Gold Rate in KSA Today

Gold Price in Saudi Arabia Today =189.58 SAR/Gram 24K

Gold UnitGold Price MorningGold Price Evening
1 Gram Gold 24 Karat189.58 SAR189.58 SAR
1 Gram Gold 22 Karat173.78 SAR173.78 SAR
1 Gram Gold 21 Karat165.88 SAR165.88 SAR
1 Gram Gold 18 Karat142.18 SAR142.18 SAR
1 Tola Gold2,210.93 SAR2,210.93 SAR
1 Ounce Gold5,895.81 SAR5,895.81 SAR

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Saudi Arabia is officially known as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the land area of almost 830000 square miles make this country one of the largest country of Asia the official language is Arabic and the capital of the country is Riyadh. This kingdom was found in 1932 and almost 3.4 million people live in this country.

The official currency of Saudi Arabia is Saudi riyal and the economy of the country depends on the oil reserves and gold reserves which are found in a good number in Saudi Arabia. Those who looking to buy gold in Saudi Arabia can purchase it in many different forms such as bullion bars, bullion coins and even in jewellery. Bullion bar provides you best gold in quantity especially when you want to travel and desire to carry as many ounces as possible because this is the purest form of gold. As far as jewellery is concern most people confuse with karat and carat. For your ease, we define that basically they are both measurement scales in jewellery industry but the major difference is that “carat” is used to describe the rate of diamond and other precious gemstones and the word “karat” provides you with the purity of gold. The 24 karat is the purest form of gold which is very soft metal and it is really hard to make jewellery with it that’s why the jewellers add some other metal in the gold to give them the stability to become a solid wearable jewellery that’s why they use silver, copper, nickel and zinc to improve the strength of gold to converted in good jewellery.

Talking about the gold reserves available in Saudi Arabia the recent reporting help in September 2019 the reserves were 432.934 USD mn. The gold reserve data of Saudi Arabia is updated on monthly bases averaging 201.600 USM mn from January 1959 to September 2019 as compared to December 1960 when the reserves were at the lowest 17.990 USD mn and they reached at the highest point in October 2008 with 433.069 USD mn. Saudi Arabia gold reserves data remain active in CEIC and is reported CEIC data. Saudi Arabian monitory authority provides gold reserves in local currency or in any other currency you want.

Gold rates in Saudi Arabia can be provided in different units such as 1, 5,10,20,50 and 100 grams. Most of the people really prefer to purchase 10-gram gold bullion bar and the most popular in family events is jewellery and it as available in many different designs such as bras lets, nickels, chains, rings and bangles and even dressers. You can buy any sort of gold in SAR and the price of gold in Saudia is 176.29 per gram we provide you a chart to make it look easy and helps you to decide that which type and which quantity you want to purchase.

Gold in Saudi Arabia is very popular and its jewellery is widely used for many family events such as weddings, engagements and in many designs such as bracelets, necklaces, chains, bangles, dresses. Customers buy it in Saudi Riyal (SAR).

Today Saudi gold per gram is equal to 176.29 KSA Riyal.

Today’s bid price is equal to 176.29 SAR and asks price is 176.34 SAR.

So the price range is 176.18 SAR —- 177.65 SAR.  Every day the gold price changes.

Saudi Gold Jewelry 22k Price Today

Today the gold price for 22k per gram in Saudi Arabia is 161.60 SAR. The gold bullion bar is weighted in 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 grams. But the most common in it is the 10-gram bullion bar. The bit price is 161.60 SAR and the asking price is 161.65 SAR. So the range is 161.50 SAR —– 162.85 SAR.
Its jewellery is unique and it has many attractive designs that attract jewellery lovers. It is mostly used in family events and many designer shows. It is also used in the exhibition.

Its designs are very sophisticated, handcrafted and also include tradition designs with grace. Their companies always value their customers and make jewellery according to their needs.

Gold rate in Saudi Arabia per tola

Today gold price per tola in KSA is 2,203.63 SAR. The bid price is equal to 2,203.63 SAR and asks price is equal to 2,204.25 SAR. So the price range is 2202.28 SAR —– 2220.66 SAR.

1 tola is equal to 12.5 grams. Tola is important in the gold market of Saudi Arabia. It is the common source of earnings in KSA. Same it is widely used in events and many foreigners also bought it because it is so elegant and lovely to wear specifically for ladies.

The gold rate per tola for 22k is equal to 2020.00 SAR, for 24k is 2203.63 SAR, for 23k is 2111.82 SAR, etc. It is highly affordable for everyone. Many people who visit there buy the jewellery of Saudi Arabia because it is very popular all over the world.

22k Saudi Gold Necklace Price

Today in KSA necklace price range from 1490 SAR to 4590 SAR.

Their styles are unique and different from each other. It is mainly handcraft that is the most lovable thing for anyone. Its flexible price rate, affordability, uniqueness and sophisticated make it more adorable.

That attracts every single person not only in their country but also in other countries. Saudi Arabia is well known for its jewellery, especially in necklaces. It can be of gold or diamond. But each holds its place best due to its grace and beautiful looking designs.

Gold Rate in Saudi Arabia Malabar Gold

Today Malabar gold rate in KSA is 169.00 SAR. But it ranges from 169.00 SAR to 182.00 SAR. Malabar gold has a strong retail network over 250 outlets and spread over 10 countries.

It is going to launch two more showrooms in Saudi Arabia. It is established in the Indian state of Kerala in 1993. Malabar gold has revenue if $14.5 billion today. Globally, this is no.1 ranking company for jewellery and spread in many different countries.

The jeweller’s brand includes Ethnix, Era, Mine, Divine, Precia and Starlet. These all brands are handcrafted designer jewellery, uncut diamond jewellery, diamond unlimited, Indian heritage jewellery, gem jewellery, and children’s jewellery.

They have many commitments for customers which include Malabar promises and policies such as exchange policy, general policies and cashback policy.

Gold Price in Saudi Arabia Forecast

Gold revolves around interest as the interest will decrease the gold price will become increase. In the future, the price may increase or decrease depending upon the interest.

The gold price will decrease with an increase in US stocks. As the Saudi economy depends largely on oil but also gold is crucial for it. Gold is in ounce, gram or kilo.

Those who want to buy gold in KSA can buy it in bullion bars, bullion coins, collectable coins, and even jewellery. Bullion bars are more effective.

The gold forecast for December 2019 is 1496 dollars. It will remain the same till February 2020 but it will decrease in march 2020 to 1471 dollars.


The difference between “Karat” and “Carat”?

Ans. Both of these words are used as measuring scale for jewellery but the difference is that Carat is used to define the weight of the diamond and other precious gems stones and the karat is used for gold and the measurement of the purity of gold. So always keep in mind while buying gold and other gems stones.

Which kind of gold we can buy in Saudi Arabia?

Gold of every type in quality and shape is available in Saudi Arabia but if you are a traveller the best choice for you is to buy Bullion Gold Bar which allows you to carry maximum amount of gold under the restriction and if you are a family person and having a family event every kind of necklace, bras lets, bangles and rings are available for you to make your event colourful and beautiful with stylish gold cut jewellery. The purity of gold can be measured by its Karats and mostly 18 to 20 karat gold is an ideal choice for jewellery because it is not as soft as 24 karat gold and have a bit solidity and strength to become a beautiful jewellery.

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