Final Exit Saudi Arabia

As you know, Saudi Arabia is not granting permanent residency to foreigners as Australia, America & other developed countries do. Hence, one has to leave sooner or later.

Now, you probably are here that you have decided or looking to return home, moving to another country from Saudi Arabia. If you want to leave Saudi Arabia permanently then you have to process a proper final exit (خروج نهائي) so that you can come back if you wish to come again here.

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There are some legal requirements that you need to fulfill to process your final exit easily. But before this, we have to look at which type of final exit you are looking for

Types of Final Exit

There are two types of final exit;

  • Khurroj Nizami (Legal) – If you are going back legally
  • Khurooj Tarheel (Criminal) – If you are put in jail and then sending you back

We will talk more about legal exit but Tarhaeel is if you have been caught by authorities while staying here illegally. a 3- 5-year minimum ban in this case like you have been caught by going to Hajj without permission, your iqama is expired, etc.

How to Process Final Exit

There are two ways to get a final exit legally

  1. Through Absher
  2. Ministry of Labour

Exit through Absher

This you can do for your dependents only not for your own as your kafeel or sponsor only has the authority to do it for you.

Following are the steps one have to follow for his/her dependents;

Step – 1: Go to official portal by clicking here

Step – 2: Change the language at your convenience. I’ll go with English

Step – 3: Login to your account

Step – 4: Click on ‘Sevices’ tab under ‘Dependents Services’

At new absher go to dependent area

Step – 5: Now, click on ‘Visa Services’

Click on Visa services

Step – 6: You will see how the types of visa  (Issuing Final Exit Visa, Final Exit Visa cancellation, Issuing Exit Re-Entry Visa, Exit Re-Entry Visa cancellation) with conditions before issuing like I have pasted one for a final exit visa. Read the conditions before processing final exit

Step – 7: Click ‘Next’ at bottom

Step – 8: Select the relevant Dependent from the list if any others are there.

Step – 9: Confirm the relevant information like passport & iqama

Step – 10: Click ‘OK’ once all is done and confirmed by you.

Step – 11: You can print final exit paper if required but no need nowadays as the system will automatically detect during immigration.

Fee for final exit: No fee

But, Why I am receiving a message insufficient funds during the final exit process?

Yes, you have process two months before the Iqama expiry for your dependent as you know two months is the final exit period to leave KSA. Hence, you have to pay those funds to process exit.

Ministry of Labour | Final exit

You can also get Final exit through the Ministry of Labour – MOL (Jawazat). All you have to do to have a visit there and present these papers;

  • Valid Iqama
  • Valid Passport
  • NOL – Letter from Employer

This is the case when your sponsor doesn’t have any access to Absher account of unable to use it due to ant reason/s.

Final exit with Expired Iqama

Many people are asking this question on different platforms that how can I get final exit legally on expired iqama. You can get it through;

  • Kafeel Absher Account
  •  Ministry of Labour

make sure in both cases you have to pay the extra fine to process your final exit.

Kafeel Absher Account

Kafeel needs to login to his/her Absher account and issues a work permit for the final exit, select the employee and press ‘Release’. He needs to submit the fee also.

Ministry of Labour

Visit the Ministry of Labour & pay the fine and other fees related to the final exit. Also, show there NOL from you kafeel.

Final Exit without Iqama

Yes, there are cases when you don’t have iqama due to many reasons and you want to get exit from KSA. In that case, you simply surrender yourself and normally, a ban of three years will be imposed to land again in Saudi Arabia for work. Make sure to have your passport with you to make the process clear.

Final Exit without Kafeel

No possible to get an exit but in certain cases that your kafeel is no more but in that case, you can transfer to a new one. If not then you can directly contact Jawazat. it is the same as you cannot get Saudi visa without kafeel and now you cannot get exit without kafeel concent.

Final Exit Grace Period

Yes as per rule, you can stay for 60 days once your final exit is processed. You can have your dependents with you for 60 days as well but make sure to leave in this period or else you will be fined heavily and may get illegal if overstayed. You can print the final exit copy through Absher or ask your kafeel to do it for you and have it with you all the time.

Must Consider before Final Exit

Always make sure to consider the below points if you are about to leave KSA on the final exit so that you can come back anytime soon or later if required.

  • Contract with the current employer is finished or you have resigned and it is accepted. Like one or two months before the contract is expired as per contract.
  • All other services like Rentd House, Lease Car, etc are all cleared already. In this case, normally we have to transfer to another nominee.
  • Bank loans, monthly instalments, all types of utility bills under your Iqama should be cleared. Government & non- government as well.
    Make sure to take out your money from the bank as sometimes you may face problems in your bank account after the final exit has been processed. I have known people having issues but normally banks don’t. Transfer your End services Benefits to your home country as soon as possible.
  • Any subscriptions involved in money or not under your iqama should be unsubscribed in KSA.
  • Last but not least, you must take a Police Clearance Certificate. It is a must to have if you have the plan to go to any developed country for immigration.

How to Cancel Final Exit

Yes, I personally know some people who were asked by the company to cancel it and continue the job. in that case, your sponsor has the authority to cancel your final exit.

Sometimes, you got a very good offer and don’t want to go back and do all the processes so you can cancel it through your sponsor’s willingness.

The fee for cancellation is 2000 SAR by MOL.

The process to Cancel Final Exit

  • You have to fill the Final Exit Cancellation form. This form is in Arabic and you can get it done by just visiting Saudi Jawazat Offices.
  • Get it signed by your kafeel or sponsor
  • You also need a letter from your kafeel request cancellation of final exit
  • Make sure to get the chamber of commerce attestation
  • The letter needs to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce of the city where your employer’s office is registered in Saudi Arabia.
  • Check if your iqama is valid or else you have to pay also the renewal fee before reversal.
  • Other documents include a valid passport, photos, a copy of the final exit, etc.

Can I come after Final Exit?

Yes, you can come on the very next day no matter how many months you iqama is still valid like 6 months, 8 months, etc. If you have gone through a proper and legal way, not through Tarheel/jail.

But if you have gone through Exit Re-entry Visa and did not come back then you are banned at least for three years to land again in Saudi Arabia.

Exit Types in Saudi Arabia

Yes, you have to understand that there are three types of Exits in Saudi Arabia;

  1. Exit Re-Entry or Khurooj Auda
  2. Multiple Exit Re-Entry
  3. Final Exit – Khurooj Nahee

In Exit Re-entry Visa, you have to come back in a specific time period mentioned on your visa. It is just a paper visa. It can only be used once. But Multiple Exit Re-Entry is the same as exit re-entry but you can enter multiple times but it fee is quite high and only good for business persons.

Final Exit is that you are leaving KSA permanently for the time being and you will clear all the accounts here under your name.

Final Words

I have tried to clear most of your doubts if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments. Always try to follow the rules here in KSA. Believe me, earning life is beautiful here if you follow the rules.

FAQ about Final Exit

Can I come back if my exit expires while I am on vacations?

Rules have been changed and you cannot come back for three years even for the same previous Kafeel now.

If I got a new job and I am still in Saudi Arabia?

Great, in that case, you can cancel your final exit and I have explained the procedure above.

How many days after I can come back to KSA after Final Exit?

You can come on the very next day if you have gone through a proper channel other you have to wait for your ban to be lifted if any.

What is the fee to cancel Final Exit?

It is 2000 SAR and then up to your Iqama validity and other documentation if expired any.


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37 thoughts on “Final Exit Saudi Arabia”

  1. Hi there,
    Can an employer cancel the final exit visa issued to the workers without the knowledge and consent of worker?
    For example:
    Employee issued exit visa on 05.12.2019
    Employee leaving in 15.12.2019 at 05:30 PM
    Employee cancel the final exit visa on 15.12.209 at 05:25 PM and issued exit-re-entry visa (of course without the knowledge and consent of employee)
    Awaiting your valuable feedback on the same.

    1. Dear Dan, yes he can !! Normally, it is with the consent of the employee or mutually decided but he has every right to do so.

    2. I have only 25 days remain for iqama expire with family i want final exit now is it possible
      Secondly I already paid depends fee but still iqama not renew it is possible fee return back. Bank is ncb.

      1. If it is still displaying in your Absher account then only you can get it back. If not then sorry you can’t get it back.

      2. Merhabalar benim sorum
        Ksa da 2 yıldır ikamem bitmiş dururmdadır ikamemi yeniletmeden nasıl normal çıkış çıka bilirim teşekkürler

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am ali.I leave saudia on 21 august 2019 and on 21 august 2019 after finel setlement my company take passaport and aqama and fill online form after that return my passport and aqama and give me final exit paper.At saudi airport they check only passport never stamp on passport and not take my aqama only take my fingerprint and said ok.Now i again want to go saudia and my aqama is with me.kindly help me on this issue.

    1. Dear Mr. Ali
      There is no issue. Nowadays they don’t collect Iqama and it is void ultimately. You can discard that Iqama as that it is of no use. But if someone gets caught with that Iqama in KSA then you may be in trouble. Simply crush & trash it immediately.
      They took your fingerprints and that is enough. You are good to go and can come back. No issues.

  3. Dear sir. I am from India. My iqama was of a house worker. But my kafeel let me work outside. Unfortunately, I was caught by the police and deported. Now it’s happened for 2 years. Now I like to come saudi. I don’t know ban duration. and any legal ways to come to Saudi Arabia. . I deported by tarhil center. what about the ban duration.please

    1. Dear Mr. SHERIFF

      Sadly, if you are deported through Tahril then you are banned for a minimum three years. But most of the time you are banned for life time. Still, rules are changing. Better try after one year more.

  4. Dear Editor, great article, plenty of useful information and laid out very clearly. Thanks very much.
    One question, once the final exit visa is issued (dependants only, not employee), can the person exit via Bahrain causeway, or does it have to be through airport?

    1. Thanks, Shamsul for the much-needed appreciation. Regarding the final exit, one of my friends got Australian PR and wanted to go directly from KSA on the final exit but the authorities here told them first fly back home in Pakistan and then you can go anywhere.

      Bahrain causeway is a good option for exit reentry but I don’t think authorities in KSA will let you choose that option for the final exit. They will sent you back home to save guard their stakes.

      1. Hi, thanks again for your response. I thought I’ll update for the benefit of your readers.
        One of my son did a final exit from the airport to a third country (UK), and another son final exit through Bahrain causeway. Both did not have any issue at all. Not sure whether this is easier because 1) they are dependents only, not employee, and 2) they hold Malaysian passports therefore can get Bahrain visa on arrival. In both cases the Saudi immigration didnt kick up a fuss.

  5. Dear Sir,

    I have been looking for such information from past many days but only this site provided clear instruction and guidelines. Thank you very much for helping us out.

    I have one query, During 60 days Grace Period after Final Exit can employer force employee to work or its illegal to work during grace period.

  6. Dear Sir,

    One more help please, Company took my passport stating they need it to process Final Exit. It’s been processed and now its been more than 5 days and they are not returning it to me. Is it legal for the Employers to retain employees passport in any circumstances.

    What action I can take to get back my passport.

    1. Dear Ajay, it is not legal nowadays for a company to retain a passport. No benefit to take any action. Just wait when they hand over you the ticket and passport then go back home country.

  7. Dear Sir,

    Sorry to bother you again and again. Does the Fixed Term Contract ends when the Iqama expires? And, the clause of Notice period also becomes Void with Expired Iqama.

    Thank you!!!

      1. hi sir, I exited saudi last july 2019. is it possible to get a copy of my final exit now? i forgot if i was given the paper by employer or i just misplaced it somewhere. thank you in advance!

  8. Dear Sir,

    Hope you are doing good today!
    Employer can issue Final Exit visa on Expired Iqama using Work Permit within 30 days from Expiry or after 30 days of Iqama Expiry.

    Many Thanks!

      1. Dear Sir,

        Sorry, I didn’t get your answer. Final Exit can be processed using Work Permit –

        a. Within 30 day of Iqama Expiry or
        b. Only after 30 days of Iqama Expiry.


  9. Sir.
    I have a rented flat and 8months due on it.i don’t have money now can I go exit in this situation without paying it.

  10. Hi
    Need one advise as I have applied for final exit and its been approved by company’s management as my iqama expires on 23rd feb and also my ticket is on the same day
    Now my question is is it possible for exit on the same day without any penalty?

  11. I have taken transfer. My kafeel has not given my salary for 4 months. He said he will give transfer, but put me in huroob. I went to labour court . The first judgement of transfer, then second judgement of khuroooj nihai my kafeel not given khurooj nihai. Again third judgement for khurooj nihai . My iqama expired. And under huroob . What should I do. I dont have money

    1. Dear Syed;
      Sorry to know about your Huroob status. The worst-case happened to any expatriate here in KSA. You only need to wait for judgement now. If you got clear then you will get all the money before leaving KSA. We hope you will be out of this situation ASAP.

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