Qatar Traffic Violation Queries

Like other Gulf countries, Qatar imposes heavy fines to violators. This applies to all residents, visitors, Nationals or even foreign vehicles violating the local rules and regulations.

This charged to the vehicle owner if a violation/s normally over speeding, crossing a red light, eating while driving, driving on the side from yellow line, not using a seat belt, etc.

Get Qatar Driving License?

Qatar government has authorized the Ministry of Interior – MOI to look after the traffic violations. MOI has set a web portal as well as other means like Metrash2 App, Self Service Kiosks and other service centers across Qatar

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Qatar Traffic Violation

Step – 1: First of all got the MOI website. You can click here MOI Qatar Traffic Violation. Make sure to go through the above link as you will land on the English page or else change the language top Arabic if you wish too.

Step – 2: You will see a screen like below. Go to the MOI services tab and select Inquiries out of other options that are E-Services, Department services, and MOI Forms.

Go to MOI website and you will see screen like

Step – 3: Click traffic Inquiries, the first option in this case. See the below snip

Click on Traffic Inquires as in this picture

Step – 4: Click traffic Violations as you see in the below snip

Click on Traffic Violations as above

Step – 5: Here, you have four options. Like you can check Vehicle Plate Number, ID Number, Company ID Number and Foreign Vehicles in case you have another country car in Qatar.

You will see the four options, Choose the right one for you

Step – 6: I will show you different options but I will check through the number plate. You can skip a few steps if you like. If you select ID then you will see these options only. No need to select a vehicle type. You will all the fines against this QID.

Choose QID Number if you like to

Step – 7: You can select Company ID and below are the options you will see.

Choose Company ID instead

Step – 8: You can select Foreign Vehicle and below are the options you will see.

For Foreign Vehicle Choose this option

Step – 9: Let us see how to check through a number plate of a vehicle. First, enter the plate number, then select from the dropdown the vehicle number. Private Vehicle option is by default in the system and you can change if your type is different. Also, enter the verification code in image 879 in my case.

Let us try through Vehicle Plate Number

Step – 10: Once all the information is successfully entered then you will see an image like below. It will explain all in detail that the Date, Time, Description, Location and Amount in Q.R. Also It will show you the Vehicle Road Permit Expiry Date which means that you need to renew it if expired or else you are not allowed to drive that vehicle with expiry permit.

You can see the details of traffic violation fines

You are done here! You can print, search again for any other Plate or QID. You can follow the below procedure for Settlement online.

How to Pay Traffic Violations

Once you check and found no violation then you are good to go but if you got any violation/s then you have to pay during a specific period otherwise you have to face severe consequences.

Steps for Settlement of Violations

Step – 1: Now, after the previous process is done. Then click on the Settlement of Violations the second tab on the above picture.

Step – 2: You will be redirected to a new page on the MOI portal.

Step – 3: By clicking on Traffic Services go to Traffic Violation.

Step – 4: Here, your Smart Card is required. Login by using Smart Card.

Step – 5: Pay here against your specific violation or for all violations.

Step – 6: Now, check again that traffic violation and it should disappear from your record.

That’s it. Some people prefer to Hanover amount in the traffic department to make sure if any nag in the online system.

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FAQ’s About Traffic Violation

 Is there any other method you can Pay violation in Qatar?

Yes, you can pay traffic violations or Traffic Makhalfa by any means like through the web portal of the Ministry, Metrash2 App, Self Service Kiosks available at big shopping malls and all other service centers across Qatar.

 How can I pay if I don’t have a Credit Card or Bank Account?

You can go to the Traffic Department and can pay cash by hand.

is there any discount on Traffic Violations in Qatar?

Yes, sometimes the traffic department announces this discount but not always. Make sure to follow the rules so you can save some bucks the reason you are here only.

How can I check any Traffic Makhalfa or Grama against my QID or Iqama?

Yes, it’s better to keep on check on and off. You can follow the above procedure for check through Plate check and is the same for Iqama.


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Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia
The heaviest fine is for drifting that is 20,000 for the first time, 40,000 SAR for second and 60,000 SAR for the third violation.

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