Iqama Expiry & Validity Check

Iqama validity is one of the major concerns of an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia. The Iqama expiry date is also mandatory when filling out some application forms.

Whatever the reason you are here, I will show you simple methods to check your Iqama date expiry date.

On Friday 5th  July 2019 MOI shifted its old web portal to Aand you must have an Absher account now to use most of the services now.

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Note: Absher website is not working still you can try other methods explained here and see which works for you.

Methods to Check Iqama Expiry Date

I will explain here three easy online and offline methods that you can find your query as per your convenience.

  • Expiry Data Check with Absher | Online
  • Iqama Status Check without Absher Account | Online
  • Expiry Check at Iqama –  Without Absher

Expiry Data with Absher | Online

You must have an Absher account to do this check. If you have it then OK or else you can visit here How to get an Absher Account

Step – 1: Go to Absher website- Here

Absher website for MOI

Step – 2: Click on “Individual”

Step – 3: Change the language to English if you are not good at Arabic

Step – 4: You will see a screen like below where you have to sign in in your Absher Account

New look of an Absher site. MOI rediredted to it

Step – 5: Enter your credential, enter the image code “1455” you may be different and hit log in.

Step – 6: You will be prompted to a verification code that you will receive at your mobile. Enter it and again hit login.

Step – 7: You will see a screen like below. Click on Query Iqama Expiry Service at the right bottom or you can search if you cannot find it. You can scroll to right-left also.Click Query Iqama Expiry Services at the bottom

Step – 8: Once you clicked on Query Iqama Expiry Service then you will see a window like below    You will see options like Iqama number and Image Cofde

Step – 9: Enter Iqama number and image code as I have shown in the picture. Click viewEnter Iqama number and Image Code and Click view

Step – 10: Click on view and you can see your Iqama expiry date that is in Hijri.

You will see Iqama expiry date in hijri calendar

Step – 9: The date displayed by the system will be like Iqama is valid till 1441/06/13 (Your Iqama is Valid till Year/Month/Day/). This is in the Hijri calendar.

Step – 10: You need to convert this Hijri date to Gregorian colander by visiting here Iqama Hijri to Georgian.

How to covert Hijri to Georgian at Iqama

In our case here it is February 8, 2020.

Note: You can check the expiry dates of your friends and family by the same Absher account. No need to open their Absher.

Iqama Status Check without Absher Account

Yes, one can check the Iqama Expiry Date without a registered Absher account by using an Absher account of any of his friends, relative. You just need to enter his Iqama number at Step – 9 above.

Expiry Check at Iqama | Offline

Just grab your Iqama and you will see the expiry date clearly mentioned on it. Yes, you can convert the Hijri date to Georgian Calendar to understand better. See below picture for your convenience

How to check Iqama expiry without Absher account offline

If you have old Iqama then you can see the expiry date instead of the iqama issue date, there you can find it and ask any Arabic guy to read it for you those numbers if you are unable to make it. This date may differ a little if you have renewed your Iqama and as you get it a few days early than the actual expiry date.

Note: On the new Iqama instead of the expiry date, you will see the Iqama issue date. Just calculate & add Hijri year from there to get the expiration date 🙂

This is now creating a problem that if you are going to apply for Kuwait then they are asking for expiry date as on new Iqama it is not mentioned. For this, you can contact the Ministry of Interior – MOI KSA. We hope the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Iqama Expiry at Mobile App

You can also download Absher application from Google and iOS. This Absher application has features like;

  • It is available in English as well as in Arabic version
  • You can use if you are a citizen or a resident
  • No need to see or interact with government officials face to face
  • It provides safety & keeps privacy as you can update your family member’s information on it.

Iqama Renewal Fee 2020 (1441)

There are two scenarios like below;

Iqama Fee if more than 50% Saudi Nationals in Your Company

Iqama Fee - MOIWork Permit - MOLMedical InsuranceTotal Iqama Fee
650 SAR8,400 SAR500 SAR9,550 SAR

Iqama Fee if Your Company Contains less than 50% Saudi Nationals

Iqama Fee - MOIWork Permit - MOLMedical InsuranceTotal Iqama Fee
650 SAR9600 SAR500 SAR10,750 SAR

MOL  (Ministry of Labor) Fee is also known as Maktab e Amal or Wazart e Amal. All Iqama related issues are dealt with here.

MOI  Fee is Iqama fee for Ministry of Interior  Saudi Arabia

Note: The fee described may vary as the rules here in Saudi Arabia a changing rapidly. The insurance also depends upon which facility you avail.

Levy Fee: The dependent fee is also expected to increase from 300 SAR (2019) to 400 SAR in 2020.

You can check MOL Iqama Fee here Maktab e Amal Fee Check

What is Iqama?

Iqama is also known as Iqama or Muqeem Card is like identity cards we have in other countries. This is for expatriates working in Saudi Arabia only. In other countries, the worker will have a passport with a visa stamped but in Saudi Arabia Iqama is issued which has a lot of information connected to it.

  • An Iqama is a proof that you are a legal worker here in KSA if not then you may definitely get in trouble.
  • Everything like your bank account, driving license, car insurance, remittances back home, car insurance, medical insurance, etc. are connected to it.
  • Your sponsor or the Kafeel will make this for you are paying the subsequent fee at the Ministry of Labor. Normally, the visa you arrived here is valid for three months only and within this period you have to apply & get this Muqeem/Iqama card otherwise penalty will be imposed.
  • A valid Iqama is necessary to process all the transactions like Exit Re-Entry from Saudi to back home, Bank will not entertain you if you have an invalid iqama.

An expatriate must have a check on his Iqama validity all the time. Although bigger firms have set up their own systems to alert the HR team to know if Iqama is going to expire for any company employee.

In fact, being an expatriate, you must have your Iqama all the time where ever you go inside Kingdom, but you cannot take iqama out of Saudi Arabia or else a fine will be imposed if you get caught. Remember, no photocopy is applicable – only the original card you must keep.

When going on vacation back home, you are advised to submit it to your sponsor or kafeel they say.

What are the Iqama Requirements?

Iqama can be issued against;

  • Worker visa
  • Study visa
  • Dependents visa (Kids)
  • House Workers like Maid, Gardener
  • Spouse visa.

An expatriate worker should have a proper work permit issued from his/her sponsor.

The same way a student came here for study purposes can get an Iqama.

Kids and spouse of a worker will also have Iqama if they are on a permanent basis with him/her.

A dependent like a driver, cook, etc. will also be entitled to an Iqama. Before applying for Iqama a medical test is conducted by any designated hospital in Saudi Arabia – One must pass it!

If you have dependent under your name, then you are the sponsor and your Kafeel has nothing to do with them. It is the employer who should take the responsibility to issue a visa.

One more thing, once a worker is on a new visa then he/she has 90 days maximum to get an Iqama as the visa is normally issued for 90 days. Some companies that hire consultants always send them back before 90 days to get a new stamp on a visa to work again and avoid iqama fees as they are not going to hire them permanently.

A probation period is also for 90 days in Saudi Arabia so that the company can judge its workers if they are worthy to have them and vice versa.

How to Renew an Iqama?

As you are aware now how you can check the validity of your Iqama. Normally, an Iqama is an issue for one Hijri year means it is valid for one year.

  • Iqama renewal is also a duty of you Kafeel. An employer needs to pay the Ministry of labor (Maktab e Amal) fee to get it renewed. This fee varies as per Nitaqat categories but if it is Red then there is no way to make a renewal. Green, Yellow, Platinum etc. can get their Iqama renewal but not the Red status company.

You can check here your status: Iqama Red Green

  • You are an illegal entity if you are failed to get a renew in a maximum of 3 days after the date of expiry. Without any 3 days period is allowed by Jawazat and is called grace time. After that, all of your online systems will be blocked automatically like bank accounts as everything is well connected through an online system.
  • To get renewal all one must just pay Maktab e Amal fee but some residents like Nigerian people must go through a medical test at each renewal.
  • As soon as it is renewed, you will get an SMS on your mobile. Once the system is updated and your Iqama will be sent to your sponsor office. Collect and discard the old one immediately. Penalty if you have two Iqamas at the same time even if of any other colleague – Be Careful!
  • Once all the requirements like Iqama renewal fee, car insurance, valid passport, Saudi Council of Engineers fee, Iqama Funds, Traffic Violations, etc. are cleared then your employer can make the Iqama renewal request from Absher system online.
  • After Iqama renewal one has to visit the bank normally to update Iqama status there. Although there is an update system still banks used to call is logical to me as I have just visited NCB Alahli bank yesterday for this cause.

You can clear all these dues and other information by visiting Online Portals

Remember, your company contract and your Iqama validity are separate things. With a valid visa, you can stay in KSA and its illegal to stay without a valid Iqama.  You even can’t get an exit visa on an expired Iqama. Also, keep in mind passport expiry date has nothing to do with the Iqama expiry date but if your passport is expired then you cannot get renewed your Iqama.

Nowadays, big companies have set up their systems to alarm the HR and the concerned department to any Iqama and Insurance expiries. If you work in a small firm then set a reminder in your e-mail.

Grace Period for Iqama Renewal

Yes, there is a grace period of only 3 days to renew your Iqama. Let say if your passport is expired then you can go to your Embassy and get an extension stamp to do the Iqama renewal process. Keep in mind that Iqama will not be renewed until you have cleared all the fines like traffic violations. Hence these three days grace time is for you.

If you Iqama is expired then you have to renew it within three days & it is a grace period. In this time, you can renew Iqama without any extra charges or any Iqama fine. But after that, you have to pay the penalty for 500 SAR for the first failure, 1000 SAR for second failure and 1000 SAR and deportation of the third failure.

Penalty for First Time

After the grace period, 500 SR fine will be imposed for the first time

Penalty for Second Time

1000 SR if delayed again for the second time.

Penalty for Third Time

Deportation of employees and 1000 SR if delayed again for the third time.

Note: These renewal penalties to be paid by the Sponsor, Kafeel or your Employer to the Ministry of Labour.

Points to Remember as Iqama Holders

If you are on work here in KSA then you must remember these points about your Iqama;

  • Jawazat department deals with all kinds of Iqama related issues. Go there if required in any case.
  • If Iqama is expired then you are an illegal resident here in KSA. Go and get it renewed as soon as possible.
  • You cannot go back either exit re-entry for the final exit with expired Iqama.
  • Same way, you cannot enter back if your Iqama is expired during your stay outside the kingdom.
  • Passport should be valid while renewing your Iqama
  • Saudi Council of Engineering registration (if you have) should be valid. Or any address update notification at SCE like you changes your kafeel in case.

Uses of Iqama

Iqama is the most important documents or card you have in Saudi Arabia. The major uses are;

  • Identity across KSA
  • Bank Account can be opened
  • You can apply for a Driving License
  • You cannot rent a house without valid Iqama
  • You cannot get a job or any work without a valid Iqama
  • You cannot travel across KSA without a valid Iqama
  • No need to take a passport all the times
  • The hospital will not entertain without Iqama
  • Haramain Train service can be availed
  • During local flights, ID is required.
  • Saptco bus service can be availed
  • Exit Re-Entry can be applied

And so on.

You can Watch the Video if you like or continue reading. You can also use Absher Mobile App or just visit the MOI Absher website.

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FAQ about Expiry Iqama

May I get Final Exit with an Expired Iqama?

Yes, you can after paying the fine and you can see the process here Final Exit with Expired Iqama

What is Muqeem KSA??

Muqeem Card is a new form of Iqama also called Resident ID. So nowadays everyone has a Muqeem card but still, people call it an Iqama card. Iqama was replaced by Muqeem after 14 October 2015.

How an Expired Iqama may effect on my End Service Benefits?

An Iqama expired Iqama means that your sponsor is unable to renew it and you may lose your EBS as your company may not in good shape in terms of finance.

If I want to renew an expired Iqama then?

Yes, you can renew but make sure you have to pay fine.

How long an Iqama is valid?

One year nowadays only and if you or your dependent issued Iqama already and living outside KSA then he/she needs to visit here to get a renewal.

How to Check iqama expiry date in English?

Yes, Iqama expiry date inquiry English is as I have explained already that you can convert the date in Gregorian but first you will get in Hijri Calendar.

What is the fee of Iqama renewal?

A number of things are associated but the major one Maktab e Aml fee, then Insurance fee. This fee changes with the company category.

For example, Iqama fee will have a breakdown of total Iqama fee 7,200 SAR like this, Maktab E Amal Permit Fee:6,000 SAR, Iqama Fee: 750 SR and Insurance: 450 SR, etc.

How to check iqama expiry date without Absher?

You can check as already explained by looking at your Iqama. It is in Arabic but you can change it into the English language by Hijri to Georgian Converter.

How to check iqama renewed or not?

You can go to Absher and check online. Also, Iqama funds will disappear one updated.

May I renew my Car Registration - Istimara if my Iqama is expired?

No, you cannot as you are already illegal and cannot renew Istimara until you renew your Iqama

May I renew my Iqama if I am on Huroof?

No, you cannot as you are already illegal and cannot until you clear your Huroof.

How can I check iqama status if it is expired or not?

Just login to the MOI Absher account and you can find it easily.

What is the Iqama date?

Normally, it is used about Iqama validity or expiry date.

What is the difference between an Iqama status and a company status?

Iqama status is its validity date while company status in which Nitaqat category is your company fall (Red, yellow, green or Platinum)

How can I check Saudi Muqeem renewal status?

You can visit the Ministry of Labor website if your fee is cut or directly check the Iqama expiry date at MOI Absher. Normally, you will receive an SMS once your Iqama is renewed. These will also provide you iqama expiry services notifications as well.

What will happen if I get caught without Iqama?

If you get caught without Iqama working and or just roaming somewhere then you will be in jail straight away. So be careful & have Iqama all the time with you.

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5 thoughts on “Iqama Expiry & Validity Check”

  1. Assalam Alaikum;
    My iqama is expired on 28th August 2019. as o today it’s more than 15 days. I would like change sponsorship. But i could not. I dont know what is the reason for not changing. New sponsor Nitaqath is in platinum. Old sponsor is in Light Green.

    Could someone can help me please.

    1. Dear Mr Sheikh, WS
      As you have already stated that your Iqama has expired. First of all, you need to renew your iqama as your old Kafeel is in light green. You can only take auto-transfer if your old sponsor is in the red category.
      As per law, you are illegal here in KSA now. Make sure to renew your Iqama as soon as possible. Then only you can take a transfer.
      Hope this is helpful.

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