Mobile Phone Operators in Kuwait

Welcome to Kuwait! We know you just landed here and you are searching for the best mobile operator in Kuwait.

I remember when I first came to Kuwait and I spent hundreds of Kuwaiti Dinars trying out different mobile operators but I was not satisfied at all.

But now, you don’t need to worry at all. I am compiling a list of all the operators and their packages in one place.

Kuwait is an Arabic country and its economy is small but wealthy because of its oil-based business. Its GDP (PPP) per capita is USD 70686. The currency of Kuwait is called Kuwaiti Dinar – KD and it is the highest-rated currency in the world.

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People go to work there because of their highest currency rate. If they want to contact their family and friends, they need a mobile network. The three best mobile networks in Kuwait are listed as follows:

  • VIVA
  • ZAIN


VIVA STC Company Kuwait

Viva is the best mobile network company in Kuwait and they introduce affordable packages and services from time to time. They were established back in November 2008.

In a very short time, they are now the most favorite network in Kuwait.

Mobile and internet packages are as follows:

Mobile Internet

Viva mobile internet is very fast, people want to use their services and their packages are also very economical.  With their special internet offer, you can use 500 GB data (4G) in just 5 KD.

  • 2 GB internet for 30 days in just 3 KD to activation send 11 to 510.
  • 5 GB internet for 30 days in just 5 KD to activation send 12 to 510.
  • 25 GB internet for 30 days in just 8 KD to activation send 13 to 510.
  • 50 GB internet for 30 days in just 12 KD to activation send 14 to 510.
  • 200 GB internet for 30 days in jut 18 KD to activation send 15 to 510.

SMS Packages

They are offering many SMS packages: some are unlimited and some are limited which also includes some other offers in it. There are weekly, monthly and daily offers.

  • 50 SMS for 1 day in just 1 KD.
  • 100 SMS for 1 day in 1.5 KD.
  • 500 SMS per week in just 2 KD.
  • 1,000 SMS per week in just 3 KD.
  • Unlimited SMS for 1 month in just 55 KD.

Call Packages

They are offering many cheap and reasonable call packages for their customers that also attracts other mobile network users. You can take any package which suits you the best at any time.

  • 50 local & viva minutes for 30 days in 3 KD.
  • 100 local & viva minutes for 30 days in 5 KD.
  • 150 local & viva minutes for 30 days in 8 KD.
  • Unlimited viva minutes and 300 local minutes for 30 days in 12 KD.
  • Unlimited viva minutes and unlimited local minutes for 30 days in 18 KD.


Ooredoo KuwaitOOREDOO is a very famous mobile network in Kuwait. It is a 5G mobile network. It is an award-winning company that won many awards in 2019. The fastest mobile network, best coverage award, best services award. The internet speed is very good and the voice quality is very high and clear.

Mobile Internet

They are offering good packages for their customers not only national packages but also international packages because this is also an airmobile internet.

  • 300 GB for 90 days in just 8 KD.
  • 50 GB for 30 days, 7.5 GB for 2 months in just 4 KD.
  • 25 GB for 30 days, 37.5 for 2 months GB in 8 KD.
  • 75 GB for 30 days, 75 GB for 2 months in 12 KD.
  • 100 GB for 30 days, 120 GB for 2 months in 16 KD.

SMS Packages

They have introduced many SMS packages some are limited and some are unlimited some are packages are daily bases some are monthly some packages are weekly.

  • 500 SMS for 7 days in 1.5 KD.
  • 750 SMS for 7 days in 2.5 KD.
  • 1,000 SMS for 15 days in 4 KD.
  • 2,000 SMS for 15 days in  5 KD.
  • Unlimited SMS for 1 month in 25 KD.

Call Packages

There are many call bundles for the customers also for local and international users. Some of the best packages are

  • B2 pack 100 minutes for 30 days, 150 minutes for 2 months, 250 minutes for 3 months, 350 minutes for 4 months in just 5 KD.
  • B3 pack 150 minutes for 1 month, 225 min for 2 months, 338 min for 3 months, 506 min for 4 months in just 8KD.
  • B4 pack 300 min for 1 month, 400 min for 2 months, 675 min for 3 months, 1,013 min for 4 months in just 12 KD.
  • B5 pack 3,000 min/ month for a whole year in just 16 KD.


ZAIN KuwaitThey start their work in 1983 by the name of MTC in 2007 they named it by ZAIN. It is a very big mobile network in Kuwait more than 50 million people are using this network only in Kuwait. they provided  5G to their customers. There are some good packages of calls, SMS and internet offer by ZAIN.

Mobile Internet

Zain mobile network offering 5G internet services to their customers the speed is very good. Some good packages are these

  • 5,000 GB 5G internet for 30 days in 45 KD.
  • 200 GB 5G internet for 30 days in 18 KD.
  • 1 TB 5G internet for 30 days in 65 KD.
  • 4 TB 5G internet for 30 days in 100 KD.

SMS Packages

Their SMS packages are very reasonable and they have a very large variety of packages like

  • Unlimited local SMS in 5 KD/ month
  • 2,000 SMS for all networks in 8 KD/week.
  • Unlimited zain to zain SMS and 1,000 local SMS in 9.5 KD.

Call Packages

Many people from other countries want to use their call packages some of the famous call packages are

  • 500 minutes for just 12 KD.
  • 3,000 local minutes and 200 other networks just for 16 KD.
  • 25 international minutes for 9.5 KD.
  • 100 international minutes in just 20 KD.
  • 25 international minutes  500 local minutes for 1 month in just 12KD.

Wrap Up

Kuwait is quite small but still have three networks unlike Qatar & UAE with huge population & only two telecom companions each. What ever is the reason Kuwait gives equal opportunity to all companies to grow their business that ultimately helps the residents and the expatriates working there.


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