How to Renew Driving License

When I logged in randomly into my Absher Account and there I saw a notification that my driving license is expired and must need to renew. I did not receive any SMS that normally we receive one month before when Iqama is going to expire. Although, I did all within 10 days after expiry and no fine was imposed yet.

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Total charges are;

  • 105 SR – Hospital medical Fee
  • 80 SR – For two years renewal
  • 200 SR – For five years renewal
  • 400 SR – For ten years renewal

I paid 105 SR + 400 SR= 505 SR for ten years validity. I will explain below how I renewed it on the very next day.

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Methods to Renew License

There are basically two methods

  1. Driving License Renewal | Online
  2. Driving License Renewal | Offline

I followed the online method that I will explain here in details;

Steps for Online Renewal

There are mainly four steps to do not all online

  • Medical Certificate from an Accredited Hospital
  • Fee Payment Online
  • Renew from Absher
  • Collection from Traffic Police Office

Medical Certificate from an Accredited Hospital

Step – 1: First of all, I visited Alwarood (Olaya) hospital. There I paid SAR 105. Make sure to complete the medical from the same hospital as if you pay in one then you have to pay it again to another hospital as this is hospital fee only. You can check Hospital nearby here EFADA

Step – 2: They gave me a paper after fee payment to fill it. My bad it was in Arabic and I am not good at it. See below

Murror form for Driving License Renewal for Medical test

Step – 3: Hospital staff there is very cooperative and they did it for me. Thanks to them.

Step – 4: Major information is available on your Iqama & Driving License but you must have your sponsor ID, Your company name, fax number, etc. But the major one is the Sponsor or Kafeel ID number.

Step – 5: Once my test was done and they gave me the above paper and I came down to the counter. Here, they will upload on the online system (Sponsor ID this guy insisted me to tell him)

Step – 6: I received SMS stating from Efada like (عزيزي العميل: نود إبلاغكم أنه تم إرسال نتيجة التقرير الطبي رقم 15340801 بنجاح)

Medical Clearance Message from EFADA

This was all about the medical test for the renewal of the driving license.

Fee Payment Online

The next step was to pay my renewal fee. I used Alahli Online System (You can use any or even ATM)

Step – 1: I logged in to my Alahli internet banking account

Step – 2: Now, I went to Government Payment & Refund > Driving License as shown belowSign in to Bank and go to Driving License option

Step – 3: Here, I selected License Type Private (As I am using my Private Car), Duration I put 10 years ( You can select 2, 5 years option as well – the fee is less there)

Pay the fee for selected years

Step – 4: Confirm the Payment and that it. Your fee is uploaded in the Absher system within 15 minutes maximum. You can check MOI Iqama funds now

Renew from Absher

Once the above two processes are done successfully then you need to login to Absher Account 

Step – 1: Open MOI Absher by visiting this link MOI Absher

Login to MOI new website and you will see a fresh window

Step – 2: Log in at Absher by visiting this link MOI Absher

Click on to the services at MOI

Step – 3: Go to Traffic as in below snip

Click on Traffic at MOI

Step – 4: Click in Renew Driving License

Now click on Renew Driving License

Step – 5: Read the prerequisites before you click next. Like mainly eye tests and others, the hospital can judge by your physique appearance.

Click Next after reading all the requirementsStep – 6: Select the number of years like you to have options 2, 5 & 10 years. I choose 10.

Choose the number of years

Step – 7: Once you will click next, then below information will be displayedConfirm after see the information

Step – 8: Confirm & you can see a message ‘Your driving license has been renewed successfully’.

A reference number will be displayed along other information

Check License Status Online

Before heading to the next step make sure that it is updated in the system. follow the below procedure

Step – 1: Go to ‘Electronic Services’

Step – 2: Then to ‘Inquiries’

Step – 3: Click on  ‘Traffic’

Step – 4: Now at ‘Public Query Driving License’

All done successfully for driving license removal

Step – 5: You can also check the status of your driving license by DOB and Iqama number like in below snipNow check the expiry date

Collection from Traffic Police Office

After that, I went to Dallah school to collect it. Before this, I visited the Police station at Nasiriyah in Riyadh but they referred me to go to Dallah centre (Driving school). You need to collect your renewed license in a maximum of seven days or 100 SAR penalty will be imposed on you. Bring your old license to them and they will discard it.

Driving License Renewal | Offline

I have heard from others and personal experience as I used the above method and it went successful for me. Yes in offline you can go to DALLAH driving school with all the required documents and they will do the process. Everything on the same spot.

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Wrap Up

I hope this is quite easy for you now. if you need any help regarding online portals you can comment below or shoot me an email. I will try to respond asap.


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