Emirates Airlines Economy Class Review: Food, Seats and More

Emirates Airlines is the largest Middle East airline. It is primarily structured in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has a destination service in up to 150 cities across six continents.

The central airport of Emirates Airlines is Dubai International Airport.

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The Emirates SkyCargo upholds the freight service.

Among the three-class cabins of Emirates Airlines, the Economy class is the cheapest and most affordable for an average person.

The Economy Class is further divided into Flex, Saver, and Special.

Emirates Airlines Economy Class Review

Emirates Airlines Economy Class Food

Savor the freshest ingredients in every Economy Class meal on board

Emirates Flight Catering makes all the in-flight food. Halal dietary procedures are followed in the preparation of the food. Instead of plastic disposable utensils, metal cutlery is arranged alongside meals.

Small snack boxes are given with meals. These snack boxes are to be used after the meals for the rest of the journey.

Food is served on trays. Emirates Airlines has a free alcohol service and a wide preference for juices.

For Breakfast, egg and cheese omelette, seasonal fruits, and croissants are provided. Tea and coffee are offered.

A choice of chicken, lamb, or beef, and all vegetarian meals are provided. Rice, salad, and beans are served as part of the meals.

Apple cake and vanilla ice make up the dessert portion of the meal.

At times a mid-flight pizza service is available for the passengers.

Before departure, water, juice, and pretzels are given.

A choice of one French and one Spanish wine is offered.

Emirates Airlines Economy Class Seats

The seats are in a 3-4-3 arrangement of ten seats across in the Economy Class cabin on Emirates Airlines. These narrower seats have standard width. About 19 inches expansive from armrest to armrest.

The seat pitch differs from aircraft to aircraft. Airbus planes have 31-31 inch (79-81 cm) pitch, Boeing fleet has 34 inches (86 cm) except Boeing 777 aircraft.


These seats have considerable legroom and flexible headrests. Additional recline feature of these seats contributes to the comfort of the passengers for sleeping and relaxation.

The seatbacks have an electrical cord of 110 watts and a USB charger port. The window seats have a single USB port, whereas the middle seats have two ports.

The in-seats have a laptop power outlet and recharging ports.

The windows have faux wood trimmings, which corresponds to Emirates colours. The interior of the Economy Class cabins is quite modern and contemporary.

Emirates Airlines Economy Class Facilities

Stay connected with various rates and packages available on the OnAir Wi-Fi login page

A flight instruction menu is given to every passenger upon seating. A pillow and a blanket are placed on every seat. Each person is equipped with noise-cancelling headphones.

The amenity kit of the Economy class of Emirates have the following commodities:

  • Socks
  • Eyeshades
  • Earplugs
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste

The items in this pouch are for only one-time use and are disposable.

In-flight entertainment systems are attached at the back of the seat. Emirates Airlines have the largest IFE screens in Economy Class as compared to all other airlines.

A flight map and flight details entailing destination arrival time are displayed on the ICE screens.

There are adequate overhead compartments with sufficient storage spaces for placing hand baggage.

The Emirates charges 15.99 dollars for 500MB of additional Wi-Fi while providing free internet of 20MB for messaging or checking emails.

Hot towels are given at takeoff and before landing to every passenger.

With headphones, notification stickers are also given. These inform the flight crew regarding sleep inclination.

Economy class cabins have starry mood lighting. Shimmering light stars shine on the ceiling, which changes colours from pink and aqua.

The lavatory has toned wooden cupboards. It is equipped with a dryer, hand wash, and face wash for passengers’ assistance.

Emirates Airlines Economy Class Entertainment

From Hollywood flicks to Disney classics—our award-winning ice inflight entertainment has something for the whole family


The in-flight entertainment system (IFE) of Emirates Airlines is called ICE. ICE stands for Information, Communication, and Entertainment. ICE system includes up to 1900 to 2500 channels. These contain a safety video that is played before takeoff.

Commuters can watch movies and TV shows of varied genres. Business, sports, and religious videos can similarly be viewed on it. Games and animated content is also available for children.

The ICE screens show the aircraft’s outside videos through the cameras at the tail end and sides of the aeroplane.

Emirates Airlines Economy Class Baggage

The allowed weight of checked-in baggage is 23kg of one in Special, 23kg of two pieces in Saver and Flex. The assigned dimensions of a single piece of luggage are 59 inches (150 cm).

The maximum dimensions permitted are up to 118 inches(300 cm) after submitting an additional fee.

The baggage pieces having dimensions more than 300 cm (118 inches) will be sent by freight or cargo.

The allowance for carry-on baggage is one piece of 7kg (15 lb). This should not exceed 22 x 15 × 8 inches (55 x 38 x 20cm) in dimensions.

However, passengers can carry up to 10 kg for the Brazil flights with them as carry-on luggage.

Emirates Airlines Economy Class Fare

The fare of Economy Class of Emirates Airlines relies on the flight duration and destination. The overall fare varies a lot from region to region — the average one-way flight costs around 180 to 200 dollars.

The expense of a round trip is estimated to be between 400 and 600 dollars.

Emirates Airlines Economy Class Wrapping Up

The Economic Class of Emirates Airlines is reasonable and can be afforded by an average person. The flight attendants are quite hospitable and cautious of their duties.

The seats are comfy but feel constrained and restricted when travelling for long distances.

The IFE system delivers vast content in many languages for passengers from diverse backgrounds to enjoy their journey.

The food served is fresh and made 24 hours before the flight takeoff. For flights to and from different countries, food is prepared according to their taste and cuisine.

Overall, the Economic Class of Emirates Airlines is quite comfortable and convenient to travel to save on money.

Emirates Airlines | FAQ’s

Planning a trip to or from UAE and have booked with Emirates Airlines? But have questions following Emirates guidelines of seat selection, booking details, and baggage issues?

We have compiled a list of the most asked questions for your assistance!

Q1. How to change a seat in Emirate Airlines

You can change your seat in Emirate Airlines through the seat selection tool by Manage Your Booking service on the Emirates App. Charges may apply for any change in seats. You can change your seat until the check-in time.

Q2. How much is excess baggage allowed on Emirates Airlines?

You can purchase three pieces of excess baggage on Emirates Airlines with up to 23kgs (50lbs) in Economy Class and 32kg (70lbs) in Business and First Class. You can save up to 50% of excess baggage charges according to the airport rates when booking online.

Q3. How to check ticket confirmation on Emirates Airlines?

An email will be sent to you after you have successfully booked your ticket. To check ticket confirmation in Emirates Airlines, you can check this email regarding personal, flight, payment, and booking reference details.

Q4. How to check your seat on Emirates Airlines?

To check your seat in Emirates Airlines, you can log in at the Manage Your Booking service of Emirates with your last name and booking reference to view and check your flight seat map.

Q5. How to change flights on Emirates Airlines?

If you have booked your flight through an agent, your agent should make flight changes on Emirates Airlines.

Q6. How to book a seat on Emirates Airlines?

After scheduling your flight, you can book your seat via Manage Your Booking service on the Emirates App. You can reserve your seat through the seat selection tool on the app.

Q7. How to reschedule a flight ticket on Emirates Airlines?

You can reschedule your flight to Emirates by visiting Emirates Contact Centre or through the Manage Your Booking service on their website.

Q8. How to check the e-ticket of Emirates Airlines?

After booking and paying for the flight fare, you will receive an email regarding the flight details and booking reference.

You can check your Emirates Airlines ticket on the Manage Your Booking service by logging in your last name and booking reference. You can also print your e-ticket for your convenience.

Q10. How can I select my seat on Emirates Airlines?

You can select your seat in Emirates Airlines after booking your flight emirates’ App’s seat selection service.

Q11. How to book extra baggage on Emirates Airlines?

To book extra baggage on Emirates Airlines, you can log in at the Manage Your Booking service of Emirates by adding your last name and booking reference number. There you can specify the weight and luggage items of the extra baggage.

You also have to pay additional charges for extra baggage. Your extra baggage will be transported by freight or cargo service of Emirates.

Q13. What is Emirates Airlines’ baggage allowance?

You can take 7 kilos of carry-on baggage weight in the Economy, Business, and First Class of Emirates Airlines. One piece in Economy and two pieces of hand baggage in Business and First Class is permitted.

The checked-in baggage allowance for Economy Class is one piece of 23kgs in Special and two pieces in Saver and Flex.

For Business and First Class, the checked-in baggage allowance is up to 32kg to 40kg, depending on the flight destination.

Q14. How to rebook a flight on Emirates Airlines?

You can rebook your flight by visiting their office, Emirates Contact Centre, or reaching out to them on Emirates’ official website.

Q15. How to change a ticket on Emirates Airlines?

To change an Emirates Airlines ticket, you can make changes through Emirates Contact Centre or online through their official website. Your travel agent will make the ticket change if you have booked through a travel agent.

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