Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines & Pay

E-Services are very helpful to check traffic fines at a website portal launched by Abu Dhabi traffic Police. This step is to facilitate residents and citizens.

To use online services, one must have a valid Emirates ID card and an active file in the Federal Traffic and Licensing System.

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Steps for Traffic Fines Inquiry

Follow the below easy steps to find traffic fine;

Step – 1:  First of all go to Traffic Fines Inquiry

Go to Traffic Inquiry Services

Step – 2: No fill the required information like 

Choose Inquiry by License information

Step – 3: Fill the valid License Number in the box as in the above picture.

Step – 4: Fill the captcha as shown. Your captcha will be different and fill correctly.

Step – 5: Hit on Submit now.

Step – 6: You will see the screen like the below picture.

You will see the fine if any

The license I put here is not having any d=fine. But if you may have then you will see like 100 AED, 200 AED, etc.

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How to Pay Fine

If you got the fine then you can pay the fine.

Step – 1: Click the ‘Traffic fine Payment’ link on the right-hand side of the page.

Step – 2: Now, log in using your Smart Pass App or register as a New User for login credentials using your mobile number.

Step – 3: Then, just pay the specific to clear Dhabi Traffic Fine

I hope it helped.

Wrap Up

Always follow rules and regulations where ever you stay to save your hard-earned money. These fines are just to make sure everyone follows the rules. This helps to avoid traffic accidents ultimately.

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