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It is always advisable to keep on check if you got any traffic fine. In Dubai, there are easy ways from where you can check this fine. I am going to explain some easy methods. You can try the first one that is in the Dubai Police Department. If it is not working for you then you can check others.

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Steps for Dubai Fine Inquiry

Follow the steps to check traffic fine in Dubai UAE

Step – 1: Go to Dubai Police Website by Clicking here Traffic Fines Check You will see the screen like belowFill all the required information

Step – 2: But if you cannot get this screen directly then go to Dubai Police Website Dubai Police Website

and follow the below path that is;

Home > Services > Individual Services > Traffic Fines Payment

Step – 3: Here, now click at Access Services if you have no directed to next stage already

Go to Dubai Police Website like in this picture

Step – 4: You will be redirected to the next page that you will see below. You can check by four methods like with License Number, Ticket details, Plate number, etc.

I will first check through the plate number. Enter the plate number of your vehicle, then select Dubai in plate source, Plate category is private in my case and then plate code.

Fill all the required information

Step – 5: Now select the Dubai police logo, you may be a different option like select the Cyclist or any other option. Click on it,

Step – 6: Now click on search and you will the below screen where your fine is displayed

No fines against this plate number

Hurry! No fine in my case.  This is how you can check the fine easily.

Best Car Insurance Companies

Check at

You can also check at site as well, Just go to & go to Inquire & Pay for Traffic fines and follow the steps. Quite easy and handy as well.

You can also open and follow the easy steps.

Traffic Fine Check | Sharjah

You can follow Sharjah traffic fine inquiry and payment system Sharjah Traffic Fines. Now go to services and check the fine there.

How to Pay Traffic Fine

If you see that it is fine against your Number plate, license number, etc. then you can pay fine by the same web portals or you can visit ATM it can go to Traffic Police Department but better you ant online portal like

1.Ministry of Interior: You can go here Ministry of Interior has a centralized federal payment system that allows residents to check for fines issued in any emirate. Drivers need to provide either their license plate number or their driving license information. Payments can also be made through the Ministry of Interior’s mobile app through either Apple iTunes or.

2. RTA: Just follow the steps and access the website RTA Fines

3.Dubai Police: Visit this site Dubai Police for Traffic Fines

4.Mobile Applications: There are mobile applications also for Android & iPhone users like Dubai Now & myPay.

How to Avoid Traffic Fine

While driving it is the responsibility of Motorists to keep roads safe. That is where the traffic rules come into action. There are some major and minor violations. Everyone knows about most of the major violations, but I will discuss some underrated one. Probably you don’t know any.

As per UAE law, a motorist with 24 black points will be banned for one year for driving.

Let’s review some of the violations might be unknown to you;

  • Nose Picking 😊
  • Unauthorized Stickers at the front screen
  • Trashing out on Road
  • Lights not on while driving at night
  • Driving early morning, the evening or in the fog without lights on. 30 minutes before the sunrise & sunsetting light should switch on.
  • Blocking pedestrian
  • Reversing on Main Road
  • Not giving a path for vehicles to go on the right (Free Side)
  • Not using signal while turning or changing lane
  • Parking at non-assigned area
  • Using unnecessary horn
  • Driving outside by Yellow line


Saudi Iqama Check
Iqama validity is one of the major concerns of an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia. The Iqama expiry date is also mandatory…..

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Emirates ID Guide
EID – Emirates ID is called بطاقة الهوية in Arabic. It is the most important document in the United Arab Emirates like Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

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Qatar ID Check
Same to other Gulf countries Qatar also issues an ID to its residents. This in Qatar is called Iqama same as in Saudi Arabia.

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Kuwait MOI Civil ID
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Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia
The heaviest fine is for drifting that is 20,000 for the first time, 40,000 SAR for second and 60,000 SAR for the third violation.

Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia

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  1. In every country, there is rule for traffic and fine. In Dubai, there is different and best rule have made for traffic. In this article i able to know about all rules which are applied for traffic fine.

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