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Absher account holder can get many benefits like you can find the name of your kafeel, find the expiry of your iqama, vehicle insurance, eligibility for Hajj and many more features. As you know it is mandatory nowadays to have an Absher account for may transactions including to check Iqama expiry status, driving license, Istamara, etc.

I will show show that how easily you can get an Absher account.

How to Make an Absher Account?

On Friday 5th  July 2019 MOI redirected its old web portal to You must have an Absher account now to use most of the services now. The procedure is the same.

Absher is an online portal by the Ministry of Interior to facilitate its citizens as well as the Residents (expats).

Follow the below simple steps to make an account online at the new Absher website;

Step – 1: Go to official website by clicking here Absher

Step – 2: Make sure to change the language in English for your convenience.

Step – 3: Select ‘Individuals’

Absher website for MOI

Step – 4: You will see a window like below. Click on “New User”

New look of an Absher site. MOI rediredted to it

Step – 5: Now, it will ask you some important information. Make sure to fill it accurately that is

ID Number, Mobile Number, Username in English, Password, Password Confirmation, Email, Preferred Language.

How to make and activate an absher account easily on Absher website

Step – 6: Image Code – Fill the Captcha displaying there.

Step – 7: Next, check the box “I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.” after reading these terms carefully.

Absher form filling Online

Step – 8: You will receive a confirmation code at the mobile number you just entered.

Absher activation code mobile

Step – 9: Enter that code 4 digits normally

Step – 10: Press ‘Register’ and your account is created but now you need to activate it.

Absher all steps are completed

Step – 11: Take a print or screenshot to use it during activation.

How to Activate an Absher Account?

Once you are done with the Absher website. Now is the process to get it activated.

There are three possible ways to do it. I will explain below and you can choose as per your convenience.

By Visiting KIOSK Self Service Machines

These machines are installed in big Malls, Hospitals, and other public areas to help the residents. Make sure to find any machine nearby. Take your mobile and Iqama with you.

Once you reach there, just you have to do biometric of your Index finger of the right hand and counter one of the left hand.

You will receive the SMS, enter that code. Now you will receive another SMS after a successful process that your Absher is authenticated. You are done!

By Visiting Jawazat

If you are not a tech guy then you can visit Jawzat office. They will entertain you in this case as they normally have separate sections in bigger cities. The passport department will activate your Absher immediately.

By Internet Banking or ATM’s

You can do it via different bank, ATM’s and Applications as well.

Locations for Registration and activation offices

Activate through Arab National Bank

Arab National Bank Internet Banking

To Activate through Arab National Bank, follow these steps;

Step -1: Login to ANB NetBanking

Step -2: Go to MOI Services

Step -3: Go to Absher Activation

Step -4: Confirm

Step -5: Once done you will receive a confirmation SMS.

Arab National Bank ATM

Step -1: Insert ANB Mada card into the ATM

Step -2: Select English as preferred language

Step -3: Go to Main Menu

Step -4: Go to Absher activation

Step -5: Once done you will receive a confirmation SMS.

Arab National Bank App.

Install the ANB App at your mobile first

Step -1: Open and go to other services.

Step -2: Select Absher Activation

Step -3: Check Agree

Step -4:  Ask the verification code sent to your mobile.

Step -5: Accept

Step -6: Once done you will receive a confirmation SMS.

Other Banks in Saudi Arabia has the same kind of procedure. If you know about any other bank you can comment below and I am glad to help you guys.

Before you go you can read more about the benefits of having an Absher account.

Benefits of Abshir Account

  • You can check sponsors ID and name through an Absher account.
  • You can extend visit visa of your dependents
  • As your family is under your sponsorship hence you can manage their exit re-entry.
  • Check Hajj eligibility (An expat can go for hajj once in 5 years as per Saudi)
  • Traffic Violations with details you can find here in Absher account
  • Expiry of your Iqama, Muqeem or Resident Card.
  • You can check the expiry of your vehicle License.
  • You can check if you are inside or outside Kingdom as in case you exit, re-entry is not processed at the airport. Very important to confirm every time you go out or come in KSA.
  • Renew your Istamara for Vehicle Online.
  • You can check your Sponsorship change status.

Watch Video for Absher

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