Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia

The heaviest fine is for drifting, 20,000 for the first time, 40,000 SAR for the second, and 60,000 SAR for the third violation. The other most common is for violating the Red signal, also known as traffic signal camera fine, and it starts from 3000 SAR to 6000 SAR.

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Saudi Traffic Fine Check | Without Absher

Yes, you can check without Absher nowadays again.

Follow the below steps;

Step – 1: Go to Absher. sa online portal here

Step – 2: Click on Individual

Step – 3: Then switch the language if required to English/Arabia

Step – 4: Now, click on ‘Query Traffic Violation for Visitor’ (I have shown in the picture below)

Traffic violation for visitor without Absher

Step – 5: Now, you can enter your Border Number, Passport Number, ID Card, Saudi ID in GCC, Housing Card.

Step – 6: Enter the Image code & click ‘View.’

You will see if any violation there.

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Saudi Traffic Fine Check | With Absher

Violations are directly linked to your Iqama or Residence Identity Card Number. It has nothing to do with your car or driving license number. You should have an Absher Account to know more information about violations like date, time, location, and violation ID.

A traffic violation inquiry is made at the Minatory of Interior website online. You can follow the below steps;

Step – 1: Go to online portal here

Step – 2: Sign in to your account. You will see a window like below after step – 4.

Step – 3: Now, click on Traffic Violation Information (I have shown in the picture below)

Step – 4: You can scroll Right Left if it is not on the main page.

Step – 5: No need to enter the ID number as you are already signed in through Absher.Go to New MOI Saudi website

Step – 6: Now, you will see a window like this below;No traffic fines. You can check already paid one here also

Here, you can see that I have zero total amount and Unpaid Violations. Count means that how many times you have violated the traffic rules only for unpaid.

Step – 7: You can also see the ‘Paid Violations’ until now, with all the details.Total violations in saudi arabia till date

Traffic Camera Violation Check by SMS

Saher Cameras violations can be checked by sending an SMS

  •   For STC users, send it to 88993 with message *56*Iqama 
  •   For Mobily users,  send it to 625555 with message *56*Iqama 

Time & Location of Traffic Violation

One of the best options of having an Absher account is that you can check the time and location of a traffic violation.

The procedure is quite easy; just login into Absher account, eServices, Traffic, Traffic Violation Information, and Violation Time. Here you will also see the google map location. Location is normally with 3-5 Km accuracy.

This way, you can also check your violation fine and counts.

Traffic Violation ID & Vehicle Number

Through an Absher account, you can check details about traffic violations information like;

  1. Violation Number
  2. Vehicle Number Plate
  3. Violation Date
  4. Violation Value
  5. Violation time
  6. Paid Violations
  7. Unpaid Violations
  8. Location of Violations – Google Map with Coordinates

If your company has several drivers and cars, it will be hard to find through only traffic violation ID as all the penalty is against the sponsor ID. In this case, we track the number plate of the violated vehicle, and then we will see who was driving at that particular time and location easily.

We have to follow the above process, and then we need to click on more details in a Traffic violation. The path at Absher will be

  1. Login to
  2. Click on ‘Traffic Violation Information
  3. Then click on ‘More Details’

You will see a window like below.

How to check vehicle plate number of traffic violation

After that, you can get the exact location of the violation. This will help you if you have any issues with the number plate’s respective driver being used.

How to check location of traffic violation in Saudi Arabia

How to Pay Traffic Violation?

I normally get a notification in my bank account of any traffic violation. As I have mentioned that this system is directly connected with your Iqama, so you can pay through any bank or ATM. The process is the same for all banks, like you have to go to Payments, then Sadad, and MOI payments. Here you need to go to traffic violations and pay against the Iqama.

Red Signal Traffic Violation?

Many people are worried about getting an SMS of 3000 SAR (huge loss) for crossing red signals, then what?

Yes, you can go to the nearby Muroor office if you want to appeal. Most people get their issue resolved as they are very cooperative, but you have to pay the fine if it is clearly your mistake.

Regarding staying in jail;

Once you are found guilty, then you must go to nearby Muroor to settle the issue now. It’s up to the office if he let you go as of minor issue. He is very right to put you behind bars ( on day imprisonment ) as per law.

If you don’t visit Muroor and pay the penalty ( you can pay the fine without going to Muroor ), then during Istamara Renewal or at the time of Exit Re-Entry, you may face the issues.

Sometimes you may not pay without visiting the Muroor office as you don’t get any violation number.

You can pay the fine in installments – Visit the Muroor & request them.

Better visit them as soon as possible.

Violation ID without Absher

If you don’t have online access at MOI Absher, you can still ask by calling them at 011-292-8888. Once you dial, select 2 for English & after that, 1 forum traffic fine. This is an automated machine, but you will get your desired traffic violation ID.

Wrap Up

The accident ratio has been decreased drastically in Saudi Arabia, and all credit goes to implementing strict rules & regulations with hefty penalties. But on the other hand, you may have observed that the number of traffic violations decreases exponentially. This is because local police have no leniency to catch the violators.

It is quite easy to follow the rules and regulations of the country you are staying in. We are here to earn some bucks and save for the family back home, waiting for us. It’s no harm to abide by the laws here in KSA and in every country. This is all about Saudi Iqama Mukhalfa Check.

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The fine amount is different for a different violation. This is categorized on an offensive basis like Drifting and Red Signal Cross is a highly offensive violation that can lead to imprisonment immediately. Others are over speed; the lowest fine is wrong parking or leaving a vehicle with the engine in running condition.

Video Guide

FAQ’s About Traffic Violations

How can I check my traffic violation id in KSA?

Normally, you will get an SMS from Muroor in case of any violation you made within 24 hours. Still, you can check this through your Absher account. If you don’t have any, you can make it by yourself with simple steps, or your friend with Absher account can do it for you.

Moreover, if you are a visitor, then you can also check without the Absher account. For this, go to the Absher website and use your passport, border number, Housing card, ID Card, or Saudi ID in GCC you entered via KSA.

If I cross Green Signal and got a flash, then how much I need to pay?

Yes, if you are overspeeding, then a minimum of 300/- SAR will be fined. If the speed limit is 100 Km/h & you cross it at 110 km/h.

If so, better visit the Traffic department. It’s up to them if they imprison you in case of violation severity. Or if it is just by mistake, then they may pat your back and let you go.

Someone has stolen my car number plates. What to do now?

Make sure to the complaint by calling the Police immediately at 999. Someone may misuse it for illegal purposes. Next, the police will let you know how to proceed.

If I cross Red Signal, then I must spend a night in jail?

If so, better visit the Traffic department. It’s up to them if they imprison you in case of violation severity. Or if it is just by mistake, then they may pat your back and let you go.

How much is the fine for crossing the red signal?

It’s 3000 SAR to 6000 SAR.

How much is traffic fine in KSA?

It depends on the severity of violations, like for drifting is maximum, then Red signal but over speeding is 300 SAR to 500 SAR that is the most common one. Wrong parking fine, I know is the minimum like I got 100 SAR.

Moreover, these fines are not fixed, and changing dynamically, like the use of mobile phones during driving, may lead you to jail immediately, and your license may be confiscated for 30 days.

May I ask if the traffic violation is by mistake?

You can visit the police department if you think of some notifications you got by mistake or system error.

How do I find my traffic violation location?

Yes, you can see the date, time, and location of traffic violation at your Absher MOI account.

How can I check my Istimara online?

Istamara is valid for three years, but you will not get any SMS or notification. You need to see the date on Istamara and visit Absher to check online about the Istamara validity.

Is there any fine is my Fahs or Car Insurance is not valid?

Yes, a penalty will be imposed if you get caught.

Is there any fine if my Istamara is not valid?

Yes, a penalty will be imposed if you get caught.

How can I check my traffic violation id in KSA?

Yes, you can by following the above procedure, like through the Absher account.

Is there any fine if my Saudi driving license is not valid?

Yes, a penalty will be imposed if you get caught.


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Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia
The heaviest fine is for drifting that is 20,000 for the first time, 40,000 SAR for second and 60,000 SAR for the third violation.

Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia

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  2. I have just received 2 Parking Violations in this week, both i have paid.
    As i am new to this part of Khobar, i have absolutely no idea why i received them as i seemed to park up normally, not obstructing anything and there are no signs visible.
    How can i check which law i have broken, as the Absher just says violation?

  3. Actually, Saher speed violation sms took 3 days for me to receive message.
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