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Same as everywhere in Oman there are laws for Motorists to follow to keep safe the Roads. In some fines, you just need to pay the amount as per the Royal Police Oman fine list. In other, black points are added against your Civil ID number. Traffic fine is Oman is also called Makhalfa. In some cases, you may also get into jail like crossing a red light or Drifting. Your License will become void if there are 12 black points against you.

Also note, In Oman  Civil ID License Number & Bataka number is the same.

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ROP Oman Traffic Fine Check

To check traffic fine you need to follow the below steps. By the way, you can do it on the ROP website and also on ROP Mobile Application on your mobile. Here I am going to do it on the website.

Step – 1: Go to Royal Oman Police website by clicking here ROP

Step – 2: You will see the screen like the below picture otherwise go to services and find & click on Traffic Fines & pay Online. Make sure to select checkboxes as I have done if you want to check against civil ID. You can also check the fine of any particular vehicle, Offense Enquiry For Company/Organization,  Visa number, etc. Try the options and see that suits your needs.The ROP website fill the fields

Step – 3: once you will enter the required fields then click on ‘Submit’ and it will show you the results on the next screen. Here in my case no violation & fine is recorded.

You will see the find here. In this case no fine

Step – 4: You can download that report and also can view previous online payments.

ROP Oman Traffic Fine Pay

Now if you see any fine against your query then you will see an option Pay by your Debit Card, Credit card, E-Purse, etc. just follow the steps as directed on the website.

Wrap Up

To save the ROP Oman driving license, one must avoid the black points. Also being an expatriate there it is always better to save your hard-earned money where ever you go.

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