Exit Re-Entry Visa Extension | Updated

No more worries if your exit re-entry is going to expire as Jawazat in Saudi Arabia has issued a temporary update on their website to facilitate the people who are back home in this Corona hit.

Now you can extend the exit re-entry but if you comply with the following conditions;

Kafeel/ Sponsor Permissions is required (Kafeel is the one can update it for you)

  • You Iqama should be valid in that period – Check Iqama Expiry
  • The Extension form is in Arabic but names you can write in English
  • For Spouse or dependent, you can fill by yourself
  • If a Saudi Citizen has to apply for a spouse visa then he can contact the Saudi Embassy.

If you comply with all these conditions you can visit this official MOFA website. Here is the link… http://visa.mofa.gov.sa/ExtendReturnedVisa

Make sure to understand that this one is just a temporary service and can be rolled back anytime. If your exit re-entry is not nearby to expire still I suggest you make an extension to avoid any convenience later on.

Hope this helps.

Any update regarding this please comment so that the update can be reached to the maximum.


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