Mobile Operators in Qatar

If you have moved to Qatar lately, you would be searching for the best and most affordable mobile operator here in Qatar.

We’ve got you, Don’t worry!

Many people come here for jobs from other countries, so there are some good mobile operating systems for international users and also for national users.

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We‘re going to tell you about two big mobile operating companies. Actually, these are only two here in Qatar.

There are two mobile operators in Qatar – one is OOREDOO and the other one is VODAFONE.

Qatar is the richest country because of the highest per capita in the world. Qatar is also known as a widely regarded and most advanced Arab state in the world.

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Ooredoo Qatar is the leader in the market but Vodafone is competing it quite aggressively by proving cheaper rates.

If you can afford then always go for Ooredoo but also consider Vodafone if it has coverage in your vicinity.

If you are wondering what an immensely rich country has only two networks. Yes, it is!


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Ooredoo is an award-winning network. They offer some very good and reliable services like e-payment, Hala(pre-paid), Shahry(post-paid) and Ooredoo ONE(Internet/TV).

Ooredoo also offering enjoy passports on 35 new networks during the winter traveling season. You can stay online and connected with the world if you use this passport service.

You can power up to 50 devices in your home office school and wherever you want with the help of Ooredoo ONE Smart Wifi. Ooredoo is the endlessly digital 5G world.

They won some very big awards in 2019 like the best fastest speed award, best coverage award, and best mobile network award. There is one more very famous service is offered by Ooredoo is called NOJOOM you can view and manage all your accounts if you subscribe to this service.

They also have their twitter account, facebook account, apps on google you can search and see the videos on YouTube you also search on Wikipedia about ooredoo projects and services at any time.                                                  

Internet Packages

There are many packages offered by Ooredoo network for their customers. Some daily, weekly, monthly and weekend packages for international and local use.

The available packages are 100 GB internet, 50 GB internet, 25 GB internet, 5 GB internet, 2 GB internet, extra internet 15 GB, Media streaming 20 GB. 1 GB for 5 , 3GB for 10, 6GB for 17, 10GB for 24 QR and 30GB for 49 QR.1 night 250 mb for 30QR, 7 nights 1GB for 100 and 4GB for 30 nights for 300. They all are very good and reasonable packages.

The speed of the internet is very good and fast because of this good and fast service they won the award of the fastest mobile services.  

Voice Package

They also introduce so many good and responsible voice packages.

There are  Some daily packages, some weekly projects, and some monthly packages.

Get 100 mins for  5/month, a local call is just for just 10dr/min for activation dial *121#, The voice quality is very good and clear people enjoy talking with this network.

These are all very good packages for all customers.

Their call packages are very much attractive and reliable such as monthly call packages are of 100 dirhams, 150 dirhams, 200 dirhams and 250 dirhams.

There are special daily and weekly call packages that are counted in super offers.

The daily package is of  QR 20 whose activation code is SB 20. The weekly offer is of QR 100 whose activation code is SB 100.  

SMS Package

There are some very reasonable reliable SMS packages introduced by Ooredoo mobile network.

There are also some weekly packages, some daily packages, and some monthly packages.

They also offer very attractive packages to their new customers.

It launches Hala smart packages of SMS such as for smart 10 there is 25 SMS, for smart 15 there is 55 SMS, for smart 25 there is 110 SMS and for smart 40 there is 200 SMS.


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Vodafone is an international mobile network.

People are using this mobile network in many countries of the world. It is ranked first in Qatar.

It provides many services such as postpaid plans in which there is unlimited 5G, flex, Vodafone for all; internet, Giga TV, prepaid plans in which there is sim packages, flex, new recharge, and credit transfer; data plans in which it includes internet postpaid and internet prepaid and also have international calls plans.

Internet Packages

The Vodafone mobile network offering many internet packages for their customers.

The speed of this network is very fast and good the video quality is also very good. 

 They introduce some daily packages, some weekly packages and some monthly packages for their national and international users.

Daily packages include 100 MB, 200 MB and 500 MB for QR 1, 5 and 10.

Weekly packages include 75 MB, 1 GB, and unlimited internet for QR 6, 20 and 125. For 14 days, it includes 1 GB of QR 30. 28 days package includes 2.5 GB of QR 60. They have 5G Wifi packages offer free for 2 months.

Voice Package

 The Vodafone mobile network’s voice quality is very good you can enjoy listen and talk with clear voice quality to your loved ones anytime and anywhere.

They have very reasonable and cheap rates packages some are daily packages some are weekly and some packages for a month.

They introduce one package in which you can do unlimited landline calls for just 350/QR. 

To make local calls of just 10 dirhams per minute forever. For its activation dial *121#

 They have also some attractive packages for their new customers. People want to use this network because of their good quality.

SMS Package

They also offer some very attractive and reasonable SMS packages to all of their customers for nationally internationally and local use.

They have some weekly packages, monthly packages and daily packages to attract their users.

They also introduce some packages only for new customers it attracts other people who are using other networks.

Some of the SMS packages are super SMS packages of a week which includes 20 SMS and subscription code is *125*20#  and the monthly package includes 150 SMS with activation code of *125*150#.

There are some SMS packages on a promotion like a combo pack 90 QR, combo pack 50, combo pack20.

They also offer some packages on promotion for other countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and also for some European countries.

Wrapping Up

Choose an operator as per your needs & flexibility. Let us know in comments if you like any the most ooredoo or vodafone.


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