Qatar Airways Business Class Review: Food, Seats, Fare and More

Qatar Airways is one of the finest airlines in the world when it comes to business class. The base of this airline is at the Hamad International Airport in Doha. The Qatar Airways Group has a fleet size of over 230 aircraft, with more than 45,600 employees currently.

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There are three classes of these airlines: economy, Business (Qsuites), and First Class cabins. Read More: Saudi Iqama

Qatar Airways Business Class Seats

Qatar Airways’ business class seats are in a 1-2-1 layout and 2-2-2 format on long haul planes. In 2017, Qatar Airways introduced Qsuites of Business Class. The Qsuites have double seats in the middle and single window seats.

The middle seats are positioned towards each other, whereas the window seats are angled towards the window to provide as much privacy as possible. In this cabin, seats can be arranged into a quad room. The rear and front seats can be turned towards each other and form a mini dining room of their own.

Families or business colleagues travelling alongside can opt for this.

The rear-facing seats can also be adjusted as a double bed for travelling couples.

There are large screen dividers by each seat to make the impression of a single suite.

The business class seats have a pitch of 52 inches (132 cm) and a width of 22 inches (58 cm).

These seats can lie flat to form a bed about 80 inches (203 cm) long. These seats have sufficient legroom, padded seat belts, a massage feature, and a yielding recline.

At the shoulder side of the seats, there is a raised shelf for placing one’s stuff. Above this shelf is another raised shelf. Between the two is a storage container that can contain about a 15-inch Macbook.

The armrests are sliding and hold a storage space when lifted. Inside are the noise-cancelling headphones.

The long tray table juts out from under the screen and opens in two steps.

Just below the front seatback is an attached storage space for putting in shoes.

The seat cabins have a power outlet and a USB socket. Two air vents and two small reading lights of adjustable intensity are assembled just above each seat.

Qatar Airways Business Class Food

Qatar Airways Business Class Food

Qatar Airways Catering Company prepares in-flight food. It is made according to international standards and is fresh. A complimentary glass of champagne or any non-alcoholic drink is offered onboarding the plane.

Non-alcoholic beverages include soft drinks, juices, and cocktails.

The welcome drink is served with a bowl of warm nuts. An imitation candle and a bread basket are complemented with each meal.

There is a dine on-demand service in the Business Class of Qatar Airways. The passengers can order food any time they want.

Breakfast includes a platter of seasonal fruits, croissants or omelettes, and orange juice. After this, tea or coffee is served.

Alongside the meal, a choice of sparkling or still water is given to commuters with a selection of beverages.

The meal offering of lunch and dinner has a choice of chicken, salmon, prawns, lamb, and beef. You can also have vegetarian food.

After meal, pudding or fruit platter is offered as dessert. Passengers can also have an all cheese platter.

Table trays, plates, and metal cutlery are furnished with meals. There is a separate menu for wine and food.

Qatar Airways Business Class Facilities

The Business Class cabins of Qatar Airways have plenty of storage spaces and compartments. You can place your small personal belongings like mobile phones, glasses or shoes, and wallets in these spaces.

Upon boarding the plane, passengers are given a choice of hot or cold towels.

The amenity kit provided varies by different pouch shapes and colours in different aircraft in Business Class cabins.

At times, men receive green coloured amenity pouches, and women acquire red-stained kits.

  • These Italian made Brics amenity sets contain:
  • Earplugs
  • Lip balm
  • Face mist
  • Socks
  • Eye masks

There are no toiletries inside these kits as they are already furnished in the lavatories for commuters’ ease.

Business-class has soft pink and blue mood lighting, which is calming for dozing off during long flights.

Along with two plush pillows and a thick blanket, noise-cancelling headphones are provided to each passenger.

Free onboard connectivity Wi-Fi of 10 MB is available for checking or sending messages.

However, you have to pay additional for extra Internet service. The charges are:

  • 5 USD for 30 MB
  • 10 USD for 100 MB
  • 20 USD for 200 MB

For Qsuites of Business Class of Qatar Airways, you can use the free Internet for an hour. After which you have to pay 10 USD as a charge.

The bathrooms are pristine and clean. They have a toothbrush, toothpaste, and shaving kits (shaving cream and razor) for commuters.

There is also perfume, hand lotion, and hand washes present in the lavatories. Moreover, the toilets have an array of hand gels and body mist by Rituals.

For night flights, a pair of slippers and pyjamas are offered to the passengers.

Qatar Airways Business Class Entertainment

The in-flight entertainment of Qatar Airways is called Oryx One. These touch screens are 17 inches and can be operated through the attached remote control.

There are thousands of hours of movies, TV shows, and video content to browse through and pass the journey with amusement.

The passengers can also view I’ve footage of the tail end and nose wheel of the aircraft.

There are flight magazines and internet accessibility for travellers.

There is a bar in Business class cabins where you can get served snacks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Qatar Airways Business Class Baggage

For checked baggage, two pieces are allowed. Each piece of luggage should not be more than 70 lbs or 32kg. The limited dimensions of each piece should be 158cm or 62 inches.

For every extra size or weight, up to 30 USD to 50/70 USD would be charged.

Qatar Airways Business Class Fare

The fare of Business class travel on Qatar Airways depends upon flight destination, distance, and duration. On average, the cost is around 1270 USD to 1540 USD on Qatar Airways for travel in business class or Qsuites of Business Class.

Qatar Airways Business Class Wrapping Up

The Business Class of Qatar Airways has ample storage spaces, delicious food, and comfortable seating. The crew is polite and introduces themselves individually.

However, the legroom is a bit constricted, and the in-flight entertainment is limited concerning the latest shows.

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