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Maktab Amal (مكتب العمل) is a word used for labor office.  مكتب means office and العمل means labor.

Work permit fee, commonly known as Maktab Amal Fee, is always paid by the sponsor against his employees to the Ministry of Labor.

Nitaqat category of your company decides how much fee is required to renew the work permit of each employee. It varies from 100 SAR to 2400 SAR nowadays.

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How to check Maktab Amal Fee?

Today, I will let you know the simple process to know about the exact fee to be paid to MOL.

I have divided it into two major parts;

  1. Get Sadad number from the MOL site
  2. Check that Sadad Number in your Bank

Get Sadad number from the MOL site

In the first part, you need to go to the Ministry of Labour site and get the sadad number. Here are the steps with pictures to make it easy for you.

Step – 1: Go to MOL official portal by clicking here

Step – 2: This website is mainly in Arabic, and the English & Urdu version available.

Step – 3: Once the link is open, you can select the third option, ” خدمة رخص العمل ” from the drop-down list, as shown in the below picture.

Step – 4: Take out your Iqama and fill in the number as in the below picture.  Make sure the option is checked as below. 

Go to MOL and select خدمة رخص العمل

Step – 5: Now fill the Captcha and click on بحث

 Step – 6: You will get the result like below at the end of the screen.

You will get your Sadad Number from here

Step – 7: Now copy the number 15410501262472 that is رقم السداد. This is the number we need from the Ministry of labor website.

Check that Sadad Number in your Bank

Now we need to go to the bank account online or do this at ATM.

Here, I will tell you how to do it in Alahli Bank Account Online.

Step – 1: Sign in to your Bank account

Step – 2: Now go to Sadad Payments

Step – 3: Leave Biller Group for All, Chose Biller Company MOL in the 050th position.

Step – 4: Now type or paste the Sadad number in Subscriber Number.

Put this sadda number in any of your bank account or use ATM to check this fee.png

Step – 5: Click on Pay, and you will see the fee amount to be paid if any.

wazarat amal fee check online and pay

Iqama Renewal Fee 2021 (1443)

You can also check your Iqama fee.

iqama fee is according to different industries and trades. You can check Iqama fee here for 2021

Iqama Fee 1443

Wrap Up

This is how you can see the Maktab e Amal fee easily. It will give you an idea of how much you need to pay if you resign without any appropriate notice period if the sponsor claims it. Remember, Wazarat Amal, Ministry of Labor (وزارة العمل) is the same department.

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49 thoughts on “Check Maktab Amal Fees”

  1. I processed my friends docs day before the day lunch time and until now am not getting any update and y is it taking too much time. The reason that am talking like this is because my friend’s father got expired. Without the update I can’t even process his Visa procedures … Irritated by this act. And the kafil is telling that we have to wait … Then wat else we are waiting for his maktab Amal process…

    1. Yes, Kafil is right but one thing you can do if you can visit Maktab e Amal with the Kafeel. The online system is the most efficient way for such issues but sometimes it happens.

    1. It may be because of either system down. I suggest you try again and I hope your Sadad number is correct. Maybe because of National Day.


  3. my iqama as already expired 2days ago…..
    continuously am check my maktab amal fee from my account but they are showing paid what does that mean, i didn’t pay anything yet!!!!

  4. I already came to Saudi Arabia before 2 weeks as a labour with the transferable visa. Still i am not make iqama. I want to know how much I have to pay for the iqama & what is tha process of iqama. .please give me a idea. ..

  5. Before I got here, he was working in the shop after I called the driver. I am embarrassed. I don’t care if I have to go home.

  6. Dear Sir,
    i came Ksa with new visa on Feb 2019 and i changed to kafala another company Aug 7th 2019 my iqama is valid untill may 2020. problem is my boss called me today your work permit fee not yet paid it was expired on 20 may it can happend or what is the logic,i dont understand whats heppening please help me to find any solution for releaif headache…


    1. Dear Mohammed, the Iqama and related fees are charged annually. I cannot understand how it has happened in your case. Still, you can try to check in your Absher account if anything there and pending….here is the link to follow the procedure;
      This is just a try as fees are annual, not quarterly/monthly basis.

  7. Thanks for your valauble information, as per your instruction i checked my absher but no fund is availble in my account. please tell me what is the way to settle this issue.

      1. i checked MOL sight but under my iqama number saddad number not showing.what is the problem of that.i checked my friends iqama too number is available.

  8. Sir I change company and 7 days ago my naqal kafala process complete but now iqama renewal process not yet complete and option is coming (laboratory office not approved) so why this process not complete and how long this approved

    1. Check if there is any fee is pending. I tell you when I changed my kafeel and later there was an issue during renewal that address needs to be updated. That fee was linked to the Saudi Council of Engineer as I have an engineering profession. I paid and it got renewed.
      See if you have this kind of any fee pending.

      1. Sir insurance fees ,saudi council
        of engineering fees, iqama renewal 650 these all fees paid .only maktab amal process pending. Before 7 days I wait maktab amal response. If you know this problem plz help me

        1. Dear, please recheck if there is any pending fee in the Saudi Council of engineers. If this is your first transfer then a fee of address change has to submit there.

          1. Yes my first transfer plz guide me how to change adress and only company name change or any other changes

          2. No need to change anything. Just need to pay SAR 100 0r 200 to SCE if it appeared there. In my case, I have to pay as I was facing the same issue back then.

  9. We r batch of 40 people came in ksa in company job but we r are unhappy with the job and company working hours are daily 15 to 16 hours without breaks we all are hopeless what to do our company does give us ur passport telling that that is company policy and company property our passport. Now what to do we are helpless plz suggest us what to do.

    1. Hi Khan, if you people are facing any contract breach then you can contact the labor court. Make sure you are not guilty according to your contract.

  10. We have contract but in that mentioned only 9 hours duty + overtime but here is the company is giving no overtime one day 15 to 16 hrs duty second day 6 to 7 hrs duty in that we are getting in two days 2 to 3 hrs overtime we are unhappy with that we are not getting proper food to make and not proper sleep we all want to go back our home country or do job in other çompany so kindly help us or suggest something good what to do.

    1. Mr. Khan
      You can read the attached Labor law and can act accordingly. I hope this is the latest documents out there. Here it is
      Make sure to read it thoroughly and also go through this blog

      Regarding company change is not that easy for that your current employer should be willing to release you or you have completed your current contract.
      This is all I can say.
      You can contact directly to the labor court.

  11. As per law employees passport should be with employee but our company not providing passport telling our passport is his property and they will not give until contract expires but we are told in india that ur passport will be with u and as per saudi law also passport should be with employee right.

  12. Sir now maktab amal Payment number came but when I putt this number in sadad online payment in alahli online he says (payment number is not correct)
    Now what I do

    1. You try to solve the issue amicably with the company & tell them the issues you are facing. Or else you can contact the labor court directly.

  13. Sir the company belongs to saudi nationalist we are all afraid of going labour court he already told i will give passport to u that’s are ur property.

    1. Dear try to solve issues with the employer. But what you will do even he handed over you the passports?
      Labor court is the last option. Yes, the Saudi court will not give any favor to Saudi nationals. If he is wrong will face the consequences. This is what makes Saudia great.

  14. We all want go back to home country is labour court can solve ur problems and let us help to go back to home country or transfer the ownership to other company to do job

    1. Dear, what do you want to ask? I am sorry I cannot provide you any legal support or suggest any company to contact with.

  15. Muhammad Ilyas Khan

    Hello Sir
    I am new here, I just need to know what is fee for Maktab al Amal for Fani Kaharba for new visa holder, till this day the Iqama has not been Issued.
    The website is absolutely changed with new feature.
    Please need you precious advise

  16. Hello
    I came to saudi arabia a month ago in feb 2020 on work visa(90dag single entry).
    Now i want to know that. Can i get transfer feom my currrent employer to new employer on visa it self. With put making iqama? If both parties agrees?
    One more thing i read is if kafeel gave the transfer he will loose visa? Can you describe how and why?
    As you mentioned they not charging workpermit fee for industrial workers.then the whole amount become very less.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Kafeel will lose a visa if he transfers you. Because he was issued a visa according to his business let say 10. Now if he transfers you that means he doesn’t have enough business to accommodate you. Yes, the industrial workers are exempted from the Maktab e Amal fee.

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