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The Kingdom of Bahrain is noway behind that other gulf countries when it comes to facilitating its citizens as well as the residents. E-key is to make hassle-free services for all. Although it was started in 2007 and now its an integral part of our daily life here.

To me, it is same as Absher.sa that we have in Saudi Arabia that connects people to the government department.

Make Bahrain e-Key Account

To make a Bahrain ekey account you need to follow the below steps

Step – 1: Go to  bahrain.bh

Step – 2: You will see the below window

Go to bahrain.Bh as you will see a window like below

Step – 3: Change the language as per your preferences

Step – 4: Click on ‘Key’ as marked on the picture above.

Step – 5: You will see the below window now Click to register for Bahrain ekey account

Step – 6: Click on ‘Register now!’

Step – 7: You will see a window like below & fill out all the information required.

Fill all the information at Bahrain.BhStep – 8: Only information you may have to find is the Block Number. You can do it easily by visiting Bahrain Municipal Map

Step – 9: An authentication code will be sent to the mobile number that you have just entered.

Step – 10: Call at the National Contact Center at 80008001 or go to the nearest service centre.

Step – 11: Once verified then login to your ekey account and use.

Benefits of Ekey Account

E-Key Account on Bahrain E-government provides services but not limited to;

  • You can make transaction online using a common identity and credentials,
  • Ekey lowers the service failure rate
  • The government needs not to invest in a separate authentication
  • Educational System
  • Employment(Civil)
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Housing and Property
  • Legislation and Courts
  • Personal Documents
  • Tourism and Events
  • Check  & Pay Traffic Violations, Driving license Related services
  • Pay Bills Gas, electricity
  • eKey helps the Bahrain government cut administrative operating expenses, enhance service-delivery efficiency and user experience complaints at Departments

Wrap Up

eGovernment account makes your life easier when staying in Bahrain. All rules are regulations are there to follow. You may not need to contact any government offices anymore.

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