Cheap Flights to Pakistan from Gulf Countries

Gulf countries include Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, and Bahrain.

They facilitate Pakistan by providing cheap flights because we have a solid and friendly relationship with all gulf countries. Not only do they respect Pakistan, but also Pakistan respects them.

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There are many cheap flights; for example, from Dubai to Pakistan, the flights’ prices are only Rs 36,852, which is very cheap, and from Jeddah to Pakistan, it costs only 49,000 rupees.

From Riyadh to Pakistan, it’s only 52,000 rupees, and from Oman to Pakistan, it costs 35,759 rupees.

From Kuwait to Pakistan, it’s 36,228 rupees, and From Iraq to Pakistan, it is 56,000 rupees. These prices are low because of good relationships with these gulf countries.

Cheap Flight to Islamabad

Flights to Islamabad from Saudi Arabia

Islamabad is the federal capital of Pakistan. So they deal with mostly foreign affairs. This is a highly focused city. From Dubai to Pakistan, the flight rates are meagre, which is only 52,155 rupees.

Some services are offering some packages like a tour of some days. UAE offers only rupees 40,000 rupees, which is very cheap. From Jeddah to Islamabad, it is only in rupees 65,000 rupees. They also provided good facilities for the passengers.

It is only 56,300 rupees; it is a very safe and comfortable journey. Muscat is the city of Oman, and the rates of flight are only 48,500 rupees. The rates are the same from Kuwait to Islamabad and from Muscat to Islamabad (only 48,500 rupees).

From Bahrain to Islamabad, it is only 56,000 rupees. These flights are very comfortable, convenient, safe as well as fast. All the passengers give very positive feedback. Travelling with these flights has reduced the time to only a few hours.

Cheap Flights to Peshawar

Cheap Flights to Peshawar from KSA

Peshawar is highly considered in KPK. So, the main flights that fly to KPK reach this city. Last-minute flights that travel to Peshawar cost Rs.48 876 rupees.

From Bahrain, it costs only Rs. 51,010 rupees and any time it will cost the same that will make passengers more comfortable that they don’t need to pay extra money for some emergency time such as last minute flights.

From Sharjah, the flight costs Rs. 47,939 rupees and 52,780 rupees but relatively high for some timings, and cost may increase to 63,867 rupees. That isn’t easy to afford for some people.

Flights from UAE provide passengers with many amenities by providing refreshing drinks, meals, fruits, and what they want. It allows only 30kg packages.

But from Bahrain, passengers complain about discomfort because seats are not capacious, and service is sometimes slow. It also provides fast and easy bookings.

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Cheap Flight to Karachi

Cheap Flights to Karachi from Gulf

In Sindh, Karachi is mainly focused. Karachi is the provisional capital. All gulf countries provide good facilities for Karachi flights.

The flights from Dubai to Karachi cost only 36,852 rupees, which is cheaper than Islamabad.

One more service from UAE is only for 29,424 rupees. From Jeddah to Karachi, the rates of flights are 50,000 rupees. From Riyadh to Karachi, it costs 52,000 rupees, which is very low as they provide good facilities for all passengers.

From Muscat to Karachi, it is only 46,000 rupees. They give excellent facilities for passengers, especially for families. From Kuwait to Karachi, it cost only 43,800 rupees. The timing of the flights is perfect. They are very punctual and are always on time.

It is only for 51,500 rupees from Bahrain to Karachi, and it is cheaper than Islamabad and Lahore, but some passengers still complain about their packages and facilities.

Cheap Flight to Lahore

Cheap Flights to Lahore

Lahore is the provisional capital. It is the capital of Punjab. Punjab is the biggest province of Pakistan. The last-minute flight from Dubai to Lahore costs only 53,092 rupees. 7 days round trip from Pakistan to UAE is only for 34,000.

The flight from Jeddah to Lahore cost only 59,000 rupees. From Riyadh to Lahore, it is only for 55,000 rupees. From Muscat to Lahore, the charges are 40,600 rupees, and their facilities are also very awesome.

From Kuwait to Lahore, the cost is only 51,000 rupees. They are very punctual, so people love to travel with them, and the flight seats are very comfortable.

From Bahrain to Lahore, the flight charges are 69,059, but they are not so punctual as the Kuwait flights.

There are some weekend flights. They also have special offers like 30% off or 40%off on a special occasion. Sometimes, they offer 70% off. It is very suitable for big families who want to go to their loved ones at special events.

Tickets to Pakistan

Cheap Flights to Pakistan

Gulf countries also offering very low price tickets to Pakistani passengers.

Gulf Air provides a new adventure. They fly to Faisalabad, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Peshawar, and Sialkot with low-cost tickets that help many passengers to travel comfortably. They also give many amazing packages that promote their tourism. New ticket packages now provide hotel facilities, amazing flights, and car deals. Booking of tickets is now online, which enhances efficiency.

Cheap Tickets For Hajj/Umrah

Cheap Tickets for Hajj 2020

The price of tickets for Umrah in other countries except Gulf countries is 5000 dollars. From Pakistan, the prices of tickets for the economy class are Rs. 65000 to 150,000, and for business or VIP class, it ranges from Rs. 80,000 to 200,000.

But Gulf countries provide cheap tickets. Chahal Travels is giving Umrah package with a tour to Dubai. For 9 nights per person, charges are 35,500 rupees. For 13 nights, it costs 41,000 rupees per person. This is included in economy class. It is the cheapest and suits many people because they can visit Dubai along with performing Umrah.

For Hajj, a new 40 days package is introduced, which costs 68000 rupees per person, which is the cheapest of all the packages.


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