Check your Company and Iqama Status

If your company is in the Red category then you can take Iqama transfer without kefeel permission. I will show you how you can check if your Iqama is red actually it is the company status not the Iqama status, still, people use it as.

Nitaqat system was introduced in 2011 as part of its Saudization. So, there are categories based on which the system decides if that particular company is in Red, Green, Yellow, Silver or Platinum category.

Saudi officials also have decided to remove the Yellow category from this list soon January 27-2020 tentative date. So a company will be either Green or Red.

I will cover the Nitaqat system in detail in the other blog. Today we will see how you can check if your company or mosasa is in Red or Green at the Ministry of Labor called وزارة العمل.

You must know three things about your Iqama

  1. Iqama Category – Read, Green, Platinum, etc.
  2. Iqama Validity
  3.  Haroof on Iqama

Here in this article, we will discuss all so that you are well aware of status all the time during your stay here in Saudi Arabia.

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What is Nitqat System?

The Nitaqat system is for the private sector in Saudi Arabia. It was introduced in the year 2011. The main purpose of the system is to facilitate Saudi Nationals to join the private sector. It categorizes the organization into six different categories i.e., Platinum, Green (High, Medium, Low), Yellow and Red. This percentage solely depends upon how many percent of locals that the organization claims.

Important to note that this system is being updated from time to time so one should stay updated by visiting the below link.

How to Check Nitaqat Category

To know about your company or ultimately your own Iqama status follow the below steps;

Step – 1: First of all go to MOL website link HERE

Step – 2: You will find the below window if you follow my link or come through e-services as per your preferences

Visit MOL website and go to e services

Step – 3: Once you are in, Enter your 10-digit Iqama number, Enter the captcha and click on “Behs” as shown in the screenshot.

Enter your Iqama Number in the Raqm Iqama field

Step – 4: Now, your Mosassa status will be displayed as shown in the picture below. This is Green.

You will see your company Nitqat status

You are done!

Most companies fall in green categories nowadays.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nitaqat System

There are a lot of benefits if a company or Maosassa falls in Green or in a Platinum category but if Yellow and Red are not in good shape. I will discuss a few.

Red Category Problems

  • If you Mosassa is Red then you are in trouble in the sense that you cannot renew your Iqama and hence ultimately become illegal if the issue is not resolved.
  • Your company cannot take any transfer
  • Any employee can take a transfer to any other Green or Platinum one without any permission from the Kafeel
  • Any employee can process his final exit via maktab aml.
  • A sponsor or kafeel cannot put Haroof to any employee as his company window is closed and he cannot do any transaction whatsoever.
  • Changing the Profession is not allowed if the status is Red.
  • A new visa cannot be issued.
  • Work permits cannot be renewed.
  • New branches cannot be opened.

Benefits for Platinum Category

If your company falls in this category then you are in really good shape as the name suggests. You will enjoy the following perks

  • You have the freedom for new Visas
  • You can change the foreign worker’s profession to available options for expats
  • You can renew work permits.
  • Best of all you can hire employees from Red and Yellow categories

Iqama Validity Check

You need to have checked the expiry dates of you iqama as it is the must to know a thing about. Once your Iqama is expired then all of your official transactions will be blocked and you are illegal now in Saudi Arabia. Iqama is just a residence permit as well as the identity in Saudi Arabia. A new Iqama is valid for one year nowadays. earlier it was valid for two years also.

You can check it here Iqama Validity

Huroof on Iqama

This is one of the most undesirable things to happen for an expatriate here in Saudi Arabia. You will lose the job, a ban will be imposed with a penalty if proven guilty. However, there are proper rules to follow by the sponsor before imposing it on your Iqama status.

You can check here if there is any bad report about your iqama by your sponsor.

Haroob Check: Check Iqama Haroof 

Saudi Arabia Green Card?

Finally, it is decided in Saudi Arabia to allow an Iqama Residency called Privileged Iqama. In this, you need not any sponsor or kafeel type person to tackle your issues. A holder can set up his own business, start a property business and can have it under his name as an owner. It can be of two types like a yearly basis or for lifetimes depending on the terms and conditions. This is a major step in Saudi Arabia’s history. It was announced in May 2019 through newspapers and online portals.

This is a major step to invite investors around the globe.

Wrap Up

It is always good to be in a good category but if your Iqama status is not up to the mark then an employee can find a better opportunity like if you fall in the Red zone then you are quite hot property for Green or Platinum. All you have to do just show your skills to reach there. The same way validity checks on your status help you to take necessary measures to get it renewed. Huroof I don’t like to discuss more but its a fact here to control labor across KSA.

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