Middle East Airlines

It is also called Air Liban S.A.L. It is founded on May 31, 1945, with operational and technical support from BOAC. It is the national flag-carrier airline of Lebanon with the parent company, The Bank of Lebanon.

The hub of this airline is Beirut, near Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport. It operates flights to Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It is a member of SkyTeam airlines, AACO and IATA. It has a fleet size of 18 and travels to 33 different destinations with Boeing 707-320Cs, Boeing 747-200B, and several Airbus A310-300s, A321-200, A330-200.

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Middle East airlines A330-200-2

Middle East Airline A320-200

MEA Business Class Review

Business-class provides many facilities to their customers, and the best are mentioned below for a memorable experience. MAE is the second-best in the region as per the trip advisor.

Middle East Airline Graph as it is second best in middle east

Business Class Food

It facilitates with brilliant food service. Their food quality is impressive. They provide different varieties of meals. Their service starts with mixed nuts and drinks. Its menu includes Asian vegetarian food, baby food, child food, diabetic meal, low-calorie meal, low sodium salt, seafood, various rent foods.

Middle East Airline Refreshment2

Middle East Airline Refreshment

Their food is freshly made, and this service depends on departure and flying time.

On morning flights, they serve fresh juice that is followed by fresh fruits.

If you are flying from Europe or Africa, you will experience lunch and dinner, serving Europe’s main course, a collection of fresh salad, main course, and dessert. For short flights, they serve cold snacks.

Business Class Seat

Middle East Airline Seats

MEA’s A330 has a total of 44 class seats in a single large cabin. They have a big open space, so all eight rows are in a large share cabin. It is comfortable and spacious, giving relaxation to the passengers. It has brilliant legroom; nothing is broken that gives a positive impression on the passengers. Overall it has 5K business Cedar seats.

MEA’s A320 has a wonderful appearance. The flight was never delayed. It has overall 4A Cedar seats. The seats are quite comfortable. The seats are controlled electronically. The area is spacious.

As a result, flight services are awe-inspiring and attract passengers.

Business Class Facilities

The airlines give a pleasant and peaceful experience for the passengers. It provides full flight amenities, and the staff is amicable, cooperative, and understanding. The tray tables are also large enough to put laptops and use them comfortably. The flight is capacious, with much enough area between seats to relax and enjoy your flight.

Every facility makes your flight time luxurious, relaxing, and comfortable.

Middle East Airline Refreshment1

food inside flight

Business Class Entertainment

MEA provides class and level entertainment to travelers that relax and are entertained during the whole flight, which gives them a positive response from passengers.

Its collection mostly includes Aquaman, Glass, Destroyer, Captain Marvel, The Mule, and many others.

Regardless of your seat and destination, it promises you to provide full entertainment during your whole flight with a collection of newly released classical movies.

Business-class Baggage Allowance

It allows passengers to carry 60 kg of luggage in business class to most of the destinations. The baggage allowance depends on the ticket class and business class. To some destinations, 70 kg of luggage is allowed. So it varies with the tickets and different destinations.

MEA has four baggage policies:

1- Carry-on bag allows each passenger to bring one piece of luggage, and the item is not heavier than 10 kg and does not exceed 15 cm.

2- Checked baggage depends on ticket class and route traveled. It does not exceed 23 kg and 158 cm.

3- Overweight and excess bags allows passenger not to exceed 30 kg and 158 cm.

4- Sports equipment

Hence, there is no fee for allowance in policies, but it requires charges when it exceeds.

MEA Economy Class Review

Many facilities are unique and different as compare to other airlines. The memorable are given below:

Economy Class Food

MEA meal options are selected for Lebanese and European and also depend on flight route and time. All meals served are certified halal.

Passengers can order a cake for a fee. The meals are freshly prepared, and it involves the combination of fresh juice, main course, and dessert. Travelers can enjoy delicious and good quality meals.

Economy Class Seat

Despite business class, the seats of economy class are quite uncomfortable and unacceptable. The passengers do not give positive feedback. They complained of restricted legroom that makes disturbs the overview of the airlines.

But now things have changed; they have made impressive improvements and changes. They have improved the cabin layout; make it capacious.

Middle East Airline Seats1

Economy Class Facilities

It provides many amenities that make your journey easy and sophisticated. In-flight products are good; well, puffed and quality pillows with a woolen blanket to match, branded tissues, and headsets with brilliant sound effects.

It has comfortable seating and recline and adjustable headrests. But the staff is not so friendly and cooperative.

Economy Class Entertainment

Airlines provide a large-screen LCD that gives full-time entertainment during your whole journey. You can access it with your hands by touching it that is quite amusing.

You can play video games, music, tones, movies, and TV shows.

It gives you amusing effects, and you really enjoy your whole journey without getting tired.

Economy Baggage Allowance

It also has some policies as of business class.

The carry-on policy allows only 1o kg luggage to be lifted and not exceed 15 cm as in business class.

A checked baggage policy allows you a weight of 30-35 kg and does not exceed 158 cm.

Overweight and excess baggage should not exceed 30kg.

Unlike these policies, if more luggage is lifted, there will be extra charges.

Wrap Up

To conclude, passengers give positive feedback, and it has an overall brilliant review despite economy class that has uncomfortable seats, but that is improving now. Business Class also got excellent reviews overall. Better try next time if you are traveling to designated destinations.


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