Oman Visa Status Check

You can get an Oman visa through many website or agents but always before travelling to any country make sure that your visa is fake or valid to go in. Same like other GCC Oman also has launched its official website to help the visitors to make sure they are travelling on a valid document.

Visa means the ‘document has been seen’. Like if you have a visa in hand or pasted on your passport then you can enter into that country.

To process, Oman work visa you have to submit Passport, Photos, and Medical in Ministry at Oman and after that, they will issue the visa on your name. It is not like Saudi Arabia that you can get any available visa that your agent has.

Make sure that the Name and passport number is the same as yours on the visa.

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This is how an original Oman visa look like

You can check the Omani visa by following methods;

Oman Visa Status Check | Online

Follow the below easy steps for an online check at an official website; Before you proceed you need to have

  • Your Passport Number
  • Your Country Name
  • Web Application Number | Find it on Visa

Step – 1: First of all open the link for the official site that is Royal Oman Police Visa Website

Step – 2: You will see a screen like below in English like in below snip;

You will see screen with options to check visaStep – 3: Now go to the visa application status from the services tab as you can see in the above picture.

Step – 4: After this, you will see a screen like below;

Put Web Application number and passport number, country to check visa status

Step – 5: Fill the Web Application Number that you can get from your visa, then passport number & select the country.

Step – 6: Fill the Characters in pictures on your screen will be different and click on ‘Submit’.

Step – 7: If your visa is in process or approved then you will see the below messages; If your visa is in the pending stage then it will get approved in 24-48 hours normally. Keep on checking though.

If you see below option the visa is valid or it is fakeStep – 8: If you got an error message it means your visa is fake. And don’t try to travel to Oman or any country otherwise you will face problems at airports and ultimately will lose your ticket money as well.

Hope this helps. If you know any other method please comment below to help our brothers more and more. Thanks

Oman Visa Status Check | Offline

You can also check the validity of any visa by below methods

Visit the Embassy

You can go directly to the embassy of the related country in your home country to ask about your visa validity. Normally, each major country has that option.

Visa Validity

Make sure visa has any validity date on it as a visa is issued for a particular period of time. So normally an Omani visa has six-month validity gap. If you see a limit exceeding more than this is a fake paper. It also depends on which type of visa you have applied for like work, visit, business, etc.

Visa Appearance

You can also judge just by looking at the side as if the holes are easily removable, stamp at the backside of the visa.

Wrap Up

Oman visa is issued for different purposes like work, tourism, study, medical, etc. Make sure before travelling you have a proper visa like if you have applied for a work visa and you are handed over tourist visa by the agent. Be careful & comment below for any query and share to help others.

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