step – 2: Fill in the required information as you already have filled it during the first time to get that ID.

Step – 3: Now, scan and upload the required documents one by one for a passport and others.

Step – 4: Pay the fee online if you want through a credit card.

Step – 5: You will get an application number after completing the process. Take this application number to the typing center.

Step – 6: After completing the process online, you need to print the application receipt, and you can receive an ID card through Emirates Post whenever it’s ready. Keep on tracking!

Note: Biometrics are not required for renewal ID.

Renew Emirates ID |Offline

This method can be used if you are not a computer guy. Follow the steps in this case;

Step – 1: Go to the accredited typing center.

Step – 2: Take all the necessary documents and an extra 30 AED fee for the typing center.

Step – 3: Hand over the documents to them when requested.

Step – 4: You will get an application slip & you are good to go.

Step – 5: Contact Emirates post to receive ID whenever ready.

Major Uses of Emirates ID

  1. More than 150 government entities recognize the card as proof of identity. Like
  • All Ministries
  • Emirates Post
  • UAE Red Crescent
  • Emirates Municipalities
  • RTA for Driving License
  1. Most hospitals in the UAE only need Emirates ID and a health insurance card only for identification proof.
  2. Emiratis go to Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait without a passport, only ID.
  3. Traffic department transactions can be done by this card – Traffic Fine Check & Pay.
  4. E-gate facility at airports to pass the security and no more wait in long queues.

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FAQ’s About ID

What is the penalty for the delay in the ID application?

A fine of AED 20/day of any delay, and it can go maximum1000 AED. Same fine for late application of renewal of id cards starting from 30 days after expiry.

How to cancel Emirates ID?

Residents who intended to cancel their UAE residence visa need to hand over their ID cards to the respective General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

Do I need to carry your card all the time?

Police may ask you anytime, and if you are unable to provide it, you may be in trouble.

If I lost the ID card, then what?

Report to the police and apply for a duplicate.

How can I change the name on my ID?

Just notify EIDA and complete the process.

If I received a card with the wrong details on it?

Visit the EIDA office and get it done.

How many Names are this Emirates ID?

There are many names like Bataka, Emirates ID, UAE ID Card are the most common.

I am a visitor or tourist. Do I need an Emirates ID?

No, you need not, and even you are not eligible for it.

What is the size of the Emirates ID?

Same as of credit or debit card.

How many digits an Emirates ID have?

It consists of 15 digits, four of which may match the cardholder’s birth year, but it is not necessary to match DOB.

How is the Emirates ID numbering generated?

As per the Director of Government and Community Liaison Office at Emirates Identity Authority said that an Emirates ID number is categorized into four parts:

Part – 1: First 3-digits represents the international code of the UAE

Part – 2: Next, 4-digit may match the year the birth of the cardholder – not necessarily

Part – 3: This consist of 7-digits randomly generated by the system

Part – 4: Only 1-digit representing a verification number

How can I change my Emirates ID number?

It is a fixed number and may not be changed until, if any, a special case. It is unique to every individual in all respect.

If Are there wrong details on my printed ID?

Visit the nearest EIDA office as soon as possible and provide them with the proof documents, and they will clear.

My kid is only one year old. Should I have his ID?

As per UAE law, everyone (eligible residents & UAE citizens) in the Emirates must have ID cards, even newborn babies.

I lost/misplaced my Emirates card; what to do now?

Find it where ever it is or gets a duplicate of the lost card as soon as possible.

How to change the name after Marriage?

Congratulations! Just notify EIDA & apply for a name change.


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    1. Hi Mr Rejith Raveendran
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  3. I have a quick question regarding the renewal process. Is it possible to renew my Emirates ID online, or do I need to visit a physical center for that? Also, are there any specific documents or requirements I should be aware of when renewing? Thanks in advance for any guidance on this!


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