How to Check Kafeel Name and ID

Most people are unaware that how they can the Kafeel name and ID to use it wherever is required. Whatever the reason you are looking for, I will go through the smooth ways to find it. You can find online via MOI, MOFA, MOL websites, or you can check offline methods like at your Passport visa, Iqama, or can ask HR, Mandoof, Embassy, Visa Agency, Jawazat, etc.

You can select any below procedure at your own preference & there is also a video guide at the end.

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Find Kafeel or Sponsor Name

There are  different ways to find your Sponsor or Kafeel name

  • Ministry of Interior Website
  • Check Visa Stamped at your Passport
  • Ask your HR/Admin guy or Kafeel
  • Ministry of Labour Website
  • Check Kafeel name on Iqama
  • Kafeel information at Visa Agency
  • Kafeel information at Jawazat
  • Kafeel information at Embassy
  • Kafeel information at MOFA

The 0nline methods are the visit of MOI & MOL website visit. I will explain these methods one by one with steps. You can follow along or skip to your preferred one.

Absher Account

This is the easiest and effective way to check a lot of information related to your Saudi Arabia stay.

Make sure Kafeel is an ab Arabica synonym of what we call a Sponsor in English.

For this, you must have your Abshar account and your registered mobile around to see the pin code.

Follow the below steps to find your sponsor name and ID.

Step – 1: Go to  New the official website here

Step – 2: Select “Individuals” & Enter Username and password to log in to Absher Account

Step – 3: Verify login via the SMS verification code.

Step – 4: From top Absher, menu click My Dashboard as you can see in below snipHuroon check through Absher Account. Go to Dashboard

Step – 5: The click more details on personal information as in the below picture; Go to more details at left side

Step – 6: In Personal Information, you will see the Sponsor name and ID is displayed there. You can see the below snips to understand more. This ID is a must to show for Driving License Renewal.New Method of Kafeel ID at Absher

Check Visa Stamped at your Passport

If you have the passport in your hands, you can easily see the Kafeel or Sponsor Iy. For this, find “سجل” Sajal. This is the Kafeel ID. But if you have taken any transfer, your sponsor ID will only be updated in online portals.

See the below picture for more details on it.

Passport Name and ID


Ask your HR/Admin guy or Kafeel.

You can go to your company’s human resource department or the Mandoob or go to the sponsor directly if you can find him around. Tell them the purposes, and they will let you know the ID number and exact complete Kafeel or Sponsor name.

Kafeel Transfer at MOL

If you are taking a transfer, you can easily see your new company’s updated name or kafeel at MOL. This is the best way to check iqama transfer or not yet.

Make sure to see the below snip to understand better!

You can go to an updated MOL site. Here, basically, you come across to check any transfer request ( طلب نقل خدمة للعامل), but you can check your sponsor name here in case you cannot find by any other methods I have explained earlier.

For this, you must have your Iqama number or Request طلب نقل خدمة للعامل number.

For this, you need not have your Abshar account and your registered mobile.

Follow the below steps to find your sponsor name and ID.

Step – 1: Go to the MOL official website that is MOL.

Step – 2: Make sure to go through the above link.

Step – 3: Then, find from dropdown نقل خدمة للعامل

Step – 4: Now check the box رقم إقامة العامل:

Step – 5: Enter the Iqama number.

Step – 7: Select the Iqama number if you don’t have the Request number.

Step – 8: Fill the Captcha and select Bahs.

Step – 9: Now, you will see the Kafeel Name at the end.

See the below snips for more information.

Kafeel Name at New MOL

Check Kafeel name on Iqama.

At the bottom right corner of your Iqama front page is the name & ID of your kafeel.

See the below image for further clarification.

Picture of a Saudi Iqama

Kafeel information at Visa Agency

Before traveling for work to KSA, you can ask about the Name, ID, and even phone number of your kafeel/sponsor. They are obliged to give this information to you.

Kafeel information at Jawazat

You can get the required information about your kafeel/sponsor at Jawazat.

Kafeel information at Embassy

You can get the required information about your kafeel/sponsor from your Embassy in any case.

Kafeel ID at MOFA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also known as MOFA, is normally visited by expatriates looking for their family visas. But you can use it to find your sponsor’s name and ID number. Also, it will tell you the meanings of your profession, nationality, complete name, and your date of birth—Check-in in case of any discrepancy.

Check Sponsor Name and ID

Follow the below steps to find out the name and ID of your sponsor;

Step – 1: Go to MOFA official website by clicking here MOFA

Step – 2: Make sure to change the language to English for your convenience.

Step – 3: Scroll down a little, and you will find a section called E-SERVICES; click it

Click on Services Section at MOL

Step – 4: In “All Services,” click on “Residents” and choose “Family Visit Request.”

Go to Resident Section at MOL

Step – 5: A new tab will open.

Step – 6: Now, scroll down to the bottom, and you will find “Start the Service” click it

Find Start of Services at the end at MOL site

Step – 7: Again, you will find two sections, “Individuals” & “Organization & Sectors.”

Step – 8: Click on the “Individuals”

Click on Individuals here

Step – 9: Select the Family Visit Visa Application for Residents under the “Residents” tab.

Select Family Visit Visa from Resident Section

Step – 10: Next, you need to agree to proceed forward after you agree with the terms and conditions.

Now you need to agree to go forward

Step – 11: Here, you need to enter your Iqama number and expiry date. You can find the Iqama expiry date by following this link. How to Check Iqama Expiry

Step – 12: Here, you will find the name and ID of your sponsor and your information as well.

You are done, note the name and ID, and quit the process!

If you don’t have an Iqama number yet, then you can find this by other means online & offline. Visit the below link to get that.

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Video Guide

Find Kafeel Name

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FAQ’s about Kafeel Name

Why you Find Kafeel Name & ID?

It would be best if you had it to check so many things while staying in Saudi Arabia, like

  • Exit Re-entry visa status
  • Medical Insurance expiry dates
  • Sponsor Name
  • If you have an ID, then you can find the Kafeel name.
  • While you are taking a transfer to the other kafeel, then you can check your status either transferred or not?
  • During applying for different services in Saudi Arabia, you need to fill in forms.

How can I find the new name of Kafeel after taking a transfer?

Yes, you can go to the Ministry of Interior’s new website, as explained. This way, you can check on which company you are in right now.

How do I know my Kafeel ID??

You can get that offline and online, as described above.

Who is a kafeel?

In Arabic, Kafeel or Kafil means Sponsor. He is the person sponsoring a company and other individual and ultimately have authorities as well.


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