Qatar Driving License

Qatar is a minority in its own country! Yes, you read it right as Qatries are only 15% of the total population.

This is the reason that rules are very strict to get a driving license as it has the versatility of many nations.

The government in Qatar has made it strict to obtain a driving license. Previously, the Western people including from Australia, UK, Europe were only appearing in eye tests to get the license.

Still, it is advisable to take your native country’s original driving license that will cut some fees and classes.

If you have your native country’s valid license then you can take half course that is 20 Practical classes. Otherwise, you need to take a full course that comprised of Theory Classes, Simulator Classes & 40 Practical classes.

You can also avail VIP or Platinum classes at a higher price if you can afford it.

Anyways, to get a Qatari license you need;

  • A Qatar Resident ID
  • You must be at least 18 years old to get a light vehicle license and 21 years for a heavy vehicle like Bus, Truck, etc.
  • To be medically Fit
  • To pass the driving test

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Eligibility Criteria

Yes, first of all, you must have a proper profession if you are applying for a normal Qatari driving license

If your Qatar ID profession is in this list then you are not eligible to get a driving license;

Labor, Helper, Mason, Electrician, Cleaner, Servent, Waiter, Office Boy, Carpenter, Welder, Painter, Tailor, Cooker, Tile Maker, etc.


if you fall in below then you are good to go;

Driver, Engineer, Doctor, Consultant, Salesman, Manager, Marketing Specialist, Technician, Business Executive, Officer, Supervisor, Foreman, etc.

Fee Structure

Following is the fee structure for a Qatari Driving License

Fee Structure for Qatar License - Light
DaysNumber of ChancesTraining FeeFirst TestSecond TestThird TestFourth Test
4043350 QR50 QR50 QR50 QR50 QR
2542800 QR50 QR50 QR250 QRN/A
1231950 QR50 QR250 QR250 QRN/A

Fee Structure for Qatar License - Heavy Trailer
DaysNumber of ChancesTraining FeeFirst TestSecond TestThird TestFourth Test
3043750 QR50 QR50 QR50 QR50 QR
1032550 QR50 QR550 QR550 QRN/A

Fee Structure for Qatar License - Heavy Bus
DaysNumber of ChancesTraining FeeFirst TestSecond TestThird TestFourth Test
3043350 QR50 QR50 QR50 QR50 QR
1032350 QR50 QR550 QR550 QRN/A

Fee Structure for Qatar License - Medium Truck
DaysNumber of ChancesTraining FeeFirst TestSecond TestThird TestFourth Test
3043500 QR50 QR50 QR50 QR50 QR
1032350 QR50 QR550 QR550 QRN/A

Fee Structure for Qatar License - Crane & Chain
DaysNumber of ChancesTraining FeeFirst TestSecond TestThird TestFourth Test
2543350 QR50 QR50 QR50 QR50 QR
1032350 QR50 QR550 QR550 QRN/A

Further to it, if you are eligible for a direct road test then you have 2 chances and each test will cost you 280/- QR for the light driving test. Same for the heavy you have to 580/- QR and you need to clear in 2 attempts maximum.

Steps for Qatari Driving License

There are mainly three steps to a Qatari License;

Step – 1: Enrolling in a Driving License School

Step – 2: Theory Classes & Test

Step – 3: Practical Classes & Test

Video Guide

Choosing a Driving School

There is plenty of school in Doha and almost each one charges the same fees. You can select any as per your convenience as you have to go to attend classes.

Following are the preferred;

  • Al Khebra Driving Academy (Abu Hamour) – Call: 40324444
  • Dallah Driving Academy (Industrial Area) – Call: 44871423
  • Gulf Driving School (Al Thumama) – Call: 44652666
  • United Driving School (Abu Hamour) – Call: 44681003

Choose a school and then go there with the following documents;

  • Copy of your Qatar ID, and your sponsor’s ID in case you are on family visa
  • NOC / Metrash confirmation screenshot
  • Copy of your company’s computer ID if you are company-sponsored
  • Eye test, (some schools have their own eye test area)
  • 3 Fresh Photos

Ladies can go to the ladies’ section and get this done easily. You can also ask for a lady instructor.

Once enrolled, you will get a Driving Guide/ CD and your learning license process is started also.

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Theory Classes & Test

Here, in theory, classes you will be watching videos on driving guidelines line road signals, vehicle maintenance or inspection, different signs, road marking traffic rules and ethics especially at intersections a roundabout.

In the simulator, you will be trained to control a vehicle before jumping into practical classes. It consists of;

  • Moving & Stopping
  • Steering Techniques
  • Vehicle Control
  • Driving at Curve
  • Driving at Intersections
  • Roundabout

A simulator is nothing but just a demo of actual driving like in below snip….

Qatar Driving School Simulator
Qatar Driving School Simulator

Now, you can schedule your theory test. Don’t worry it is just the same as you were practicing earlier in theory classes just identification of road signs. Really easy!

You need to mark 18 answers correct out of 20.

Learning License

Once you enroll for a theory class, they will start processing your learning License. Soon as you will clear the theory part, you will have it. This learning license is valid for 3 months that means you have to clear all steps in this period.

Without a valid learning license, you cannot enter in the driving area in the school to get classes for L & P parking.

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Practical Classes & Road Test

Once you clear the theory test and you will be handed over a learning driving card.

In practical classes, you will be instructed on one by one. You are allowed to drive in the vicinity of driving school.

Your instructor will prepare you for L – parking (perpendicular parking) and P – parking (pocket or parallel parking) tests, you should successfully park your car without hitting any of the white marking’s lines and surrounding poles.

It is automated and you can try as many times until you do it successfully.

Finally, is the time for a road test. A police officer will sit and evaluate your skills. You will drive 5-8 minutes in the vicinity of the school.

If you successfully managed to satisfy him them you are passed and can claim your license immediately. If not then you have another chance.

Tips & Tricks

The following are a few tips and tricks to pass the Road test. As I said earlier that your success and failure is dependent on the police officer’s evaluation only as it is not automated like the parking test.

  • Appearance – Dress well & put perfume. Avoid nervousness at any cost
  • Greeting – Once you enter then don’t forget to greet the office
  • Adjustment – Make sure to adjust the seat even it is OK to you.
  • Seat Belt – Wear the seat belt or else he will fail you at the spot – Never forget
  • Mirrors – Adjust the mirrors
  • Road Sign – Follow the road signs when you hit the road

This time you are responsible for all the road guidelines to follow. Your attitude is like an experienced driver not just follow him blindly or wait for his instructions.

Types of Driving Licenses

As you may aware that there is tourist, consultants, etc. that don’t need a permanent Qatar driving license and hence Qatari government has made a few categories on the driving license.

  • License valid for a week:
  • License valid for 3 months
  • International driving license for 6 months:
  • Qatar Driving License

Depends on your needs you can get any of these.

How to Renew Qatari License

This is pretty simple as you can do it electronically or by the Matras 2 application. Make sure to renew it before expiry or you will be in trouble if you get caught with an expired license.

FAQ’s About Qatari Driving License

Who is exempt from Road Driving Test?

As I said almost everyone should hit for road test but still diplomats and military drivers can get without appearing in any test.

How much is the driving license fee in Qatar?

Qatari nationals can claim for QR 500 and is valid for 10 years while expats can get for QR 250 and is valid for 5 years. This excludes the fee of learning and eye test etc.

How to apply if disabled?

Yes, just show the report of medical disability. If accepted then you will be granted a license after mandatory tests.

What are the steps in getting a driving license?

As I mentioned above you need to pass theory and road tests to get a Qatari driving license.

Is it hard to get a driving license in Qatar?

No, not at all as they will train you properly.

What is the total cost involved to get a Qatari driving License?

Let see the below breakdown;

1. Eye Test – QR 30/-

2. 40 days classes – around QR 2300 (Depends on your school may vary a little)

3. Test Fees – QR 50 for each test

4. Government Driving License Fee – QR 250/- for five years

This breakdown is for an expatriate living in Qatar and applying for a regular driving license.

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