Saudi Airlines Economy Class Review: Food, Seats, Facilities

Saudi Arabian Airlines is one of the best airlines in Saudi Arabia, founded in 1945. The airline has an aggregate of 166 airplanes, including several Airbus and Boeing planes.

The airline attends in over 36 countries across the globe, the flights to and from Saudi Arabia.

Among the three travel classes of Saudi Arabian Airlines, the economy class is the cheapest and most affordable for an average person.

You have the option to select any sub-class of the economy class like Saver, Basic, and Flex.

The economy cabin is also known as a guest class. The crew is attentive, and the in-flight food is edible. Although it is a bit noisy, the comfort of legroom, in-flight entertainment, and the saving on ticket fare makes the journey worthwhile.

In this article, you will learn about:

  • Food
  • Seats
  • Facilities
  • Entertainment
  • Baggage Allowance
  • Fare

Let’s talk about food first.

Saudi Airlines Economy Class Food

Saudi Airlines are also known as ‘dry airlines’ as they do not serve beverages containing alcohol or food having pork in it, as per Saudi laws in the economy and business class.

The airline’s in-flight cuisine is prepared by the airlines’ catering service known as Saudia Catering. They offer a good array of meals to choose from.

In economy class, they offer cuisines according to the states they serve. These cuisines range from Asia and the Middle East to European and North American nations.

Instead of food trays, the table cloth is laid down for serving food.

The passengers are offered two types of meat (chicken and fish) or all vegetarian food.

For various durations of the flight, Saudi Airlines provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Snacks and frequent beverages are also served.

For breakfast, omelette, fried rice with chicken, and pancakes are offered.

Passengers can choose from chicken or fish with rice for the meal. A chicken salad, bread roll, a small butter packet, and a bun with strawberry jam are part of the food selection.

Seasoned fruit juices, like orange juice, is served in a plastic container.

Cake slices in plastic wrapping are served as desserts after meal beverages include tea and coffee.

Metal cutlery is often offered instead of disposable spoons.

Passengers do not have to pay for the food price as it is already included in the ticket fare.

Saudi Airlines Economy Class Seats

Unlike other airlines, Saudi Airlines’ economy class has spacious leather seats, 18 inches wide and 32 inches in pitch.

The legroom is quite ample and comfortable.

All the seats are equipped with pillows and blankets.

The seats are inserted with single and double audio plug-ins for the adaptor attachments.

These are also furnished with padded headrests, lumbar support recliners, and footrest for the passengers’ ease and relaxation.

Saudi Airlines have adjustable seats that adapt to the movement of the passenger’s body. This feature is known as the “Articulated Movement.”

Saudi Airlines Economy Class Facilities

The economy class of Saudi Airlines is equipped with many facilities for the ease of the commuters.

First, a written manual is provided with images for the help of the commuters.

Mood lighting is available for the nighttime so that the resting or sleeping passengers are not disturbed by bright lights.

A foldable table is attached in front of the seats. Travellers can use this for placing their laptops, food items, and for other purposes.

The in-flight screens fixed in front of the seats contain flight instructions, and the traditional travel prayer before takeoff is played on it.

Passengers can view their flight map on these screens, which comprises of:

  • Travel map
  • Time for the arrival at the destination
  • Altitude
  • Ground speed
  • Outside air temperature

A prayer room for about ten people is available for the passengers to not miss their prayers during the long flights.

The lavatory is usually clean and contains 2,3 types of hand and face wash for the users’ comfort. A hand dryer is also attached beside the sink.

A sterilized refreshing wipe is given along with an amenity kit. The amenity kit holds the following provisions:

  • Socks (100% polyester)
  • Eyeshade (the front is stain and the back has terry cloth buy both sides are 100% polyester)
  • Earplugs (PU foam)
  • Toothbrush (plastic with nylon bristles and with 3g of toothpaste)

All the items packed inside the amenity pouch are the disposal of and for one-time use only.

Saudi Airlines Economy Class Entertainment

In economy class, entertainment screens are attached at the front of the seats, which harbours more than 4,000 hours of entertainment videos.

During long flights, commuters can view Islamic videos, business and sports content or watch the latest movies of different genres of their choice. There also games and kids programs available for children to view.

Saudi Airlines offers free wifi so that you can freely stream on your devices.

Different magazines are put in the seat pouches for the entertainment of passengers during long journeys. These magazines range from the topics of general news to finance and entertainment. The in-flight magazine is called ‘Ahlan Wa Sahlan.’

A pair of earphones are given as complementary, which include an adaptor. This can be used for the single or double audio plugs inserted in the armrest.

Saudi Airlines Economy Class Baggage Allowance

For domestic flights, the weight of checked baggage should not exceed 23kg (50lbs). For handbag or carryon, the weight should not surpass 7kg when you travel in economy class,

The maximum limit of baggage weight is 32kg (70lbs), and an excess of SAR 73.5 would be added to it.

For international flights in economy class, the weight of checked-in baggage should be 23kg (50lbs). Otherwise, a USD 60 charge would be added to baggage up to 32kg (70lbs).

The maximum dimensions of a baggage piece should be 62 inches or 158 cm. An excess of SAR 131.25 will be added if the piece is up to 205cm. These dimensions are for both domestic and international flights.

Saudi Airlines Economy Class Fare

The price for the tickets of the economy class of Saudi Airlines fluctuates and changes according to the flight plan, travel destinations, and nations.

The average ticket fare is around 117 USD to 230 USD of roundtrip on Saudi Arabian Airlines in economy class.

Saudi Airlines (Frequently Asked Questions)

I want to travel by Saudi Airlines but are confused regarding booking, seating arrangement, and baggage allowance.

Don’t worry; we are here to answer your most frequently asked questions!

How to change a seat on Saudi Airlines?

You can change a seat on Saudi Airlines by calling on 9200 22222 or visiting any of their sales offices.

How much is excess baggage allowed on Saudi Airlines?

The excess baggage allowed in Saudi Airlines is 23kg (50lbs) in Economy class by a charge of SAR 70-73 in domestic and 60 USD for international flights.

In Business and First class, the excess baggage allowed in Saudi Airlines is 23kg (50lbs) by a charge of SAR 100 to 125.

How to check ticket confirmation on Saudi Airlines?

To check ticket confirmation, you will receive an SMS and an email informing the ticket number and ticket receipt after completing the payment.

How to check your seat on Saudi Airlines?

You can check your seat on Saudi Airlines by viewing the seating chart by inserting your ticket number on their website.

How to change flights on Saudi Airlines?

You can change flights in Saudi Airlines by calling their helpline, 9200 22222.

How to book a seat on Saudi Airlines?

You can book a seat on Saudi Airlines when booking your flight. Through the seat allocation service on their website, you can select your seat.

How to reschedule a flight ticket for Saudi Airlines?

To reschedule a Saudi Airlines flight ticket, you must either visit their nearest sales office or call them at 9200 22222. This will take a while and may charge you.

Where is Saudia Airlines ticketing in Gizan, KSA?

The ticketing and reservation office of Saudi Airlines is on Sultan Road in Gizan.

How to check e-ticket on Saudi Airlines?

You can check your e-ticket in Saudi Airlines through any of their sales offices or by email. You will receive a notification of the e-ticket confirmation by SMS and email.

How to reserve a seat on Saudi Airlines?

You can reserve a seat on Saudi Airlines by the seat reservation service when booking your flight. This service is available on selected routes and selected seats.

How can I select my seat on Saudi Airlines?

You can select your seat in Saudi Airlines by viewing the seating arrangement on the Saudia Airlines official website when booking your flight.

How to book extra baggage on Saudi Airlines?

You can book extra baggage on the official website of Saudi Airlines by securing an existing booking.

A 40% discount voucher would be available if this booking is made through SADAD service or credit card.

However, this benefit is not possible if you book extra baggage from the airport.

How to rebook tickets on Saudi Airlines?

To rebook tickets to Saudi Airlines, you have to visit their nearest sales office. You can also call them on 9200 22222 to change the tickets of Saudi Airlines.

You must have a credit card with you for paying charges to cancel the prior reservation and rebooking new tickets.

To rebook flights in Saudi Airlines, you should also have the last reservation number and create a new one from their official website.

What is Saudi Airlines’ baggage allowance?

The kilos allowed by Saudi Airlines for hand baggage in Economy class is 7kg and 9kg in Business and First class.

The baggage allowance of Saidi Airlines is one piece of luggage weighing 23kg in Economy class. Saudi Airlines allows two pieces of luggage in Business and First class, considering each piece of 32kg.

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  1. I am confused about Saudia latest baggage allowance.. I was told by my tour agent that for passengers in the economy category ( we are travelling to SA in a group of 20+ people)- the baggage that can be checked in is: 2x 23 kg for each person..
    But in your explanation you said only one bag 23kg max can be allowed for checked in..
    I’m worried because I don’t wish to exceed my luggage allowable weight..
    As we are going to travel in a few weeks time, I have to slowly choose items that I intend to pack into the luggage bag/bags.. Please clarify for me ASAP..
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