Qatar Airways Economy Class Review: Food, Seats and More

Qatar Airways is a state-owned airline of Qatar. It serves over 172 destinations all over the world. Qatar Airways Economy Class had been named the best airline service.

Qatar Airways has three class cabins: First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class.

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The Economy Class cabin is the cheapest, most reasonable, and affordable for an average person.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Seats

Qatar Airways Economy Class Seats

The seats of Economy Class are quite comfortable and have a pitch of 31 to 34 inches as it varies with aircraft and 18.5 inches in width. Among the three pockets of the seatback, one contains headphones.

The seats have excellent cushioning, the legroom is considerable, but the headrests are not adjustable as they only move up and down.

The seats’ color varies from red to grey in every few rows, and even the seat belts have the Qatar Airways “Oryx” logo inscribed on them.

Along with the window seats, there are built compartments that provide large storage spaces. Passengers can place their laptops, cameras, and other personal items in these.

The seats have laptop power outlets and USB plugs. The overhead compartments have plenty of storage space for placing carry-on baggage in it.

New Economy Class seats are going to be introduced by Qatar Airways by 2024. These will include the following improvements:
Seat recline of 6 to 19 degrees.

The seat recline would have a semi-fixed back shell that will not infringe on the other person’s space.

  • A 13.3 inch 4K screen
  • Adjustable headrestsUSB-C power port
  • High-speed internet connectivity
  • tray tables
  • 16.9-inch width of seats
  • 32-inch of seat pitch
  • 10.6-inch IFE screens on each seat
  • 3-3-3 seat layout of the Economy Class cabin.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Food

Qatar Airways Economy Class Food

Qatar Airways Catering Company prepares in-flight food. For special food preferences, you have to inform the airline 24 hours before boarding. The economy Class offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also mid-flight snacks.

Breakfast includes scrambled eggs, hash browns, and yogurt.

The meals include a choice of chicken or beef with rice. You can also have vegetarian food as well.

Mid-flight snacks have a sandwich, fruit salad, and puddings. The beverages offered are soft drinks, alcohol, tea, and coffee.

The Economy Class of Qatar Airways has free and complimentary red and white wine for passengers. These wines are:

  • Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur
  • Johnnie Walker Red Label Whiskey
  • Beefeater Gin
  • Smirnoff Red Vodka
  • Camus VSOP Elegance Cognac

The food is delivered on trays with metal cutlery.

The announced future improvements of Qatar Airways Economy Class include the in-flight dining being branded “Cuisine.”

The Cuisine will increase meal portions of:

  • Appetizers by 20%
  • Main course by 25%
  • Desserts by 50%

There will be more meal choices, and the food trays will be biodegradable.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Facilities

Qatar Airways Economy Class Facilities

Blankets and pillows are provided on demand to the passengers. Just before takeoff, refreshing towels are handed to each passenger.

The lavatory is furnished with hand wash, moisturizer, and mouthwash. It is kept sterile and clean for all times use. There are tissues, hand towels, and disposable cups for mouthwash present in the bathroom.

Mood lighting of the pink tone is turned on while passengers are sleeping or resting.

An amenity kit given to passengers holds a lip balm, an eye mask, and a pair of socks. Toothpaste, toothbrush, and a couple of earplugs are also included in the amenity pouch.

Free Wi-Fi is available for an hour, but a charge of 5 dollars has to be paid for another hour. Passengers can have an internet connection for the entire flight length by paying a price of 20 dollars.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Entertainment

Qatar Airways Economy Class Entertainment

Oryx One is the name of the in-flight entertainment system of Qatar Airways.

The in-flight entertainment system comprises a good selection of movies, TV shows, sports, and video content of more than 4,000 hours.

Attached to this screen is a remote control, which is a touch screen.

Duty-free products are also available on the IFE system, which can be purchased online.

Qatar Airways Group has announced that the new Economy Class cabins will have a bigger IFE screen and more content.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Baggage

For checked-in luggage, two pieces are allowed. Each part of the suitcase should not be more than 50 lbs or 23 kg.

The carry-on weight of baggage allowed is 15 lbs(7 kg). A small commodity like a purse is permitted with this.

The maximum dimensions of each piece allowed are 158cm or 62 inches.

Qatar Airways Business Class Fare

Qatar Airways Business Class Fare

Flight destination, length, and distance determine the flight fare of Economy Class of Qatar Airways. The estimated flight toll is up to 400-600 dollars.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Wrapping Up

On the whole, the seats do not have a reclining option but are well-padded and comfortable. There is abundant legroom, and the overhead bins can hold a hefty amount of baggage. The crew members are attentive, polite, and more focused on serving the passengers. The interior of the Economy Class cabin of Qatar Airways is sleek, smart, and modern.

Qatar Airways Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is it your first time traveling with Qatar Airways and having many questions about the seating plan, ticket confirmation, and baggage allowance?

Don’t worry; we have assembled a list of the most asked questions of Qatar Airways for your help!

How to change a seat on Qatar Airways?

To change your seat in Qatar Airways, log in at Manage Booking at by adding your reference number/Privilege Club number and your last name. From the “Manage Flight” card, you can click on the “Modify Seat Selection” to change your seat.

How much is excess baggage allowed on Qatar Airways?

Excess baggage allowed on Qatar Airways is up to three to four pieces, with additional charges payable on extra kilos per piece. A maximum of 32kg of weight per baggage piece is allowed.

How to check ticket confirmation with Qatar Airways?

To check ticket confirmation with Qatar Airways, you can log in to Manage Booking and view your details on the “My Trips” panel. You will also receive an email notification for ticket confirmation with Qatar Airways.

How to check your seat on Qatar Airways?

You can check your seat in Qatar Airways, viewing the flight’s seating plan through the “Manage Booking” service.

How to change flights on Qatar Airways?

You can change flights on Qatar Airways by the “Manage Flight” menu. Here you can click on “Change Flight Dates” or “Change Flights” to make the desired changes. The changes to a flight can only be made three hours before the flight departure time.

Click the link below to Manage Booking (you will require PNR/ticket number/Privilege Club number and passenger’s last name)

How to book a seat on Qatar Airways?

You can book your seat on Qatar Airways during the booking process or by the “Modify Seat Selection” service available on the site.

How to reschedule a flight ticket on Qatar Airways?

You can reschedule a flight ticket on Qatar Airways online by the “Modify Flights” service. Otherwise, you have to visit the nearest ticket office of Qatar Airways. Rescheduling fees may apply to any change.

How to check the e-ticket of Qatar Airways?

To check the e-ticket of Qatar Airways, you can log in to the Manage Booking service of Qatar Airways. For this, you will have to add your ticket number/PNR/Privilege Club number and your last name.

Or you can call the call centers of Qatar Airways for e-ticket confirmation.
You will also receive an email notification regarding your e-ticket details and print it for your convenience.

How can I select my seat on Qatar Airways?

You can select your seat in Qatar Airways by checking in online 90 minutes before the flight departure time. You can view the flight’s seating chart and select your seat through the “Manage Flight” menu.

Only selected seats are available to choose from and change. Otherwise, seats are allocated on Qatar Airways.

How to book extra baggage on Qatar Airways?

To book extra baggage on Qatar Airways from the local offices of Qatar Airways and call centers.

Extra baggage can be booked up to three hours before departure time from the airport or the official website, i.e.,

You can log in at the Manage Booking tab of the site and after procuring your booking, click on the “Purchase Excess Baggage” icon to book and pay for the excess baggage.

What is Qatar Airways’ baggage allowance?

Qatar Airways baggage allowance for Business and First Class is 32kg (70lbs) of each piece where two pieces of luggage are allowed.

The checked-in baggage weight of a single allowed piece of luggage is 23kg (50lbs) for Economy Class.

Of hand baggage, there are two pieces allowed in Business and First Class of 15kg. You can only carry one piece with you and a small commodity in Economy Class as cabin baggage with a weight of 7kg.

How to rebook a flight on Qatar Airways?

If you have missed or canceled your previous flight, you can rebook your flight on Qatar Airways through Qatar Airways’ online booking service or city offices.

How to change a ticket on Qatar Airways?

To change a ticket on Qatar Airways, you have to contact the ticket offices and the call centers of Qatar Airways. You can also change your ticket through the online Manage Booking service of Qatar Airways. Penalty fees may apply in case of a change of already booked ticket.


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