Saudi National Day | اليوم الوطني للمملكة العربية السعودية‎

Ibn Saud, King Abdul Aziz (1902-1953) from Nejd in the west, regained his family’s home (Riyadh) in 1932. It took him around 30 years to conquer this region. He was the ruler of Nejd since the early 1900s. The forces managed to take control of the most central parts of the Arabic region, and hence they changed the name after his family name, Saudi Arabia – The House of Saud.

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History of Saudi National Day

Before we proceed, let uncover history about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia briefly;

  • These tribes occupied nomadic Tribes – Since pre-Islamic, this Arabian peninsula.
  • The Islamic prophet Muhammad – United these tribes and created a single Islamic religious state.
  • Spain & Pakistan – After 632, this territory expanded from Spain & Modern-day Pakistan, covering all the middle east.
  • The Ottoman Empire – Various sultanates also controlled this region until the collapse of the mighty Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I that modern Saudi Arabia emerged.
  • Ibn Saud – In 1921, he became the Sultan of Najd(the central region of Arabia)
  • Hejaz –  In 1925, the Hejaz (western Arabia ), Ibn Saud, conquered this region also was declared King of the Hejaz on 10 January 1926. He also became the king of both regions.
  • 1932 – After suppressing all the campaigns successfully, he unified and renamed the kingdoms of the Hejaz and Nejd to Kingdome of Saudi Arabia
  • Till now, the Saudi family is ruling the Kindom. The crown prince Mohammad bin Salman is also a grandson of King Abdul Aziz.
  • Saudi National Day somehow was announced in 2005 as the 75th National day.
  • A public holiday on Saudi National Day was only a public holiday in 2007 for this first time. Quite recent, though 🙂

Saudi Arabia Flag

 Saudi Arabian government first used the current flag on 15 March 1973.

The important symbol to celebrate Saudi National Day is the Saudi Flag. Let see what the Saudi Arabia flag represents;

  1. Color – Green & white Arabic inscription and a sword. Green is believed to be Prophet Mohammed’s favorite color. Hence, it is primarily for Islam.
  2. Inscription – The inscription is ‘There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of God’. They must believe to be Muslim.
  3. Sword – It symbolizes King Abdul Aziz, the ruler who is the man behind the unification of the Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz to create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Flag of saudi Arabia at National Day explanations

Activities and Celebrations | Saudi National Day

As the National day is announced as a holiday recently and the celebrations across the Kingdom are also started in recent years. Thanks to the late King Abdul Aziz, who declared it as a public holiday. Normally, the celebrations are 4 days to one week long 🙂

Following are the major activities on a national day but not limited to;

  • Major Announcement from Saudi Government like in the year 2009 on the National day occasion the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology was launched
  • All roads in big cities like Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Khobar, et. are plastered with a Green flag like bleeding green.
  • Vehicles on the road are also installed Saudi National Flag (Don’t try any other countries flag on your car even with Saudi Flag)
  • Fireworks, light shows are held in major cities like Riyadh.
  • Malls and other shopping channels announce a huge discounted offer.
  • People are waving flags, wearing green shirts, homes and streets are decorated.
  • Musical concerts, film events, folk dances, festivals, and other cultural activities are held.
  • Entertainment Programs in major cities
  • Aerobatics shows
  • Plays like Dramas
  • Cultural tours
  • School activities in all regions

More than that, the below are the major activities that are being held in recent years.

Our green path (King Khalid Cultural Center), Watan Altomouh (Al Hamra cornice), Hot Air Balloons (Al Hasa), The national daylight Festival (Jeddah),

Hopefully, Saudi Nationa Day 2019 will bring more and more offers and opportunities, happiness for the national and expat’s faces.

Telecom companies like STC offered free calls & internet services to all post-paid, SAW, Jawwy, Quicknet, and Home internet services. This offer includes Unlimited Internet, Unlimited STC Wifi, Unlimited calls within KSA only. Mobily also did the same and offering free services on Saudi National Day. Ensure that STC and Mobily users get automatic offers that will start from 12.01 PM, 23rd September 2019.

What Does Expatriate Do

Saudi National Day. What does an expat do

Yes, being an expatriate here in Saudi Arabia, you may think this is just a holiday. No, you can;

  • Avail Offers from Malls and other shopping channels – my favorite 🙂
  • Several gatherings are held, and delicious food is served.
  • Take part in celebrations across KSA & learn about this rich culture, like visiting a public library with rare photographs of King Abdulaziz.
  • Promote their cultural pride and show the world through social media

We are 10 million that is 1/3 of the total population of Saudi Arabia. By promoting a positive image, we can pay our regards to this Holy land.

Celebrations Points City Wise

If you visit different countries across Saudi Arabia, then you can feel the environments around you. They celebrate this national day with full passion. Kids are wearing colorful clothes with a green touch.

Cars are with flags on with families on roads, roaming around, and making cheerful sounds.

Here is a list of major points in each city.


Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. Here most of the officially organized. All the city is well decorated. The roads & major buildings are full of flags & lights.

Kingdom Center – It is in the center & hub of all major events. See this beautiful image of this tower. If you are ever in Riyadh, you must have seen this as it on the city’s major road.

King Abdullah Park Fountain

Here, a new trendy water dancing water fountain displays daily, but you will observe an extraordinary display on Saudi National Day.


General Entertainment Authority has announced celebrations from 19th to 23rd on Saudi National Day in Riyadh at Tahlia Street, Riyadh.

A street parade will be held, and anyone can join, including expats.

Al Faisaliyah Center

The Al-Faisaliyah Centre is a skyscraper. To date, this one is the fourth ( after Kingdom Centre, Burj Rafal, and Abraj Al-Bait ) tallest building across Saudi Arabia.

Al Baik

Al Baik is also available in Riyadh after a long wait as it was only available in Jeddah, Makkah & Madina for ages. Once you are hungry, do visit to fuel your tank and celebrate again.

Riyadh Gallery

Best area if you are single and want to enjoy peace. You will enjoy discounted offers for many events. Go there and have more fun.

Masmak Fortress

Masmak_Fortress Riyadh at night


If you are staying in Jeddah, you can visit the following places on National day to participate in Saudi National Day.

  • Jeddah Corniche (Old & New)
  • KidZania Jeddah
  • Jeddah Water Front Park
  • Elephant Rock (Al Ula – you can drive there)
  • Al-Taif & Al Shifa (A hill station to roam & enjoy vocations)
  • You can have fun around Malls like Red-Sea Mall, Mall of Arabia Madina Road, Haifaa Mall, etc.
  • King Fahd’s Fountain
  • Al-Balad area you can go shopping and can enjoy Al-Baik food there.

These areas will be jam-packed, and make sure to have patience while driving, especially back home. Good luck 🙂

Jeddah waterfront


Dammam is quite near to AlKhober and Jubail Industrial City. The major benefits are that you can go to Bahrain if you are an expatriate on the very next day after celebrating Saudi National Day.

  • Dammam, Alkhober & Jubail Corniche
  • Museum of Archaeology & Ethnography
  • Al Marjan Island
  • The Heritage Village
  • Half Moon Bay at Al Khobar

A Family at Half Moon Beach

Wrap Up

Saudi Arabia is about to celebrate its 89th National Day and many more to come. The national day is on the first day of Libra, corresponding to the 23rd of September each year. Keep in mind; it is on September 23rd, 2019, and Monday. It is normally 4 days of holidays to a week long.

If you are a resident or a Saudi National, make sure to get out of your bed and be a part of celebrations to say thanks to the authorities running this beautiful country. It’s due to us, though!


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