Gulf Air Review

Gulf Airlines gives the best combination of comfort and luxury at affordable prices. It provides services to its customers to travel across Asia, Europe and Africa covering 28 countries having 50 destinations. The hub of this airline is the Bahrain International Airport with a fleet size of 37 including several kinds of Airbuses and Boeing 787-9.

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Gulf Air Business Class Review

Gulf Airlines Business Class is also called Falcon Gold customers. To Business Class customers, Gulf Air provides one of the best set of facilities mentioned below for a memorable experience.

review of gulf air

Gulf Air Business Class Food

For Falcon Gold customers special Chefs are on board to fulfill any requirements put forth by the customers. Over 100 chefs with experience in European, Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisine fly throughout the network to serve appetizers and then meals according to one’s liking. Food trays with exquisite cutlery and beautiful presentation make the food look more appealing giving a treat to your taste buds.

Beverages include both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic. Passengers are offered with a variety of beer, Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Wine. The same is the case for non-Alcoholic drinks which include Natural Mineral water, Fresh juices, Fizzy drinks, and various creative combinations.

Gulf Air Business Class Seat

Falcon Gold class will amaze you by the space and comfort.

Airbus A330 has 2 identical cabins with a total of 36 seats, forward face fully flat. The seats are distributed in 3 rows and each row having a pair of seats. In front of the seat lies a large television for entertainment and very clear and open legroom.

The new Boeing 787-9 introduced individual suites for passengers who put a lot of value in privacy and having a direct aisle contact. The in-flight chefs trained by top hotels are at your disposal.

Gulf Air Business Class Facilities

Business-class facilities are one of the best.

The variety of food and beverages and also the quality never ceases to amaze the customers and the top priority of customer’s comfort and safety is never compromised.

The Falcon Gold class lounge comprises various facilities like Quiet rooms, Prayer room, shower facility, internet access and Dining room for passengers who leave their flight free for rest or to work.

Other facilities within the plane may include a luxurious travel kit including all the items needed for a comfortable flight, Entertainment center with quite a vast collection of movies and programs, Study light, Adjustable seats. It is a perfect experience for you to pamper yourself with services before during and after the flight, for example, Fast track cards, etc.

Gulf Air Business Class Entertainment

To make flight more fun experience for the passengers Falcon put forth many options for the flat screen including the international blockbuster movies, kids section, etc.

The passengers are provided with premium quality headsets, many magazine options, and adjustable lighting appropriate to study or to rest.

Gulf Air Business Class Baggage Allowance

For falcon and business class, the maximum allowed baggage weight is 40 kg with 8 kg hand carry for laptop and other useful items.

There are different rates for excess baggage classified according to the excess weight and zone of the flight which is defined by the starting point and the destination of the flight.

Prepaid online Excess Baggage rates, It ranges from $100 to $210 for an extra 32 KG bag according to the zones. The rates for Gulf Air Offices increase the above range to $110 to $230. The rates further increase at the airport to $135 to $280. So if booked online you can get a good discount.

Gulf Air Economy Class Review

Gulf airlines handle each and every customer with the utmost care and provide affordable services.

Gulf Air Economy Class Food

The Special Meals facility is provided for all classes in Gulf Airlines which gives the customers the order 24 hours before the flight of any special requirements out of various options, for example, Diabetic food, Baby food, Vegan, etc.

Unlike some Middle Eastern airlines, Gulf Airlines provides both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages which include Vodka Absolut, White Wine Chardonnay, Carlsberg Beer, etc. In Non-alcoholic drinks, they serve Mineral water, juices, and fizzy drinks.

Gulf Air Economy Class Seat

Seats are classified in categories on the basis of pricing mentioned as follows:

  • Bulkhead and Exit Rows
  • Front Rows
  • Middle Rows
  • Tail Rows

Options are provided on a first come first get basis. The passengers can choose according to their affordability and comfort for legroom and eligibility.

To be seated on Exit Row, there are some special conditions, for example, the person should be physically fit and able to reach and operate the exit window and move out quickly, above 12 years of age, must not be carrying children or require a caretaker.

Seats can be changed on passenger’s requests before the flight and like most flight rules seat cannot be transferable with other passengers. Even after boarding the airplane the change of seats due to security or operational issues would be considered involuntary change and will not be entertained.

Cancellation of a booking or paid seat is nonrefundable.

Gulf Air Economy Class Facilities

The 33 inches pitch and 18 inches width give the passenger a comfortable room at an affordable price. The passengers are given access to USB ports and individual television screens.

The quality, quantity, and variety of food and beverages served during the flight classify it as one of the best in the Gulf region.

Gulf Air Economy Class Entertainment

Passengers are provided with a 9-inch touch screen television with a wide variety of movies and shows which are enough for a 6 to 7 hours flight. Selection mostly includes American movies and Middle Eastern shows.

Earphones are given as complimentary as well as some magazines on demand.

Gulf Air Economy Class Baggage Allowance

Gulf Airlines has a very generous luggage allowance, 30Kg, and 6 Kg hand carry bag with laptop and small items.

For excess baggage rates, Online baggage Rates range from $65 to $145  for 23 to 32 KG extra baggage and this range increase with the same rates as Business class rates $ 75 to $160 according to the zones. The Airport rates range from $90 to $190. If the excess baggage is booked online 24 hours before the flight you can get a good discount.

If the booked baggage does not increase as expected the payment will not be refunded.


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