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When you are going on vacations (خروج عودہ) from Saudi Arabia to back home, you always decide how long you are going to be out of KSA.

That’s why you always have to check the date of your visa expirations.

As per the Rules here, one needs to get an exit re-entry visa to come back. A sponsor or Kafeel always has the authority to process it.

If you have family or other dependents, then you can process their exit re-entry visa. But still, you cannot process this for your own visa.

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Check Exit Re-Entry

I will explain to you through a simple procedure from where you can check in an easy way step by step;

Step – 1: Go to Muqeem web Portal or click MUQEEM.

Step – 2: You will see the below screen.

You need to fill Visa Number and Iqama Number to Check Visa Validity


  • Iqama Number
  • Visa Number
  • Passport Number
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Iqama Expiry Date
  • Visa Expiry Date

Step – 3: Once it is open, you will see it asks to choose the first and second values. When you click on those dropdowns, you will see the options shown in the picture.

Step – 4: In the first value option, you can put the Iqama number, and if you don’t have it, you can choose a visa number.

Step – 5: You have many options in the second value, as you can see in the picture Date of Birth, Iqama Expiry Date, Visa Expiry Date, etc.

Step – 6: Once you fill both of the fields, then press “Check.”

Step – 7: You will find the screen like the below picture. Your name and, more importantly, that the days you can be out of Saudi Arabia are displayed.

Make sure if you got offline exit reentry from Jawazat, then your days will start from the same day you got the paper, but online your days will start once you exit from the Saudi Airport.

Step – 8: من تاريخ المغادرة means that your exit days will start count after you leave the KSA, not the day you processed the exit re-entry. Take a printout and also save it on your mobile.

So when you are asked, you can present it. Nowadays, this is online everywhere, but it could be beneficial if the system is down or slow.

You are done here!

Exit Re-Entry Visa for Expats

During Exit Re-entry time, your passport is active again. You cannot take Iqama with you back home country as per Saudi Laws. An exit reentry visa is issued this time. You enter Saudi Arabia with a visa but again, to exit and Re-enter, you need to get another visa.

Exit Re-entry rules are strict for foreigners as hefty fines and/or penalties like a ban for three years whoever violates the rules & regulation.

This visa is not stamped on your passport but being controlled by an online system. You will just be informed by an SMS that your visa is active.

You can print online if you like. It’s better to have a copy in case the system is down at any airport.

Jawazat also issues manual exit re-entry in special cases.

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Types of Exit Re-Entry Visa

There are two types of Exit Re-entry visas name single and multiple exit re-entry visas. I am going to explain both in detail below;

Single | Exit Re-Entry

Your sponsor allowed you to go back home on this visa and come back for one time only. After you are back in KSA, this visa is no more active.

Now, if you want to leave again, then you have to do all the process again. But this can be for 1 month to one year until your Iqama is valid.

Nowadays, a normal fee for the first two months is 200 SAR, but it will increase by 100 SAR if you want to extend it for a month means for three months.

If you want to go for 4 months, then add 100 SAR more means you have to pay 400 SAR to stay out of KSA for 4 months. For more extra months, add more than 100 SAR.

Multiple | Exit Re-Entry

If you want to avoid that restriction, you can get multiple visas to exit and re-enter any day, anytime. These multiple visas you can get for a maximum of 6 months, and you can make several entries per your requirement.

This is a bit costly, and not everyone can afford it. This is mainly for consultants and high authority personals who are going to leave multiple times. But if you can afford it, you can get it, but with the consent of Kafeel rule is applied here also.

Violation of Exit Re-Entry

As we have discussed, there are strict consequences if anyone violates these rules, like if you are on single exit re-entry, you have to come at a specified time that we call Visa Validity or Visa Expiry.

If you cannot come back, you are normally banned for three years from entering again for work in Saudi Arabia.

Your kafeel can increase the time period if you have any proper reason, like if you get a single re-entry visa for one month, he can increase it to three months after paying the extra fee.

However, valid Aqama is a must to apply for an extension of the Exit Re-Entry Visa.

But if you have dependents that went back and are unable to come back within visa validity, then their Iqama will be cancelled.

How to Extend Exit Re-Entry | Inside Kingdom

You can Extend or cancel exit re-entry for your dependents same your Sponsor can do it for you. The process is the same as below;

Step -1: Login to Absher account here Absher. sa

Step – 2: Select “Individuals” & Click on the Services tab

New Absher dependent services

Step -3: Now visit the Dependents section

Step -4: Go to Dependents Services

Step -5: Then go to “VISA Services.”

Visa Cancellation and Renewal for family in Saudi Arabia

Step -6: You will have many options but click next.

Step -7: Cancel the previous one and apply for a new one.

Note: Make sure to cancel the existing exit re-entry; otherwise, a hefty fine for 3000 SAR if the applicant is still in KSA.

How to Extend Exit Re-Entry | Out Kingdom

You can still apply if you are outside, KSA, and back home. But the condition is that you have to apply a maximum within 30 days after its expiration.

Other documents like Iqama and passport should be valid also. You need to contact the Saudi embassy or the Saudi consulate in your home country.

Here is a list of the required documents to renew Exit re-entry;

  • Fresh Photo with a white background as we have in Saudi
  • Visa Application Form
  • Valid Passport 6 months before the expiration
  • MOFA must attest a letter from the sponsor company and.
  • Copy of Valid Iqama.
  • Login to ENJAZIT
  • Go to Apply for a visa to enter the Kingdom by individuals
  •  Fill an online visa application form for an exit re-entry visa
  • Submit all the documents to the embassy.

After a successful evaluation, they will issue you a new visa, and you are good to go. The same is for your own dependents, but you may be asked for Family verification documents this time.

Wrap UP

I hope you can do it easily now. There is another method to check through Absher. I will try to cover it any day in a separate post. Just keep everything in check to avoid any hassle, as if you mingle this re-entry visa, things might be complicated for you to get back to Saudi Arabia. If you stay more than this time period, then you will get banned for a minimum of three years to enter again for work.

Video Guide

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37 thoughts on “Exit Re Entry Visa Check”

  1. Can you just tell me i have remaining 5 days of my visa validity ut is single entry visa i already re enter to the country i want now again travel to my country is my kafeel can issue new visa or i have to wt the validity of date

    1. Yes, new visa can be issued. As you have used the old visa and is not valid anymore now even you have entered in KSA earlier.

  2. I have 2 months exit reentry visa, i had to enter the kingdom before 15 janurary 2020 but could not. Can you guide me how can i now go back. I have contacted my company. How much time will it take to complete the process?

    1. Your company Mundoob should visit the Jawazat now & fill the yellow slip form. Then your company will write a letter to the Saudi Embassy that is attested from the Chamber of Commerce & Ministry of foreign affairs.
      Now, they will send you all this and you need to go to the Saudi Embassy in your home country (Pakistan/India, etc.) with all other necessary documents. Better hire an agent.
      Once your visa is stamped again then you must travel within 7 days – Get your ticket ready. You can the idea for the duration now. Good luck!

      1. I heard that now you dont need to visit jawazat or do the paper work as before. The rules are change now, the kafeel can easily extend your visa from absher system. Can you confirm this please.

        1. Dear in your case visa is already expired. Yes, without expiry is easy to do it through MOI Absher.
          But to be honest with you I am not sure if it is like this after expiry.

        2. Sir I came in Pakistan re enter visa but now 2 years complete my home country can my same kafeel send me new visa excepted.

  3. hi ,

    My cousin came from KSA in July 2019 with NOC from his previous company and he worked there for 09 year now he got a new offer from different company in Saudi and his Iqama is expired, and visa is also expired , but his agent is saying he come on a exit reentry visa and i check on eserve website it show visa expired and visa type – single exit reentry visa can he travel to Saudi Arabia

    1. If he went back on exit re-entry and the visa is expired then he cannot travel for three years. As you said his Iqama is also expired then the old kafeel cannot extend the exit re-entry now. I don’t see any option there.
      You can ask the agent if he knows the way out of this situation.

      1. If you are banned from Saudi Arabia for not returning because exit visa expires will you also be banned from other countries like united states. Also will this ban show up on a background check.

  4. Syed Rafiullah Hussaini

    Hi i vame on 16 nov 2016 and did not come back to saudi due to some family issues so can i come on new visa plz gyidr me.

  5. What is usually the limit to leave the kingdom when single exit reentry has been issued? I got my single exit reentry issued which shows that I should depart Kingdom within 90 days of the issuance of visa.
    Can this time period be more than 90 days? If yes, then how?

  6. I read in a newspaper that now you can extend exit re entry visa of your dependents through Absher, but until today there is no such option in Absher.

      1. Assalamoalaikum, due to current virus situation, i want to extend my son exit re entry which will be expired on 27 march 2020. My son is in Islamabad studying in university and his flight will be on 20 march….but i dont qant him to travel….is there any option to extend his re entry visa….iindly guide…..thanks

          1. How to extend exit re-entry visa from Absher account for dependents who still have a valid iqama and a valid exit re-entry??

        1. Hi, I was came to the medical reason 120 days exit single re entry expired, my company extended 15 days single re entry for corona reasons my flight cancelled my re entry also expired March 18
          How can I go back to saudi arabia. If possible my visa extend.

        2. We’re you able to extend your son’s exit reentry visa on line? Tell me also how you managed. I am in the same situation after this Corona became pandemic my family was unable to travel. Their exit reentry will expiry next week. How to extend?

        3. Were you able to extend your son’s exit reentry visa on line? Tell me also how you managed. I am in the same situation after this Corona became pandemic my family was unable to travel. Their exit reentry will expiry next week. How to extend?

  7. Sir pls, reply Maximum stay period in Pakistan after 6moth? exit From Saudia in a two-year multiple family visit visa.

  8. Hi, I was came to the medical reason 120 days exit single re entry expired, my company extended 15 days single re entry for corona reasons my flight cancelled my re entry also expired March 18
    How can I go back to saudi arabia. If possible my visa extend.

    1. As per press release here in Saudi Arabia. Your period will count after the air travel ban is lifted.No worries

  9. I have 10 days left in iqama , can I able to get exit/ re entry for my dependents.. I already paid the fee but due to current Saudilization rules, it took some time to renew iqama.. your advice highly appreciated?
    Do I have to wait until iqama renewal?
    Or my dependent can travel and there iqama will be renewed with me?

  10. My father came from saudi 2018.05.10 on re entry visa .By Some family issues he couldnt return so how long is the ban period and can he come to saudi in new visa now?

  11. Sridevi Tharanidharan

    How many days before should I have to extend the exit re entry visa for dependent? My husband ‘s actual exit re-entry is valid till 21.11.2021. But while i checked in muqeem his exit re entry is valid till 30.11.2021. (I think KSA govt. extended till November 2021). So when (how many days before) should I have to extend his exit re entry visa?
    Kindly reply me. Thanks in advance.

  12. How many days before Should I extend the exit re-entry visa for dependent? From when onwards the days count as extended exit re-entry?

  13. I have my Exit Reentry Visa issued on 4/4, and duration written is 60 days,, Can you please tell me how long I can stay in KSA before departure …I mean how long my visa is valid for exit.. Kindly enlighten me as I cannot find it anywhere specifically mentioned…Thanks

  14. My family exit re-entry and iqama is expired while they are out of the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. What should I do to renew the subject exit re-entry and Iqma

  15. Jennifer Mendoza

    I have exit reentry visa,but it already expired and havent comeback to Saudi,is it possible to get visit visa for me to go back to Saudi?

  16. I am holding a valid multiple exit reentry visa. The return before date is 23rd April. Can I extend the time when I am inside Kingdom.

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