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So you have a Saudi visa number in your hand and want to check if it Original or Fake? You are at the right place, and I will let you know the step-by-step process to check its authenticity quickly – Stay tuned!

It is always advisable to have to confirm the visa check before traveling to Saudi. We have observed many cases already and hence be vigilant to avoid any hassle later on.

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If you have on Exit Re-Entry, then you can check your visa here Exit ReEntry Visa Check.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa Check | Method 1

Follow the simple steps to do the process;

Step -1: Open ENJAZIT on your computer, laptop, or even on mobile. MOFA launches this site, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia.

Step -2: Now, you will see a window like below at the right corner.

Fill the Application number and ID number here.

Step -3: Change the language to Arabic if you want but stick to English.

Step -4: From the first drop-down, select Electronics Services; other options are also available like “Applied Application” and “Issued Visa by Application Number.” Application Number is written on your Stamped Visa at Passport above the machine-readable bar code.

Step -5: Enter the “Application Number” and “ID or Passport Number.”

Step -6: Enter the Captcha Code

Step -7: Enter the “Application Number” and “ID or Passport Number.”

Step -8: Click on “Search”

Step -9: You will see the image below. See your picture first and then confirm the type of visa as if you applied for a work visa, and they issued you an Umra visa like that. Below is a proper work visa, and your information should be like that.

Valid visa Saudi Arabia Online Image


Saudi Arabia Work Visa Check | Method 2

This method is somewhat the same, but if the above is not working, then you can try this method also.

Step – 1: Open the MOFA link here

Step – 2: Change the language in English if not already in English

Step – 2: Fill in the required information as already we have discussed above.

I hope I am clear here, bo; you must check the below visa types for your awareness before you go.

Types of Visas in Saudi Arabia

There are numerous visa types and issues to a person who fulfills the specific requirements regarding that visa.

  • Business or Commercial visa.
  • Diplomatic Visa.
  • Employment visa.
  • Escort Visa only for Dependents of principal traveler.
  • Family Visit visa.
  • Student Visa
  • Hajj Visa
  • Umrah Visa
  • Work Visit Visa for Consultants

Why do you see several different types of visas? The reason is each type has its own validity. Like an Umra visa is only for 3 months, and after that, the person has to leave the country. Same as the work visa is for the long term of all.

Make sure every time you enter Saudi Arabia, you must have a valid visa. You can deal with this situation if you have a multiple exit re-entry visa in your hand.

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Wrap Up

This is how you can differentiate between the fake or original visa. I hope it will help anybody any day. If you any questions, please comment below. You can send an email directly by contacting me at the Contact Us page if you have any queries.


Saudi Iqama Check
Iqama validity is one of the major concerns of an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia. The Iqama expiry date is also mandatory…..

Iqama Expiry

Emirates ID Guide
EID – Emirates ID is called بطاقة الهوية in Arabic. It is the most important document in the United Arab Emirates like Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

Emirates ID

Qatar ID Check
Same to other Gulf countries Qatar also issues an ID to its residents. This in Qatar is called Iqama same as in Saudi Arabia.

Qatar ID Check

Kuwait MOI Civil ID
Kuwait contains around 70% of expatriates and this makes it unique from all other countries in the gulf or MENA region.

Kuwait MOI Civil ID

Oman Resident ID
Every expat who is a resident in the Sultanate of Oman should have a Bataka or resident identity card also called Oman Iqama.

Oman ID Check

Traffic Violations
The heaviest fine is for drifting that is 20,000 for the first time, 40,000 SAR for second and 60,000 SAR for the third violation.

Traffic Violations

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    1. Dear Mr Jason, I have explained it through two methods. One through MOFA website and other through Enjazit. Both are official websites. You may try again later if the system is down. Still any issue then you can send me an email at [email protected]

      I am happy to help you. Regards

  1. I checked my applied application , it shows my pic and data correctly but the sponsor name is blanked. The consultancy say that we will update it later..
    Is it possible to update later or
    Is it Something else ???

  2. As a requirement to cancel the final exit visa, does the Work permit visa needs to be renewed for 1 year, even if the expat will be transferred to her Husband’s sponsorship?

  3. Mohamed sikkander raja

    I got information through Applied Application without sponsor name and document number.. through the electronic services I got a blank page with no information. is it any problem?

  4. Mohamed sikkander raja

    after I get mofa number,how many days is it take for visa stamping, before two weeks I got mofa number through my agency they telled your passport is went for visa stamping, still I don’t get my passport ,is any something? I am very confused

    1. Wait for a little as sometimes it takes time to update the online system. By the way, nowadays the Visa process is quite down due to the Corona Virus issues. Keep on visiting that website. Hopefully, you will find any update or else you are handed over an invalid visa.

  5. May i know , Does the Saudi embassy at Mumbai is working as normal in spite of the pandemic .? Also have anyone got the stamped passport after Mar 20 -2020 ?

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