Oman Resident Card

Every expat who is a resident in the Sultanate of Oman should have a Bataka or resident identity card also called Oman Iqama. This electronic card is containing all the essentials of its holder like Salary, Allowance, Visa status, etc. This card is having many usages like to skips long ques on the airport by using e-gates and is also acts as an electronic wallet. It is issued for the residents whether they are employed or not. This card you will get once you enter in Oman on a valid work visa and pay the fee, medical and other documents.

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Check Status of Oman Resident Card

You can check the status of your resident card and also can see a lot of information that I am going to show you below. Just follow the below steps;

Step – 1: Go to Official website by clicking here Sultanate of Oman Resident Card Status

Step – 2: You will see a screen like below;Check status of your Oman Civil ID card

Step – 3: See if it will be in English if you follow the above link. Now fill the Civil Number (Your Bataka Number), Passport Number and Date of Birth.

Step – 4: Once you fill all three options then Click on ‘Search’ & you will see information like below; Details of Oman Resident including salary and allowances

Here, you will see the options like Sponsor Name, Commercial Register Number, Name, Card Status Date, Date of Birth, Basic Salary, Education, Allowance, Issue Date, Expiry Date, Nationality, Occupation, Sex, Status, Visa date, Visa number.

How to Renew Resident ID

In Oman, the Directorate General is authorized among operations like to apply the legality of the residence in the Oman Sultanate, through applying the residence renewing for both public and in private sectors.

Step – 1: First of go there and show them the expired ID.

Step – 2: Now, you need to pay RO 10 and may vary.

Step – 3: Sign where is instructed.

Step – 4: Now your picture will be taken.

Step – 5: All done and you are good to go.

Major Benefits of Civil ID Card


It helps to avoid long ques at Airports for security and immigration clearance. These egates, connects to an electronic card and a resident card with fingerprint identification to automate the registration process.

Otherwise, a manual system may take hours. A time-saving practice applied at Oman airports to facilitate its residents.

 E- purse

This is an amazing use of ID cards as the cardholders can for the transactions much faster and conveniently whenever they are trevelling through Oman Air or even any other.

 Identity Card

It is the best identity proof of any resident across Oman.

I hope this all helped!

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