Gold Rate in Qatar

Gold Price in Qatar Today =171.39 QAR/Gram 24K

Gold UnitGold Price MorningGold Price Evening
1 Gram Gold 24 Karat171.39 QAR171.39 QAR
1 Gram Gold 22 Karat157.11 QAR157.11 QAR
1 Gram Gold 21 Karat149.97 QAR149.97 QAR
1 Gram Gold 18 Karat128.54 QAR128.54 QAR
1 Tola Gold1,998.85 QAR1,998.85 QAR
1 Ounce Gold5,330.28 QAR5,330.28 QAR

1 Ounce = 28.3495 Grams

The gold rate in Qatar today is 2,055.19 being the highest and 2,055.07 as the lowest for 24 karats per tola.

Other types of gold such as 22 karats, 18 karats, 14 karats, 10 karats, and 6 karats have prices altered as well.

Lower the karat number, lower the price of that type of gold because it shows the purity of the gold.

Higher the karat higher the purity of the gold. The price of 22 karat gold is 1,886.67, the highest, and 1,886.55, the lowest.

18 karat gold is being sold at the highest price of 1,541.40 and the lowest at 1,541.30 per tola.

The 14 karat gold has a price of 1,202.29 and 1,202.22 as the highest and lowest respectively.

Next up is the 10 karat gold with the price of 857.02 as highest and 856.96 the lowest.

At the end is the impurest god of only 6 karats being sold today with the maximum price of 513.80 and 513.77 being the lowest. And all of the prices mentioned are in Qatari riyal [QAR] per tola.

How much is 22k gold per gram in Qatar?

gold rate in qatar

The price of 22 karat gold per gram in Qatari riyal [QAR] per gram for today is 161.75 which is the highest price for which it is sold.

However, the lowest price for gold fixing is not much different being 161.74 with only the difference of 0.01.

Every day the price of the gold id fixed two times in formerly held at Nathan Mayer Rothschild and Sons by the members of London gold market fixing Ltd.

Gold rate in Qatar 24 karat?

The price of 24 karat gold in Qatar which is fixed for today per tola is 2,055.19 and 2,055.07, the highest and the lowest respectively with the change of 0.06 in the highest and lowest prices.

If we see the prices of 2,5, 10, 25 and 50 tolas, it does not increase by simple multiplication. All of them have their specific rates which will be stated shortly.
The price of 2 tolas was set to be 4,110.39 as the highest and 4,110.14 as the lowest with the difference of 0.12.

For 5 tolas similarly the highest and lowest prices were set to be 10,275.97 and 10,275.35 respectively and the change can be seen as 0.31. As the weight increases so do the change in the highest and lowest prices.

Price of 10 tolas being 20,551.94 the maximum and 20,550.70 the minimum having the difference of 0.64. 25 tolas gold price ranges from 51,379.84 to 51,376.75, the difference can be calculated as 1.55 QAR.

And lastly, for 50 tolas it was 102,759.68 to 102,753.50, the change is 3.09.

Is gold cheaper in Qatar than India?

The price of gold is set by a standard department located in London.

Every day the price of gold is fixed twice very formerly at the Nathan Mayer Rothschild and Sons by the members of The London Gold Market Ltd including members of some other countries as well.

It is a uniform all over the world. The price of designing gold jewelry can vary all of the worlds in every country.

So the price of a gold bar with a weight of 1 tola is 2,055.19 QAR in Qatar and 39,969.62 Indian Rupee in India for 26th October 2019.

The difference between the prices id because of the different currency value of Dollar to the Qatari Riyal and Indian Rupee.

How many grams of gold passengers can carry to India?

As new as it may sound to some of the readers that there are specific rules and regulations which has to be followed.

As for India, a maximum of 4 gm of gold can be carried at once.

However, it can vary with the gender of an individual because it’s natural that women like gold more than men and also purchase jewelry from overseas.

The Indian Customs and Baggage allowance prohibits the carrying of jewelry worth more than 10,000 for males and 20,000 for females for those who are living there for more than a year.

According to the price of today’s jewelry weighing to approximately 3.75 gms not more than that is allowed to travel for males and of course for females, the weight of the allowable amount of gold that can travel to India is generously 7.15 gms.

If an individual is even wearing or carrying more than the allowable amount then they are required to pay duty and taxes to import gold to the country, but along with that, the person can also be held under suspicion of laundering illegal amount of gold out or into the premises of a certain country.

When is the best time to buy gold in Qatar? (month or days when the price is less according to historical metrics)

There is always a good and a bad time for investment and it varies vigorously for other sorts of investments, for example, cash, etc but for gold, it is relatively a stable market depending upon the stability of the prices of the dollar in the respective country.

The only way to find the answer to this question that what can be the best time to buy gold in Qatar can be to analyze the rates of gold for the past as many years as we can manage and the work out a pattern on how through the course of so many years the price of gold fluctuated every month and if there exists a window to say that this can be the best time to invest in gold.

The historical data from as back as 1975, incorporating the everyday price of gold, tells us that in the first few months of the year the price surges and reaches its height towards the end of the year.

So we can jump to the conclusion that the fall season is the best to buy gold.

However, to dig deeper we can further say that out of all those months from January to July, March is the best month because looking into the statistical analysis the bar chart touches its lowest values in terms of the price of gold, in March.

Gold Rate Fluctuations

Indians are very keen to invest in the gold market. Wherever they go are always interested in buying gold for an investment.  For them as well as other investors around the globe Gold is the best passive investment. It is considered as the best asset to have globally. No country can deny gold’s worth anywhere and in any situation war or peace! Same are the NRI’s – Non-Resident Indians living as an expat in Qatar like to have gold and one of the must-have items when going back home on vacations.

We at Gulf. Asia has the best pool of information in changing environments in the gold market. The Gold & silver rates are outsourced from the Qatar market and international gold trade market to show the balance and graphical representations help the readers to understand where the market will be after careful forecasting. Gold rates fluctuate ever minutes basis but we will update on a daily basis.

  • We at Gulf. Asia follows the Gold rate published by popular jewelry websites in Qatar
  • As you know, gold prices fluctuate and depend on the market as well as the purity of the gold.
  • Indian’s always preferring a gold biscuit of 10 grams 50 grams, 100 grams to take it back home. Also, the jewelry sets are equally preferable among them.
  • 22 K, 21 K gold is mostly used for jewelry as 24 K gold have not enough strength to make jewelry or other ornaments. Impure metal has more strength than the purest one.
  • Keep in mind 24 K gold is one of the purest forms of gold and is considered100% pure.
  • We at Gulf. Asia follows the rate offered by popular exchangers in Qatar as well as globally.

Happy Investing!

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