Top 20 Construction Companies In Qatar

Are you looking for a job in Qatar or wanted to switch for a better opportunity? Then keep an eye on these companies. Let us know in the comments if you find any discrepancy or the missing giant. We will include for betterment.

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As the FIFA world cup, 2022 is around the corner, and hence there are many ongoing projects around Doha and Qatar overall. These firms are overloaded, and workers around the globe are sweating hard nowadays.

Harinsa Construction Company Qatar WLL

It is a well-known construction company in Qatar. The company completed almost 2,000 projects. It is a family-owned company, and they started their primary work in 2007.

The website of the company is Some of their current projects are the JW Marriott hotel, Porto Arabia towers 10B, Majlis Grand Mercure hotel. If you want to contact them, you can call them on 009744468420.

Boom construction CompanyImage result for Boom construction Company logo

This is also a well known and top construction company in Doha, Qatar. They started their company in 1995. They made the Doha expressway in 2012. It is an extensive road project. They also made Al Saad Signal in 2012. Some of their projects are Wukair, Al Rayyan, Massaid New Port, Um Salal, Mikanies.

Al Sraiya Holding group

Image result for Al Sraiya Holding group logo

This is one of the oldest and best construction companies. They have 40 years of experience in this industry because they started their company back in 1975. They have a large number of groups, companies, and employees. They have more than 25,000 employees and 54 companies. Some of their big groups are Engineering Group, Industrial Group, Hospitality Group, General Services Group, and Trading Group.

Castle Construction WLL, Doha

Image result for Castle Construction WLL, Doha: logo

It was established in 2007. It is a private company, and its core business is infrastructure development. It is incorporated in Qatar. Its ongoing latest projects are Musanada, Tamouh, and car parking lots associated with the Qatar Foundation. Some of the executed projects are road improvement works in Doha, road improvement works in Rayyan Municipality Area, Road Asphalt Works, etc.



Bojamhoor trading & Construction Co WLLImage result for Bojamhoor trading & construction Co WLL: logo

It was founded in 1978 and played an important role in the development of Qatar. It is one of the leading construction and contracting companies. Its completed projects are Al-Wajba Guard Residence, ABM Military College, Doha Grand Park, development of General Cleaning Project, regeneration of Tarik Bin Ziyad School, etc.


Alcat Construction Company

Image result for Alcat Construction Company: logo

It has earned a well-deserved reputation in quality and dedication. It is one of the leading construction contracting companies. Its main focus is on road construction, civil and infrastructure development. Some of their completed projects are roads and infrastructure in Al-Khor Industrial Area, bypass from Rawdat Rashed Village, traffic diversion Al-Wakrah Red Line, etc.

Qatar Building Company

Image result for Qatar Building Company: logo

It is a private civil engineering contractor that was founded in 1971. Its main focus is on excellent services, social responsibility, creativity, and pioneering technology.

They are dealing with heavy equipment, construction machinery, and infrastructure services and products. Their main products are Hyundai construction equipment (HEC), Simex, and DAEMO.


Redco Construction Al Mana GarageRelated image

It has 20 years of experience and was founded in 1998. The company’s main focus is on environment-friendly construction. It is an ISO standard company with a grade of “A.” It delivers fast projects.

Some of their completed projects are Katara, Marina Mix, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Al-Zobara Breeding Farm, Viva Bahriya Qatar, etc. Among all the projects that are going on, the major one is the Dusit 5-star Hotel.

Green top international Co. w.l.l

It was founded in 1977. It is based on Alkhobar, and its main focus is on infrastructure. Their employees are highly qualified. Some of their executed projects are IbnZahr switching substantial, Dammam power plant, renovation of gulf meridian project, etc.

It provides various services such as construction services, IT division, supporting services, and trading services. It is a general contracting company and quite popular in Qatar for its quality work.

Gulf construction company

Image result for Gulf construction company: logo

It is a family-owned construction company that has completed many successful projects. Some of their successful projects are Bilal Tower, Al Wakra Schools, Qatar Financial Center, Nakilat Port Project, Orax Rotana Five Star Hotel. Al Darvish United is known as its parent company. They are located at i309C Ring Road Doha Qatar.

Qatar construction technique WLL

It is also a well-known company, and it started its primary work in 2015. In a short time, it has become a successful company. It is a contracting and consulting company specializing in repair, survey, testing, maintenance, and refurbishment services.  Its key to success is the delivery of quality services to customers and the fast accomplishment of projects.

Electro-Mechanical Engineering Co WLL

EMEC was established in April 1975 and 2005. It is fully corporate in partnership. Its main projects are Sanya Satellite Ground Station, a thermal power plant in Dinh, and many others.

Rise And Shine Group

Image result for Rise And Shine Group: logo

Ravi Subramanyam founded it in 2006. It was basically formed in the UAE, and then it expanded to different countries, and it established itself as a well-known company. It supplies waterproofing chemicals and epoxy floor coating.

Qatari Arabian Construction Company

Image result for Qatari Arabian Construction Company:logo

It is a civil engineering company headquartered in Qatar. It is a well-known company whose main focus is on roads, construction, and infrastructure. It was established in 1992.

Midmac Construction Company WLL

Image result for Midmac Construction company WLL::logo

They started their work in the 1960s in civil engineering, building construction, and Electro-Mechanical work. Its main projects are the Construction of Qatar Foundation, Khalifah Stadium, and Museum.

Seero Engineering Consulting LLC

Image result for Seero Engineering Consulting LLC: logo

It is a professional company involved in many disciplines, such as design, engineering, and construction.

Its main executed projects are Wakra Beach Services, Gulf Mall, Landmark Mall, Ghurnada Medical Centre, Philippine school Doha, etc.

MACE Qatar

Image result for MACE Qatar: logo

It was established in 1968 and is an old civil engineering company. Its projects are Lusail, BCA street lighting, BCA chilled water, registration, and prequalification with major clients. Its values are innovation, leadership, and direction.

Kettaneh Construction WLL

Image result for Kettaneh Construction WLL: logo

It was established in 1922 before World War I. Its core business is engineering, contracting, and trading. The company’s main projects are a power plant, construction building, industrial projects, and others.

Doha Petroleum Construction Co Ltd

Image result for Doha Petroleum Construction Co Ltd: logo

It was established in 1981 in the state of Qatar. Their main operations are in oil and gas, petrochemical and utilities of industry.

Its main project is the expansion of ECRS in small and medium industries zone.

NAOURAS Engineering WLL

Related image

It was formed as a general construction company in 1998. It is also known as Noor Engineering Company. Its remarkable projects are Civil Defence Station, General Renovation, and Communication Complex at Al-Murrah.


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