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As I live and work here in Saudi Arabia for a few years now and found that many expatriates are having trouble regarding iqama queries for different issues.

But to be very honest, the online portals in Saudi Arabia like the Ministry of Interior also known as MOI, Ministry of Labor also known as MOL and Ministry of Foreign Affairs also known as MOFA are really helpful for solving many of our problems.

What is Iqama?

Iqama or Muqeem card is just like an identity card like we have NICOP in Pakistan and Aadhaar card in India.

This is solely for the expatriate who came here for work. Iqama or the Muqeem Card is issued to a worker after arriving here in Saudi Arabia not later than 90 days.

This contains a lot of information about the resident like

  • Name in Arabic & English
  • Date of Birth
  • Iqama Holders Photo
  • Iqama Number
  • name of the sponsor or Kafeel
  • Profession
  • Permit Number
  • Nationality
  • Religion


Here, you can see Iqama Picture 

How to get an Iqama?

Once you arrive here in Saudi Arabia for the first time on a work visa then your sponsor is the one who will get an Iqama for you. You just have to clear a medical test here in KSA. Although you have already cleared it back home before traveling.

Now we will discuss more queries related to Iqama and Kafeel. We will discuss these in details in our linked posts;

Iqama Validity

No doubt, Iqama is the most important document here in Saudi Arabia that a resident should have all the time to prove his/her identity. Otherwise, a severe penalty is going imposed on the culprit. It is the law here to keep it all the time with you in any case.

A valid Iqama is only proof of your legal residency here. Your visa and passport are no more active once you get this Iqama. In this blog, we will see how to get informed about this validity online and offline. Please visit to know more about

Iqama Expiry

Check Sponsor Name and ID

Kafeel or the sponsor is the person who has issued you the visa. It can be a company and an individual. You cannot get a work visa on your own until unless you are eligible for a business visa. You need Kafeel name, ID to do some transactions like a car lease, a loan from a bank, a family visa, etc. Here we will see how we can get easily Kafeel name in the blog

Kafeel Name Check

Sponsor Name & ID

Absher – How to Make and Activate

Absher is one of the best services where you can do a number of official tasks without going out in scorching heat in Saudi Arabia. Just sit around in your offices and do exit re-entry for your family, dependents, pay fines, check Iqama validity, exit re-entry status and many many more stuff online.

How to Make Absher

Iqama Status Red, Green, Yellow or Platinum

If your company falls in the Red category it means your system is blocked by the Saudi government. This is because your firm or Kafeel is unable to fulfill the requirements to run it as per laws here. To learn more about these Red, Green, Yellow & Platinum categories you can visit my blog here.

Iqama Red Green

Iqama Available Fund View & Refund

Sometimes you pay Riyals through Absher like a fee against your official requirements and decide against it. This means you want your money back. This is available until it shows up in the system or else just forget about it can approach the requesting department. Here I will tell you how to get this done step by step

Iqama Funds

Check Huroob Status Online

The most undesired thing is Huroob in Saudi Arabia. Huroob means that you are reported to the government that you have run away from your work. Your kafeel is the one who is the reporter. You can check about the status of your huroob here online.

Iqama Huroob Check

How to Check Maktab Amal Fee?

Labour Office fee is the fee that is according to the category of a firm against the employee work permit. To re=new a work permit one should know how much the company is paying for him to keep it here in KSA. You can check here

Maktabe Amal Fee

How to Check Exit Re-Entry Online

Exit Re-entry is when you are going on vacation back home from Saudi Arabia. It is the permission given to you by your sponsor. You cannot leave KSA without his consent. A person is allowed to leave KSA for a specific period of time like 2, months, 3 months & so on up to his Iqama expiry date. You are bound to come back within a specific period of time.

Here you can check your exit Re-entry period. But if your Exit re-entry is done manually t=at MOL office then you have to follow those dates on paper. For online the dates start when you leave the KSA.

Exit Re-Entry Visa

Check and Pay Traffic Fines in Saudia

Traffic violations are unavoidable if you don’t follow the rules here. You must have an understanding of laws to keep you and others safe. The traffic fines are imposed just to make roads safe not meant to get your hard-earned money. Here you can check if you are fined while driving and how to pay them.

Traffic Fines

How to Renew Saudi Driving License

You must have a valid driving license to drive here in Saudi Arabia. Otherwise, a jail is waiting for you if found guilty, Here you can see how one can renew his/her driving license to avoid any hassle.

Check If Saudi Visa is Fake?

Before traveling to any country it is always advisable to check if your required visa is valid or you have been scammed by an agent. At least you can avoid a lot of tension at the airport. I have seen a video where a person got scammed and lost his head at the airport back home. Have a check before you pay to any agent the hard-earned money. You can have a look at the Saudi Visa here. I have written for other GCC countries that you can see in the menu

 How to check If Saudi Visa is Fake?

Mobile Operators in KSA


You can check remaining balance & Data check here if you are an STC Sawa customers

Currency Conversion

I have provided the best currency checks to help my readers tom understand the daily rates of currency

You can see here for Saudi Riyal, Qatari Riyal, Omani Riyal, Kuwaiti DinarUAE Dirham, Bahraini Dinar

This will help you before accepting or rejecting any offer letter.

Saudi Airline

Saudi Airlines is one of the major players in the Gulf region and one of the prominent in Middle East airlines. It is operated under the Saudi government and a lot of facilities from Economy to Business class.

Saudi Airline

Mumaris System in KSA

Mumaris System is launched by SCFHS – Saudi Commission for Health Services for professionals in the health sector across the kingdom. This electronic system helps to engage all the stakeholders in an efficient way. SCFHS  have many branches and are solely responsible
for training, supervising and workshop for health professionals so that they can help the community in a better way.

Mumaris Plus System in KSA

Postal Codes in KSA

It is normally really hard to find a postal code in KSA but after a proper launch of National, Postal address has become really easy. Still, people are struggling to find it. If so in your case you can find here easily;

Postal Codes in Saudi Arabia

Saudi National Day

If you are residing in Saudi Arabia then you must need to know the public holidays here. what to do and how to spend these days. Like you can read here

You will also see here

I am Continuously  Updating this Blog – Keep visiting!

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