Bahrain Traffic Violations

Traffic rules are getting strict everywhere. The main purpose is just to reduce the accidents not just to penalized the drivers. In Bahrain, there is a significant reduction in accidents nowadays. good news!

We will see that if you got traffic violation then how you can pay it. There are three methods in Bahrain to pay any of these fines;

  1. Online at Website
  2. eKiosks – Locations
  3.  Mobile Applications iOS, Android 
  4.  Service Location (General Directorate Of Traffic P.O Box 13 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain)

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Here in this article, we will see how we can pay it online through an official web portal.

Traffic Contraventions

To pay online you should have Bahrain eKey account at eGovernment Portal. Then follow the below steps;

Step – 1: First of all, visit

Step – 2: Change the language as per your preferences.

Step – 3: Click on the ‘Individuals’

Step – 4: Click on the ‘Traffic Services’

Step – 5: Now, scroll down and click on the ‘Payment of Traffic Contraventions’

Step – 6: Now, scroll down and click on the ‘Payment of Traffic Contraventions’

Step – 7: Now, scroll down and click on the ‘Vehicle Owner Details’

Traffic payment in Bahrain and owner details

Step – 8: Fill the details and ‘Submit’

Step – 9: Select the contravention(s) that you want to pay

Step – 10: Click on “Proceed with Payment” to continue.

Step – 11: You can pay through Credit Card, Debit card. Services fee if any applicable

Step – 12: Print the payment receipt if required

Final Words

Traffic violations are unavoidable but if you maintain a good track record as a driver then you will get a number of benefits. Pay your fines as soon as possible to avoid any penalty or it will get accumulated.

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