How to Renew Istamara in Saudi Arabia

An Istimara is a vehicle registration that has a validity of three years here in  Saudi Arabia. After that, you need to renew it. While driving here in KSA, you must have this registration license, Driving License, Car Insurance  & Fahss (Inspection Report).

My Saudi Driving License was about to expire, and I was trying to renew it. When I logged into my Absher account, I also found that my car Istamara has already expired.

I have explained the process of Saudi driving License Renewal, but today I will explain how I renewed my Car Istimara (Vehicle Registration)

You can renew Istimara 180 days before the expiry date & now later than 7 days after expiry to avoid penalty. Normally, this is done once after three years. The fee is 300 SAR for three years of validity.

All process is done online, but only you need to visit Murror office nearby to collect the new Istimara.

Documents Requirement

Following documents and condition should be met for the renewal process to complete;

1- Your Iqama should be valid – You can check here Iqama Validity

2- Driving License also should be valid, and all fines should be clear already

3- Fahas (Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection) should be pass & valid

4- Car Insurance should be valid

5- Pay the Istimara fee online, that is 300 SAR, through the Sadad system

6- Remaining Validity should be less than 180 days

Once all the above conditions are met, then only you can proceed further.

Process of Istimara Renewal

First of all, you need to have an Absher account to process online. See here if you need to know how to make an Absher account. Now follow the below easy steps;

Step – 1: Log in to your MOI Abshir account.

Step – 2: Go to ‘Services’ under Vehicle Services

Step – 3: Then click on the ‘Renewal Registration Vehicle.’

Step – 4: Now, you will see vehicles under your name. Choose the one you want to renew.

Step – 5: Click on more details, and you will see the car details below snip. You can also check Istimara’s validity here.

Car Details for Istamara Renewal at MOI Absher..

Step – 6: Check the details and click on ‘Renew Vehicle Registration.’

Step – 7: You will see here terms and conditions and click on ‘Confirm Vehicle Registration.’

Step – 8: Congrats, you Istamara is renewed, and you will see a window like the below snip.

Your Car Istamar is renewed

Step – 9: Now, you have two options that you can ask for home delivery at a nominal cost, but for this, you must have a valid national address at Saudi Post Office or can go to the Murror office nearby. But make sure there is a penalty of 100 SAR if you cannot collect within 7 days after you complete the process online.

I went to Al Malaz Police Station in Riyadh early morning and submitted my old Istamar, and they printed and handed it over to me at the same time. You can see the location from google map here at Al Malaz Police Station.

Wrap Up

Thanks to MOI that we get many queries solved by ourselves without any interaction with government officials. No hectic paper anymore. If you come to Saudi Arabia, then you must check that How to Use Saudi Portals.

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    My car insurance is expired, but my driving license and Fahas is valid. can i renew istemara??

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