Kuwait Driving License

Kuwait is also an oil-rich country and around 70% of the population is comprised of expatriates. To drive your own car here in Kuwait is something special.

Kuwait’s driving license is the cheapest one to get in gulf like you can get it in only KD 25/-.

First of all, you need to answer these questions and answer must be a ‘Yes’ to get a driving license here in Kuwait;

  • You a University Degree (Attested from respective ministries)
  • You should have a minimum salary of 600 KD
  • You are staying in Kuwait for more than two years as a resident
  • Your age is above 21

Also, you can exempt 600 KD condition if your current job title is like a Doctor,  Engineer, accountant, & Mandoub, etc.

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If you fulfill the above conditions and then you are eligible for the driving license here in Kuwait.

Steps by Step | How to get a License

You need to follow the below easy steps to get a Kuwait license;

Documents Requirement

On obtaining the learners driving license, the applicant must go to the License Section in the Traffic Department of the governorate in which he or she lives. The documents to be submitted include:

  • Original and copies of Kuwait civil ID
  • Passport
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Translated native country Driving Licence – if any
  • Salary Slip attested letter by the company if employed
  • Photocopy of work permit/Letter of Employment from the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour
  • Eye & Blood Test report

Steps after Documents Submission

Step – 1:  Submit your file at Murror office. They will check and give you a slip for an eye test.

Step – 2: You will be directed to an eye clinic – a government-approved

Step – 3: Take that slip and come back to Murror, a fresh photo will be taken & then buy a 10 KD stamp.

Step – 4: Now, you will get an Istimara, it is a green paper and it is a temporary permit.

Step – 5: Join a training school by presenting that green paper, get trained.

Step – 6: You have one month to clear the exam.

Step – 7: Schedule an exam by paying 10 KD and crack it!

Actual Driving Test

It is based on both theory and practical. The theory test is all about signals, road indication, road safety, etc.

In the actual Driving Test, you should come to any test center like South Sura Kuwait on time and given to you when applied.

As you hold a green paper and you can take your company or ask any friend having a car for the test to clear the skill portion. Make sure your friend be with you while going to take a test. Otherwise, you may be in trouble as it is illegal here to drive another person’s car.

Clear the test and get the license.

If failed, pay the fee again and come after two days. Go on until you are successful.

It is not tough to get a driving license in Kuwait. Make sure to take your native countries license. It does not matter how older is your native country license. This matters when going for a UAE license.

Renewal of Driving License

Normally, you can get a driving license for 10 years if your age is below 50. Between 55-60, you can get 5 years valid license. But if you are above sixty then only 3 years validity.

Take these documents with you;

  • Expired License Kuwait
  • Civil ID Card Copy
  • Passport Copy (photo & visa page)
  • Valid Work Permit Copy
  • Company Letter
  • Your Fresh Photos

Take these documents and visit any traffic department in Jabriya or nearby. Submit there and let them process it for you.

You can also apply and get an E-Driving license. It can be collected from self-service machines.

Wrap Up

To get a Kuwait Driving License is pretty easy and less costly. But if you stuck then nobody can help. You have to be good at driving. Make sure to take your native country license wherever you go around as a resident.

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