How to Refund Iqama Funds from MOI

I will explain here how you can check MOI available funds against your Iqama. And if you want, you can get back into your preferred bank account easily.

The Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia has made it public free that anyone can check their own Iqama funds available.

This fund is the amount that you or your sponsor have paid against your Iqama or Muqeem card for any purposes like Driving License, Family visit visa, Iqama renewal, Visa extension, and so on. You normally pay the fee against your request, but once the fee is no more at the portal, it means your transaction is completed like you got the visa extension or any other service is completed.

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First, I will explain how to check these funds against your Iqama or Muqeem Card.

Public Query Available Funds

You can check at the Ministry of Interior – MOI Portal without any Absher account

There are two ways

  • MOI Web Portal
  • MOI Mobile Application

MOI Web Portal

This is the easiest and quick approach to check your iqama fund. Follow the below steps;

Step – 1: Go to official portal by clicking here

Step – 2: Change the Language to English, if you like

Step – 3: Go to Public Query Available Funds, as you can see in the below snip.

Step – 4: If you cannot find it, you can search or scroll on the left-right.

Iqama Fund check at absher website online

Step – 5: After clicking, You will see pictures like below

When you go to MOI funds will see the window like this

Step – 6: Enter the Identity Number, fill the Captcha code, then click on View.

Step – 7: You will get the information like Sponsorees Deposit, Vehicles Deposit, Driving License Deposit, Passports Deposit, Labour Deposit, and the Total Available Funds

Fill the Iqama number, Captcha code

For example,  If you have made any payment for Vehicle, the above breakdown will show it in the Vehicle deposit section. Like in the below snip, I have submitted my fee for car registration card renewal. Hence it is available until the transaction is completed. I can take it back if I change my mind later but before disappearing from here.MOI Funds submitted for my car renewal

MOI Mobile Application

Let see in a quick way that how you can do it via a mobile application
Step – 1: Search MOI Application in google play store

Step – 2: Install the application as you normally do for other application

Step – 3: At front view, click/touch on 3 vertical dots and click on Public Services

Step – 4: Now click/touch on Available funds

Step – 5: Enter the Iqama ID number to inquire about available funds for a service account with a different department.

Step – 6: You will get all the request details

Get Back Public Query Funds

The question is that what if you have submitted the amount, and then you change your mind against it?

Yes, Saudi Arabian’s Ministry of Interior – MOI also lets you refund this Iqama queries fund. Get it back into your account, no question asked. Bear in mind, you can get only from available displaying funds when you are making a request, but if you got delayed. The transaction is completed. Any funds disappeared from your Public query, and then you cannot get these back.

Let’s see how to get these available funds back to your bank account;

You can use any available internet banking like SABB, Alumina, Saudi Fransi,  Al Ahli, Riyadh Bank, Al Rajhi,  Bank Albilad, Saudi Hollandi, etc.

I will explain here how to get it through Fransi bank. Regardless of whatever you choose to follow the below steps;

Step – 1: Log in to your Bank account

Step – 2: Now choose option Saddad/MOI

Step – 3: Go to MOI Payments

Step – 4: Choose Alien Control from the dropdown

Step – 5: Select the category from the next dropdown like “Extend Visit Visa.

Step – 6: From the checkbox, select “Refund.

Step – 7: Click on the “Submit” option.

Step – 8: In the next windows, enter “Iqama Number.

Step – 9: Click on the “Inquiry” option.

Step – 10: Now, you need to confirm the request

Step – 11: A message will be displayed that your amount will be refunded in 3 days.

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Video Guide

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FAQ’s about Query Funds

If I am new to Saudi Arabia and don’t have my Iqama yet, how can I check these available funds?

You can check via border number if your Iqama or Muqeem card is not yet issued.

How long will it take to display funds in the MOI portal after submission?

It normally shows up after 15 minutes in available funds.

MOI new Absher Mobile Application is available?

Yes, it is available. Just search MOI Application on your Android play store & also it is available for iOS.

If I don’t have an Absher Account, then how can I check my funds?

Yes, still, you can check just by asking your friend to log in to his Absher account and enter your Iqama.


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Traffic Violations
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41 thoughts on “ How to Refund Iqama Funds from MOI”

  1. thanks for this awesome guide. I was really worried about my funds. Now I have requested to get them back. Thank You

      1. Hi !
        I have deposited the funds on the border number of my daughter but that funds are not showing under my absher account . When i tried to refund this money it is showing as ” No refund Available”. Can you guide me what to do in this situation ?

        1. Hi Rizwan
          If Funds are not displaying then either system is not updated or already transaction is completed for whatever reasons you submitted that funds.
          You can only refund if funds are still displaying in your Absher. Hope this helps

      2. Hi. I paid my husband’s dependent fee even my absher account is showing amount, but istigdam was not able to find the fee. Then they suggested to refund the amount and pay back. I refunded the amount but not came yet and still half of the amount it shows in my absher account. Too much confusion how much time it takes to amount to credit back in account and how will I combine both the amount to use for fee half is in absher and half amount not refunded yet. Kindly guide me

      3. I get my refund many times but this time it shows on bank no payment found while I paid double by mistake for exit reentry visa fees it shows on bank side and also shows on moi portal what should I do guide me please

    1. Dear Qaiser, Let me know if i got your question clearly. You will see these 5 major fund deposits;
      1. Sponsrees Deposite
      2. Vehicle Deposit
      3. Driving License Deposite
      4. Passport Deposit
      5. Labour Deposite

      Just follow the steps and you can check in your Absher account like if you see there are clearly mentioned in category wise. Now, you can further check on which category your fund belongs.
      Still, if you are unclear then try to refund it. Hope you can!
      Anything unclear please ping me back.
      Thank you for asking your query. If you have solved your matter by other means then please advise so that others can also benefit from your experience.

  2. I have some available funds in passport deposit and I want to deposit funds more and I want to use at all one time. is it possible and How? please explain.

    1. Hi Ali, just add more funds on that particular category and use once. Or you can first refund all and then utilize. Let me know if you are still unable to understand.

  3. I deposited 200 rials Exit Re-entry towards my sons Iqama. His Name appeared after I selected the duration. The payment was processed from my bank and is reflecting in the transactions as a 200 rials SADAD payment towards the exit re-entry.

    When I check the funds in my account both under my Iqama and my sons Iqama there is no payment being displayed in Absher. Its been more than 3 hours since my payments. Any suggestions?

    1. Dear Mr Rizwan, sometimes the online system takes a bit longer as it is also connected to other networks. No worries, it will show up soon.

  4. How to check someone else’s iqama fund. One of my friend has just arrived and this will be his first iqama.
    The agent told him that fees paid against his iqama and sent him a picture from atm showing the amount and iqama number.
    He has waited long time and want to confirm it.
    I tried but every time I end up in my own Abshar that shows me my available funds. And there is no option where I can enter his iqama number.

    1. Dear Mr. Nasir Ali
      Previously it was easy to check Iqaama funds for your friends but after the latest update on the MOI Absher website is not available as per my information. Maybe later they will allow as in case of traffic violations. Now only you can check for your dependents only. Your kafeel can check and send the screenshot in that case.
      I am sorry that I cannot provide you the solution but if you come across any solution please share so that others can get a benefit.

  5. hi,
    i deposited 200 sar from my samba bank towards single exit reentry. but my employer also paid 200 from his side. now in my absher i can see 200 is available under passports section. i am unable to get refund from my bank side also. kindly need advice.

    1. Hello I need help in apply license fee but I don’t need license anymore how can I get my money back? I don’t use my account to transfer money.

  6. I have deposited money from my friend’s account, Now he went exit. In MOI, Available Fund Details section the paid amount is available. How to refund the money..?

    1. I consider that amount is in your MOI account as final exit cannot be processed if there is amount until cleared. Now you can try by attaching it to your own bank account.

  7. I Try to refund 1000 SAR Profession change deposited in Absher but unable to refund message

    Error Message: “Code: No payment found”

    Amount showing in: Passpart (Absher)-1000.00

    Please inform me what can i do further to refund this amount. Is bank will solve the issue?

    1. Dear Shetty, you can try again later as sometime the system is down. Either amount is already cut. Bank cannot help you out.

  8. I have 2000 SR showing in my Absher Account under Passport Deposit.
    I have deposit under “Dependent Entry Visa Fees”. When trying to Refund though internet banking it is showing No Payment Found.
    Please help what I can do.

      1. When Iqama will be processed then this fee will disappear. Like, When it is no more here then you Iqama is renewed.

  9. i paid to my old sponsor 5000 Sr, for renewing my iqama but he just deposits only 1150 Sr, in the passport category, then I change my sponsorship to other company they renew my iqama, but passport fund 1150 Sr, still available under my iqama, can I refund this fund to my bank account, because its was deposit from the sponsor bank account,
    Please explain to me I need it very urgent,

  10. i try to refund my account but not possible, and now i don,t have any contact number old kafeel, and I m sure if he refunds this amount he will not give me, Kindly find some solution, I shall be very thankful,

    1. Hi Sayed, if this is the case then I think it will cut next time from your account like for a traffic violation or you are going to update your Iqama.

  11. Dear Editor,
    I am facing issue that my account showing 4701 in passport deposit. i am not sure who paid and for what purpose as when I applied for transfer to another company I found it is deposited. Even after transfer was done amount is intact. very few amount is from my side excessively paid for my family dependent fee.
    Now i am unable to use this 4701 for any purpose I tried for dependent fees, Exit-reentry, profession change etc. Please help.

  12. Hi Dear,

    In my case the available funds shows as 1200 SAR, but when I try to refund it throws an error no refund, I almost tried with all the categories but it didnt worked, also i didnt remember when and for what I paid this.
    Do you think this is an issue with the application, or is there any way we can get it clarified.


  13. I have available balance of 200 SAR in amy absher against passport services.
    Now i want refund bt i dnt knw the source of this 200 how to refund it?

  14. Dear sir,

    My iqama was expired on July 17, 2020. Now I checked my Absher account it shows SR 1150 in my passport deposit. I don’t know what is the reason to deposit this amount from my sponsor. Please tell me the reason for deposit this amount from my sponsor.

  15. Thank for the details, But i have an issue that when i made SADAD for issuing the new Iqama with Border number related to my Family member, the SADAD was successful but it is not shown in the Absher balance ( still zero) and i am not able to issue the Iqama because funds are not available error. any Idea how to fix

  16. Dear sir
    Last month I deposited 2000 for sponsorship change on my friend iqama this month he asked me to make refund request by mistake I place of refund I payed another 2000 from my account.
    Then I requested for refund I received 2000 only in place of 4000 and on his ABSHER account it’s showing zero 0 kindly please help me tell me how I will get that amount back.

  17. Good morning, I have just followed your steps in finding how much money is deposited in my account. I found 1,340 sar under passports. But it is impossible to find where this money is . I have tried most of the options under SADAD for Alien Control, using my Iqama, and my dependent Iqamas, but no luck. Can you please assist. Thanks,

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