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Saudi Arabia is one of the safest regions in the world and the major reason is they are constantly investing in the law and order for the sake of people security.

Saudi National Address registration is part of this system. It will drastically reduce the crime rate (if any in future), especially street crimes as they have all the database of all the people residing in their system.

I went to open a bank account at National Commercial Bank and luckily I was having a print out of my national address that saved my day at least.

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How to Register National Address?

The process is really simple and straight forward. Bear in mind, the national address system follows the to standard specifications that cover all areas (major/minor) of the Kingdom

There are three ways to register the Saudi National Address;

  1. Call: at unified number 9200 05700
  2. Online: Completing the form at,
  3. Post Office: Visit and request the service.

We will cover the second option in this blog.

Online Registration for National Adress

Follow the below steps to register national address;

Step – 1: Go to Saudi National Adress Website

Step – 2: Now, select the ‘Registration of Individuals’

Step – 3: You need to agree on the terms and conditions after reading click the checkbox

Step – 4: Now, choose the location, find or enter manually the Region, City, District & the building number. As you can see the below snip. Once you will enter the location and hit the ‘Verify Address’, it will turn to ‘Verified’ as in below snip.

You can find the building number as it is Iron Stamped at most of the building in Saudi Arabia or you can narrow down your location and find the number easily. In my case the Adress I got is. You will see Saudi Arabia address format like below;

Current Address: العنوان الوطني

4513 Uthman Ibn Affan – Al Khalidiyah Dist.

AL QURAYYAT 77451 – 7042 

Where 77451 – 7042 is the Zip Code or Postal Codes of my location. You can read more about Zip Codes in KSA

how to register Saudi national address

Step – 5: Next, you need to enter the Personal information as shown in the below picture. In personal information are Iqama/National ID, Saudi/Non-Saudi, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Email and sex type. You Iqama should be valid to complete the process. Check here Saudi Iqama Validity Check & you are not on Huroof also. You can Check Huroof Status

building and flat number in saudi national address Step – 6: In Residency Information, you are required, type of residency like Owned or Rented, Apartment number that is like room number as in my case I was residing in Room number – 6.

Step – 7: Once filled all, click on ‘Next’

Step – 8: You will receive an SMS code at your mobile, Enter it.

Step – 9: After success, you will again be prompted to your information, Review it & click ‘Register’

Step – 10: You will see a thank you message;

Thank you, Your National Address registered successfully, Your Registration will be activated within 24 hours.

Step – 11: Copy or Print the address and keep it safe.

Also, you must have a valid National Address to get services like Car Insurance, Credit Card & of course Bank Accounts. Following extract is quoted by government authorized website;

Follow these steps to register your national address using your national identity. Please ensure that the data entered is correct, so that you can benefit from your national address while using it in other government departments.

You can watch this video if you are still unable to register yourself;

How to Update Address in Banks

SABB Bank Update

Most of the banks now offering this facility that you can update the national address without or visiting their branches like we see an example of SABB bank.

After your Iqama renewal, normally we have to visit them. If so first go to your national address and update this time. It will be done easily if you have already. You can edit if you think so or re-located.

Now download the app

Step – 1: Log on in it

Step – 2: Now, select ‘Services’ and choose ‘Update Addresses’ & hit “Update National Address“.

Step – 3: Fill it as per your National Address

Step – 4: Review & click ‘Confirm’.Step – 5: All done!

You can also do it by calling the bank 920007222.

NCB National Commercial Bank Update

The National Address update NCB is also the same as we see but I will explain it bit more;

To update the National Address through AlAhliMobile follow the below steps;

Step – 1: Log on in it

Step – 2: Go to ‘Setting’

Step – 3: Click ‘My Information’

Step – 4: Now, Click on ‘Contact Settings’

Step – 5: Click ‘National Address’

Step – 6: Now, Enter National Address’

Step – 7: All done!

The same procedure is applicable to all banks nowadays. You need not visit any just download the application.

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