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STC Pay is an innovative idea by one of the best telecom companies in Saudi Arabia. STC has launched a new Application called STC Pay to facilitate its customers to be a part of a cashless economy.

This mobile app is just a blessing to expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. You can say it is an alternative to bank accounts and will eliminate the pain of getting in a long queue when sending money back home.

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You can watch this video and follow along with the article for more precise details.

What does STC Pay do?

STC Pay, as the name suggests owned by STC as a financial company. It provides secure digital wallets to its customers to perform transactions from their smartphones without leaving the comfort zone.

STC Pay to help the customers to make a transaction with ease like;

  • You can send remittances back home – Through Western Union.
  • Send money to the contacts – locally.
  • You can recharge your mobile – No more scratching annoying cards.
  • You can also make business payments.

What to Download STC Pay?

STC Pay is for every STC mobile customer. You must have a valid STC number in your name & you are good to go.

Now, see the below easy steps to utilize & benefits from this amazing app.

Step – 1: You need to download STC App from the App Store or Google Play store.

Step – 2: Install it by following the instructions.

Step – 3: Enter your STC number when asked & confirm through SMS code.

Step – 4: Enter your Iqama & Date of Birth

Step – 5: You will be asked to enable your location for a secure transaction – better do it

Step – 6: Now, make a new STC Pay Passcode – 6 digits

Step – 7: STC Pay will ask you to enable the contact – you can allow or pass

Step – 8: Fill in the required Customers’ Missing Information. Here, you will be asked salary range, Employer’s name, Employment status (Select Private) & profession.

How to use STC Pay?

Let see the steps to learn about the STC Pay application;

Step – 1: First of all, you need to add money to the STC Pay application. You can pay through;

  • Bank Account – ANB or Riyadh Bank
  • Sadad – Biller Name 001
  • Visa Card or Master Card
  • Card Top-Up – Take your bank card to STC Pay point of sales & they will scan and fill the amount

Step – 2: Now, let see how you can pay the amount to others;

  • In step one, do STC pay login.
  • Scan a QR code – Send a QR code.
  • Send money through Contacts.
  • Local Bank Transfer – STC pay to contact.
  • International Remittances – Receive at Western Union. Best rates but a fee are 15 SAR & VAT will be applied. Just add the beneficiary like we do in other online banking but here only Beneficiary Name &relationship.

That’s it. As easy as you like.

FAQ’s About STC Pay

How can I withdraw money through STC Pay?

Yes, one can withdraw from your mobile account through any nearby ANB Bank’s ATM. You can transfer it to your bank account and take it from there. Other than this, you can perform all the transactions through STC Pay. It is a cashless system.

What is STC Pay customer care number?

Call at: 920011444

From where can I get the STC pay promotion code?

When you sign in to your STC Pay app, you will see many promotions like a Gas station, Restaurants, Grocery, etc.

How can you send money internationally through STC Pay?

It simple and follow the below steps;

  • International Remittance
  • Add New Beneficiary
  • Send Money
  • Share the MTCN Number

Make sure the receiver needs to visit any Western Union Branch.

What are the charges to open the STC Pay account?

It is absolutely free. No hidden charges ?

I am not an STC user. Still, can I use this?

Yes, you can.

How many accounts may I create on one Iqama?

Only one.

How can I use my STC Pay digital wallet at malls/shops?

Scan the QR code there & enter the amount.

Is there any maximum transfer limit?

Yes, a monthly SR 10,000 transfer limit, but you can make as many as several transactions.


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