Emirates Airlines Business Class Review: Food, Seats and More

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, establish Emirates Airlines. Its centre is the Dubai International Airport. It administers over 3,600 flights each week. It operates in over 80 countries.

Emirates Airlines is the largest in the Middle East. These airlines have 3 class cabins comprising of Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class.

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Emirates Airlines offers two business classes:

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Emirates Airlines Business Class Seats


For the business class cabin of aeroplanes in Emirates Airlines, the seat arrangement is of 1-2-1 layout. There are overall 76 seats with 58 seats in the front cabin and 18 seats in the rear cabin of the business class planes of Emirates Airlines.

Each seat has a direct aisle passage.

These seats are comfortable, neat, and operative.

The window seats offer comparatively more privacy as compared to the middle aisle seats.


The seats extend to a 48-inch (122cm) pitch and 18.5-inch (47cm) width. These seats can lie flat as a bed for resting, up to 70-inch (178cm) to 79-inch by clicking on a button.
The legroom is substantial. These seats have generous and satisfactory padded headrests and footrests.

Each seat is equipped with a pillow and a blanket for convenience.

Business-class Emirate seats having walnut and gold fringes contain seat controllers that are utilized by touch.
Power outlets of 110v, two USB portals, and a headphones duct are attached to the seats.

A storage locker is present with a convenient storage bin where the passengers can place their long haul carry items.

Besides the entertainment console, there are also hand controls attached to the seat for easy use. A personal air conditioning vent is present, along with individual air nozzles.

Emirates Airlines Business Class Food

Emirates Flight Catering prepares emirates business class food. This faculty provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack services. All the meals are readied 24 hours before the flight. A complimentary Valrhona chocolate is given to all the passengers.

Before takeoff, wine/champagne is served.

For Breakfast, bread with jam, butter, yoghurt, seasonal fruits, French toast, and the omelette is offered.

For Lunch, the passengers can choose between the Traditional Arabic Mezze, beef tenderloin, smoked salmon, or grilled cod.

A variety of cheese along with cake slices and chocolates are served as desserts.

Light snacks between meals consist of salad, pasta, or sandwich options.

Silverware is used instead of disposable cutlery, and tablecloths are placed on tray tables.

Hot and cold beverages are served alongside meals. A separate wine menu is presented to the passengers beside the meal menu.

Emirates Airlines Business Class FacilitiesThere is a small minibar at the rear of the seat, which contains orange juice, sparkling water, and sodas. To get a beverage, a metal shield device is needed to be lifted. This minibar is, however, un-refrigerated.

An amenity kit is given to every passenger. This kit has a Bvlgari logo, and this luxury kit comprises the following commodities:

  • Colgate toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Shaving cream
  • Eye masks
  • Socks
  • Gillette razor
  • Body lotion
  • Aftershave balm
  • Cologne by Bvlgari
  • Comb
  • Tissues
  • Deodorant

Warm towels are provided to the passengers upon departure and before breakfast time.

The windows of the business class have automatic shades for the comfort of the commuters.

For the assistance of the travellers, there are four bathrooms which are precisely behind the bar.

Each lavatory holds several hand lotions and face wash, combs, cloth towels. There is also perfume and cologne by Bvlgari in the restrooms.

Mood lighting of a purple tone is rendered for the commuters to rest or sleep comfortably.

A tray table extends from under the seat console. This can be used for placing food, magazines, or other items on it. Noise-cancelling headphones are facilitated to each passenger during the flight.

The in-flight screen displays the flight map, flight timings, and guidance regarding flight safety.

Emirates Airlines Business Class Entertainment


For the amusement of the passengers in business class, a selection of magazines and journals are provided. This system contains virtually over 3,500 channels of the latest movies and TV shows of various genres.

The in-flight entertainment system of Emirates Airlines is called ICE, which stands for Information, Communication, and Entertainment.

1000 audio channels and 100 video games are also available on the ICE.

ICE features practically 40 languages for the ease of the passengers. You can also make use of Bluetooth audio and personal video playback features of the ICE.

The Business class of Emirates Airlines furnishes with free Wi-Fi of 10MB, which can be usually utilized to text WhatsApp messages. For every extra 500MBs, a dollar is to be paid.

There is a bar for passengers to have occasional drinks and snacks. They can sit on 2 bar benches and interact with each other.

The flight attendants provide special toys to children, such as soft toys, doodling screens, activity books, and extra duvets.

Emirates Airlines Business Class Baggage

The carry-on allowance of baggage for Business class is 7kg each of two pieces allowed.

While the allowed weight of checked-in baggage is 32kg or 40kg, depending upon your flight destination.

The overall dimensions of each piece must not exceed 59 inches (150cm). Otherwise, an additional fee would be charged for baggage having dimensions up to 118 inches (300cm). This would be transported by cargo or freight.

Emirates Airlines Business Class Fare

The overall price of booking tickets on Emirates Airlines of Business class depends upon the flight duration and flight destination.

A return trip costs approximately $2,800 to $5,400 in the Business Class.

Emirates Airlines Business Class Wrapping Up


Book a chauffeur drive to have a seamless journey to your destination.

The diverse crew of the Business class is attentive and pleasant as they introduce themselves to the passengers.

The food display is spectacular, and the food cost is included in the ticket price.

The leather seats are adequate for resting and have touch controls and sufficient storage spaces.

For long journeys, travellers binge-watch their favourite shows on the in-flight screens to pass their leisure time. Overall, the whole ambience of the Business Class of Emirates Airlines is peaceful and worth your money.

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