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On Friday 5th  July 2019, MOI redirected its old web portal moi.gov.sa to www.Absher.sa. You must have an Absher account now to use most of the services now.

E-services portal launched by the Ministry of Interior – MOI Saudi Arabia is a blessing for expatriates and Saudi citizens. MOI Absher is now a vital entity solving thousands of queries across Saudia residents.

Today, I will discuss how you can change your mobile number or email ID or both if you want to.

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Change Mobile Number & Email ID

There are two easy ways to do it. One is through the Absher MOI web portal, and the other is through Self Service Kiosk machine.

Let us see one by one in easy steps;

Change via MOI Absher

You must have access to the process through this method; otherwise, choose the second method.

Step – 1: Go to  Absher.sa or by clicking here Absher.sa

Step – 2: Change the Language in English if you like

Step – 3: Click Login into Absher Account

Step – 4: Click on a small drop arrow icon and go to User Information.Change Mobile Number or Email at Absher

Step – 5: You will see the below screen

Step – 6: Fill your new number in the mobile number area

Step – 7: Add or edit the email ID if you want to change.

Step – 8: Click on Save

How to Change Mobile Number or Email at MOI Absher

Step – 9: You will see in the next window that “Your account information has been successfully updated”

Step – 10: Exit the system now. You are done.

Change via MOI Absher Self Service KIOSK

Locate any nearby Kiosk self-service Machine

Step – 1: Once you are at a machine, choose your preferred language

Step – 2: Enter your 10-digit Iqama number

Step – 3: Choose update phone no

Step – 4: On verification, put your index finger

Step – 5: Repeat the process as per instructions

Step – 6: Now enter the new number

Step – 7: You will receive an SMS, enter it into the machine

Step – 8: That’s it, you are done.

Final Words

New Absher is quite secure and fast to resolve the queries and is under vision 2030 KSA. Keep Update your profile there.

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