Telecom Companies in Oman

Many people find it troublesome to fix a good mobile operator in Oman when they land in this beautiful country.

We have compiled a list of the best operators as well as their best packages in one place.

Let’s jump right into it.

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Oman has four mobile networks that are providing internet. These networks are providing 4G coverage.

The four networks are

  • Oman mobiles
  • Ooredoo
  • Renna
  • Friendi

Oman Mobiles

It is an Oman Telecommunication Company. It is an emergence of landline telephones and internet access markets. It was listed for the public in 2005. The Omani government owns 70 per cent of it.

In 2005, Qatar telecommunication Qtel was in partnership with Omantel. In October 2007, the government remerged again to the strategic partners from which only 12 per cent to 7 per cent of revenue is earned. They have introduced so many reliable and cheap rates packages, not only internet packages but also SMS and call packages.

Monthly Packages – Postpaid

Ooredoo provides a 500 MB plan for monthly fees of RO 3. It provides a 2 GB internet bundle for monthly fees of RO 9, silver plan and silver plan plus which include 5 GB internet bundle for a fee of RO 19, gold plan and gold plan plus which include 12 GB of RO 29, platinum plan of RO 99 which include 100 GB internet bundle and newly introduced Off-peak package of RO 7 which include 100 GB internet bundle.

Friendi is providing big data at small prices. It provides 600 MB with 20 MB additional in only 1.5 RO, 1.5 GB with an additional 50 MB in only 2.5 RO, and 3 GB with an additional 75 MB in only 4.5 RO. We can get this by only dialling *150#. It also introduces a 3 consecutive months package, in which there is a 10 GB internet bundle in only 110 SAR.

Renna mobile network offering many internet packages like 500 MBs anytime 1 GB day and night 1.5 GB only night just for 2 RO for activation  dial *181*2000#, 1GB anytime 1.75 GB day and night 3GB only night just for 3 RO for activation dial *181*3000#, just 5 RO you can enjoy 2.5 GB internet bundle during  day and night and 1.5 GB anytime for activation of this package dial *181*4000#, you can also enjoy 2 GB internet bundle anytime and 3.5 GB during day and night specifically for night 2 GB for this package activation dial *181*5000#, for 4 GB data bundle anytime with 7 GB during day and night and at night 10 GB for the subscription you have to dial *181*8000#

Useful codes

In Oreedoo, for plans and description, dial *141# for checking the latest offers, balance and recharge, support services, and manage account profile.

Friendi customer care number is 166000, check the current balance by  *120#, check internet bundle by *108#, mobile recharge by *101*number# if you want to know that which friendi number you use you can dial *110#. You can also transfer the balance to other numbers.

We can recharge using Renna mobiles by dialing *180*CODE#. We can check the balance by dialing *181# and then pressing the send button, and after 15 minutes, you will get to know about your balance through SMS. We can contact Renna mobiles by calling at  9160 0000 from any other phone, from abroad call at 0096 8246 183 00, and for more details, you can search at the official website of Renna mobiles and also on Facebook.


In ooredoo, For personal, at home, superfast self-service call at 1500 that is their customer service helpline. If you are using ooredoo, dial 111 for all the details of all packages, all services any time, whenever you want. You can also check billing details and payment by credit card. You can also inquiries about international and landline services.

The friendi mobile service helpline number is 98400000. You can also check their website>en-om>section>help  you can also call their customer care service by dialing 05711660000 you will also be able to know about the new friendi sim and all exciting packages

For a complaint about Renna mobiles, you can submit it by consulting customer service at 968 98 301 240 and head office by calling at 968 24 618 300. There are the same timings for each day to access them from 7 A.M to 1 A.M.

Renna telephone number is 00968 88 00 73 622, and it is a toll-free number without any taxes you can consult the company.

Parking Payment by SMS

By ooredoo, Through SMS, parking payment can be made by just typing SMS with car code and send it to 90091. Then you will receive a confirmation SMS in which you will get the car number, code, ticket number, date/time, and expiry date/time. When your car parking is expired just before 5 minutes, you get a notification.

You can pay parking payment online by Renna sims; it has registered 20 million users in all over 8 countries.

Weekly Packages

In ooredoo, the weekly package is 2 RO, which includes 400 MB internet bundles, its subscription code is *185*10*2#, and before the expiry date, you are notified by SMS. Also, a 25 GB internet bundle of just 18.95 RO and activation code is *929# with free twitter at any time and anywhere.

For consecutive 2 weeks, you can enjoy the internet package by Renna mobiles by dialing activation code of *181*301# of only 3 RO, which includes a data bundle of 1 GB anytime.

Daily Packages

In ooredoo, the data daily package includes 100 MB of just 0.5 RO. Its activation code is *185*10*1#, and it is not automatically renewed. Before 1 hour of expiry time, you will get a notification.  When there is 10 MB of data left, you will get a warning in the form of SMS. This is a beautiful package, and it is more reliable.

Renna gives you a new offer that by having a new sim, you can enjoy free WhatsApp. Its daily package is only 1 RO with an internet bundle of 3.5 GB.

You can also use an SMS parking service with Friendi Mobile Network. You can SMS on 90091 your card number, followed by your code, and they will send you a message on your mobile number.

Wrap Up

As we have four companies here in Oman, we have quite a few options to choose from for calling and data packages. Also, consider roaming when going to UAE and other gulf countries.


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