Saudi Council of Engineers Registration

I landed here on an Operator visa back then, but I have to change my profession as an Engineer after SCE registration. I have explained the exact process and included how to get it done if you are a technician, as it is a bit different but is the same.

It was a widespread practice previously that being an engineer, you come here in Saudi Arabia as labor, chef, or any lower category visa. Nobody was much interested in your jobs and issued a visa or Iqama profession. But, recently, the Ministry of Labour has tightened the screws that you must have a relevant visa for what you are hired.

If you are an engineer or a technician, you must get registered with SCE – Saudi Council of Engineers (الهيئة السعودية للمهندسين‎).

This article will see how you can register if you are an Engineer or a Technician step by step.

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For this process, you must have valid documents in both cases, and keep in mind if you try to forge the documents, then the penalty here is imprisonment and a hefty fine that will lead to deportation later on. Make sure to stay legal always, at least here in KSA.

SCE Registration for Engineers

If your Iqama profession is different from your job, it is illegal to work here in KSA.

No worries, if you are an Engineering graduate, then you can change it by following an easy process as mentioned below.

Documents for Engineers | SCE

You need to have the following documents as these are required at SCE to start with and to prove you as an engineer;

  • Attested Degree – Attested by the Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture Office from the country, you got a degree; for example, if you got it from Pakistan, you need to get it attested. Higher Education Commission – HEC, Foreign Office & the University from where you graduated
  • Letter of Introduction – A letter from your employer where gross salary, date of joining, name, etc., are mentioned. Chamber attested
  • Letter Authorization – This you can download from the SCE website online and fill SCE Letter of Authorization Download
  • Copy of Iqama
  • Copy of Passport with visa page
  • Fresh photographs with white background (200X200 pixels)

Registration Process for Engineers | SCE

Follow the steps;

Step – 1: Scan all the documents mentioned above after you are done with attestation. Degree from both sides front & back where most of the stamps are.

Step – 2: Sign up at the SCE website SCE Signup English by filling in the basic information and keeping the credentials safe and remember. Or use the Saudi council of engineers login option if you are already registered.

Step – 3: Upload all the scanned documents carefully as required

Step – 4: Pay the Fee through Sadad

How to Pay SCE Fee | Sadad

Make sure the fee for Engineering registration is 1250 SAR at SCE. This is valid for the first three years. And later on, you can renew by just paying 250 SAR per year.

After uploading your documents, you have to pay 500 SAR through sadad. To pay through Sadad, you will receiver a Sadad reference number at your email or through SMS. Just use any ATM or online banking access if you have and pay it. In case you are new here you can ask any friend to pay for it for you.

Once your application is reviewed and accepted, you will receive another SMS to pay 750 SAR. Pay it in the same way.

Step – 5: Once your fee is paid, you will get a Temporary Membership at SCE. But it will show up like Engineer with Non-Engineering Iqama. It will be verified with other authorities like jawazat before approval.

Step – 6: Provide all the information to your Mandoob (HR or Government Relations Officer of your company). Now again, you will receive an SMS to update jawazat. Login to your SCE account and click on ‘Update Jawazat.’ You will get an SMS from the MOI after your Iqama profession has been changed.

Step – 7: You will receive another SMS to pay 100 SAR through Sadad again. Pay it, and you are done.

SCE Registration for Technicians

If you have a diploma or equivalent experience certificates in any engineering field, you can apply for the SCE membership.

The processing fee is 500 that you need to pay for one time only. Then you need to pay 200 SAR for selected years.

Registration Steps

Follow the below steps to register for a technician at SCE;

Step – 1: Scan all the documents ( diploma from both sides, Authorization Letter, Introduction letter from the current employer- Chamber of Commerce attested, Copy of Iqama/Entry visa page in the passport, Copy of Passport, Personal Photograph

Step – 2: Sign up at the SCE website SCE Signup English by filling in the basic information and keeping the credentials safe and remember. Or use the Saudi council of engineers login option if you are already registered.

Step – 3: Upload all the scanned documents carefully as required

Step – 4: Pay the Fee through Sadad

Following Technicians must have SCE registration to get the Iqama renewal;

Surveyors, Draughtsman, Architectural, cartographer, Quantity Surveyors, Electrical Technician, Mobile Technicians, etc.

You can see the full list here on the SCE website.

How to Renew SCE Membership?

You need to pay the fee, and it will be done automatically. You need to pay the fee through Sadad. You can use internet banking for this as well.

Step – 1: Log in to your SCE account at SCE Login

Step – 2: Find the tab at the lower bottom, ‘Renew Membership.’

Step – 3: Select the number of years, like 1,2, or three. Make sure the fee will multiply like for engineers. It is 250 per year, and if you need to renew for three years, it will be 250×3 = 750 SAR.

Step – 4: You will receive an SMS and pay it through SADAD by following the next steps

Step – 5: Log in to your online bank account.

Step – 6: Go to Payment Options

Step – 7:  For SCE biller code is 123 – Company or Utility Service Provider

Step – 8: Click ‘Continue’

Step – 9: Add the bill number you received through SMS or e-mail

Step – 10: Click ‘Continue’

Step – 11: All done – you need not worry about and check at the SCE membership date again. In a few minutes, it will be updated automatically.

SCE Helpline

SCE team is very cooperative, and I found one of the best people to deal with. You can approach them if you got any confusion or stuck in the middle of your process.

There are three locations you can approach them.

saudi council of engineers Helpline

FAQ’s About SCE

Question: If I change the sponsorship, then any impact on SCE membership?

Answer: Yes, it will, and before renewing iqama, I had to pay 100 SAR. Always check your pending dues at SCE before Iqama renewal.

Question: What are the benefits of registering SCE?

Answer: First of all, if you are a working engineer and are caught doing a job as an engineer, your company will be in trouble for not having a properly related profession at your Iqama. Other benefits are you can have your family here easily. Many offers are there on SCE from different companies like cheap internet availability, Mobile, Car Insurances, Training workshops, etc.
Question: What are the different types of memberships are available in SCE?

Answer: Following four types are offered right now that is;

  • For Engineers
  • For Technician
  • For Student
  • For people interested in Engineering Membership

Question: How can you check if an engineer is registered at SCE or not?

Answer: Yes, you can check the SCE website easily.

Question: May I renew my Iqama with Temporary Membership?

Answer: Yes, you can if your membership is valid yet. As sometimes, it takes longer to verify your documents through SCE.


Saudi Iqama Check
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Iqama Expiry

Emirates ID Guide
EID – Emirates ID is called بطاقة الهوية in Arabic. It is the most important document in the United Arab Emirates like Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

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Qatar ID Check
Same to other Gulf countries Qatar also issues an ID to its residents. This in Qatar is called Iqama same as in Saudi Arabia.

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Kuwait MOI Civil ID
Kuwait contains around 70% of expatriates and this makes it unique from all other countries in the gulf or MENA region.

Kuwait MOI Civil ID

Oman Resident ID
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Traffic Violations
The heaviest fine is for drifting that is 20,000 for the first time, 40,000 SAR for second and 60,000 SAR that can be hefty…

Traffic Violations

123 thoughts on “Saudi Council of Engineers Registration”

      1. Hello admin
        I just want to share my experience for my SCE renewal. I was registered last 2016 amd paid everything in sadad for 3 years membership. And now i have a new iqama and new passport number, while making some update in my SCE Account, it was stated immediately that my SCE ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BLOCKED. my concern now is why they are blocking my account if i am doing only the right way so that i can renew my membership in my SCE ACCOUNT as prerequisite before renewaing my iqama. Please help. Because now, i can’t access my account. I call all help hotline in your office but sad to say, no one is answering. I made also email but the same no answer. Please expedite admin. I need to renew my SCE membership as for my iqama renewal right after. Please ASAP…


  1. Hello,
    During my previous job, I was registered in SCE as Mechanical Engineer. Last Year I changed my job and came in new visa. Earlier my Iqama profession was General Mechanical Engineer. Present Iqama profession is General mechanical technician. I have attested Mechanical Engineer degree and want to update my SCE Membership and to change my Iqama profession. I am trying to Login through SCE Portal but I am getting a message as my account is locked and contact SAUDI COUNCIL OF ENGINEERS.
    I would appreciate if you please help in sharing how to activate my account and change my profession?

    1. Dear Mr Sayed Sakaf, Best option is just have a visit at SCE. I know, they are the best when it comes to customer services in Saudi Arabia. Or else, you can contact to SCE helpline.

  2. Hi,
    Dharmendra Shrivastava here,
    I uploaded all documents for Mechanical engineering technician registration for SEC, Payment / bill option displaying, now I realized that one document offer letter of company is not prescribed format; please let me know can I replace new one in desired format with old one?

    Thanks and regards

      1. How can I , As no option displaying only I am able to see or download previous documents, no edit or other option displaying.
        Please support

        1. Dear now there are three options;
          1. Wait until it is rejected then upload again – Hopefully it will be accepted if only format issue
          2. Visit any nearby SCE branch, they are very cooperative.
          3. Try calling them at SCE helpline.

          Good Luck .

  3. why always appear in my new registration application iqama no or border no already registered.
    even how manytimes i’ve tried always appeared this messge. I cnnnot proceed to my new registration. please give solution to this problem. Thank you

    1. Hi Romeo. SCE website sometime do wonders like that. Make sure your data is accurate. This is all I can say. Wait or better visit the SCE nearby office.

    1. If you are an Engineer then why you want to be like a technician? You can change your technician profession to Engineer. Enjoy the perks of an engineering Iqama.

      1. Please advise, I have degree attested and other documents. I got issue with 5-year experience, I already visited SCE office Jeddah once and ask me to wait because they will forward the issue in Riyadh but until now I still did’nt get any answer from SCE.

    1. Attested Degree – Attested by the Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture Office from the country you got a degree, for example, if you got it from Pakistan then you need to get it attested from there. Higher Education Commission – HEC, Foreign Office & the University from where you graduated
      Letter of Introduction – A letter from your employer where gross salary, date of joining, name, etc are mentioned. Chamber attested
      Letter Authorization – This you can download from SCE website online and fill SCE Letter of Authorization Download
      Copy of Iqama
      Copy of Passport with visa page
      Fresh photographs with white background (200X200 pixels)

          1. SCE categorizes as per experience but it does not matter any as you will get Engineer Profession on your Iqama.

  4. shahid hussain jamal

    last year I registerd as technician with experieance certficatethey told me its only for 3month niw what should I do I dont have any diploma I have training certificate from previous company how I upload or how I reneaw aqama ot not uploading ur suggestion please

    1. Renew your membership at SCE first online. If you have submitted nay certificate already they will not ask anything. Try it or you can call to SCE helpline.

      1. Hi Sir..
        I’m sathish, I’m came to Saudi Through Free lancer Visa. My Iqama Profession Is labor.
        And I have 3 years Diploma & 3 Year’s Bachelor Degree In Civil Engineer.
        My Degree completed in Nov 2021.
        I’m confused Because of Which Registration is best For me Engineer or Technician.
        And What is the benefits of SEC registration?
        The iqama is renewal Freely Paid Through SEC Renewal Membership (200SR)
        Please Reply Me sir Solve my Problem.

        Thank you sir!

  5. Dear Representative,
    Currently my iqama profession is labor. I did Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and I had attested my degree already. I followed the steps and submitted all required documents in the SCE portal. I paid 500 SR initially for verification purpose. At last I received a message from them stating “Your qualifications do not meet the requirements for registration, and your application cannot be accepted.” Kindly let me know if experience matters here for registration. FYI, I did my graduation in May 2015. Can I upload my docs again in upcoming May 2020 to complete my 5 years after graduation? Please help me to understand in this regards.

    1. Good day Anees,
      My case is exactly same as yours. Even I applied it last year and was cancelled by them for not having 5 years gap from degree date till today. However, I got the membership few moments ago. All you need to do is consult any of their representatives and explain your case in detail. The guy I spoke to has taken back cancellation immediately and asked me to upload visa copy along with border number. And the best part of it is that I didn’t even had to pay registration fee again.

  6. Dear Sir,
    I have 21 years Experience and working in Saudi Arabia from Feb. 2011 , Present I am working in one company as a Sr. Electrical Engineer, In my Iqama mention General Engineer. Now my company is going to stamp Exit, Shall I come new Visa on Electrician and Change to Engineer.

    1. Yes, you can come and you can change it easily later on. Or if you can arrange an Engineering visa then is also OK. Both ways you are good to go.

      1. i came on labor visa in january 2020 and i have my iqama for labor with me. But i was in ksa in 2019 on engineer visa and was registered with SCE and left ksa in 2019.
        Now my SCE membership is still valid by end of 2020 and i need to update my profession from labor to engineer.
        What should i do now? should i add request to update old border no. to new iqama number in SCE portal ?
        Please help in this regard

  7. Good day
    I am a registered member of SCE as an engineer but already expired last 2015, is it possible that i can make new registration at SCE as Technician as stated in my iqama?


    1. Dear Emmanuel, just renew the SCE membership as an Engineer to make sure of any issue in the future. For a technician, you need to submit also some documents proving that may not valid in your case.

  8. I took my exit last 2012 as an engineer here in KSA, my SCE membership expired last 2015, I re entered here in KSA 2014 as an engineer but with technician visa, now that my SCE membership is expired and i am required to take SCE membership prior to iqama renewal, will i get an SCE membership as a technician or i will just renew my membership as an engineer and change the status of my iqama from technician to engineer, if so how to renew membership at SCE.
    Thank you.

    1. Dear Nhel, just renew the SCE membership as an Engineer to make sure of any issue in the future. For a technician, you need to submit also some documents proof that may not valid in your case.

  9. respected sir, please kindly give me some idea regarding to my membership status. I registered for SCE last October 2019 but until now my membership status is still showing missing information dataflow. for this issue I have I chance to renew my member for this coming October 2020? because all off my documents what I have I uploaded already. thanking you!

    1. Dear Ali, sometimes the online system got a glitch. Make sure to pay a physical visit and hope it will get solved easily.

  10. Do we need a attested degree or only degree with technical certification is enough to renew iqama for the professions listed under technicians.

  11. Hi there,
    Hope you are doing good.
    Can a technician iqama can be changed to engineer profession if the person doesn’t have 3 years of experience. I have heard that for registration of SCE one must require 3 years of exp and also we have write some test. Can you please clarify on this. I have Also read above comments that some applications are being rejected if they don’t have min 5 years of exp. Waiting for your response

    1. Dear AJAZ
      Can you please let us know that have you got a membership or not. I have the same FAQ as yours. Please suggest.

  12. respected sir,

    My profession is electronic technician & i have electronic engineering but my degree is not attested from Saudi culture i have already uploaded my documents.
    but still it is showing we are auditing your request.
    Kindly please advise what should i do i should visit them or wait,.

    1. Dear Syed… First, get your degree attested from Saudi Culture & visit them ASAP. Narrow chances that it will get clear the audit without this lack of attestation.

  13. Sir I have question,
    for technician with diploma 14/02/2020 I registered and got valid membership for 2 years, after 40 days,
    today I received the message and Email as “Please access your profile to complete the inefficiencies” from SCE and when I access the profile there is one new options for uploading the documents, but not mention what document to upload or what is the exactly they need.

  14. My membership is about to expire on 31/7/2020 (less than three months) and “New Request” option is not showing under the renew membership.
    Please guide me.

    1. Brother Sarfaraz have you found any solution for this? I am having the same problem, the renew option is no there in website but I received message from SCE asking to renew your membership.

      1. same problem. Did you find any solution for this? Please let me know. a new request is not showing in my renewal membership.

        1. I have the same issue. I am registered as Computer technician. My SCE Membership is expiring on the 31st of July. And I tried to renew it, but it is not showing the ‘New Request’ option. Can someone please advise regarding this. Is it an issue with their website? or do we need to upload any more new documents.

      1. I am facing the same issue not showing Add New Request in Renew Membership option? anyone found solution?
        My Iqama will expire on 05-Nov-2020 but my membership will expire on 18-Nov-2020. Will my Iqama be renewed without renewal ?

    2. I have the same problem when I contacted by call they said that your Certificate is unaceptable plz provide your diploma with the option of convert your temp membership to permanent membership then I followed the same now in progress

  15. I registered in SCE as Electrical technician without diploma certificate to renew the iqama and got temporary membership ,then I changed my profession to lab technician in Iqama, Now can it be changed in SCE as lab technician as I have required diploma certificate attested. What is the process to do it as my renewal date is near and membership renew button is not showing in SCE.

  16. Brother my profession on iqama is computer programmer but i need to change to accountant but Govt. System is not allowed me to change. Even System not allowed to change to labour. I already registered in sec portal without deploma. Please till me how i change my profession

  17. Hi,
    Could you please help me with the following query. I have a job offer to start work as a Principal Engineer with a company in Al Khobar. I am currently still located in the United Kingdom.
    Is it possible to register as an Engineer with the SCE from outside of Saudi Arabia?
    If yes. Do I need to get my qualifications attested by the Saudi Culture Office in the United Kingdom before I apply for registration?
    Neale Waldock

      1. my email id went wrong while registration time. Now i cannot to log in. i try to new registration showing my iqama id already exist.kindly your support

  18. hi all
    i have a labour visa due to my comoany pressure i have applied in sec as technician despite of me telling them 100 times that i cannot register as technician when iam on a labour profession and now after paying 500 riyal the application is rejected. i called the office the told me that i cannot apply for technician with an iqama of labour.
    now please guide me
    show me a way to register again or fix this

  19. Presently I am registered in SCE.However if i leave on exit and come back on a different sponsor/different iqama number will my SCE be still valid until the expiry date as per original validity.Please advise

  20. Hi,
    My iqama is computer programmer but I have 3 years diploma in electronics and communication engineering. My qualification attestted with Saudi embassy and culture. So I can register in sce and renew iqama.
    Please advise.

  21. Hi dear,
    i Have received the message to renew the membership, i have a technician membership. I have applied for renewal on 20.08.2020 till now it is under Progress.
    please advise.

  22. How can I update my SCE status from technician without diploma to technician with diploma. I’m collecting all necessary documents for the said purpose.
    Please advice.
    Thank you

  23. Dear Team,
    Please Help me on this issue I was on my vacation last 8 month because of Corna I already done my membership with SCE last year but now is expire my membership i want renew but when i click renew membership and there is no option add request so i can’t able to do, Kindly help me on this issue


  24. what is the profession? if your membership was temporary that’s the reason you don’t have Renew option try to renew from SCE mobile application

  25. Good day. While filling in the membership registration in in my sce profile. I mistakenly selected engineer as membership type instead of technician. Now all my degree and certificates uploaded are all technician. My question is is it possible to change my membership type from engineer to technician through the help of their agent at sce hotline? I really cant proceed with my registration because they are looking for CAV. If i just change it to technician which is really my degree for sure it wont be as hard to be approved as of now. I keep receiving message from sce ‘ please enter profile to complete deficiencies. Please help me.

  26. AOA
    Please let me know if I can renew SCE membership as technician with 2 years diploma of computer science?
    Does it require attestation as well?
    Actually it is an old diploma of 1992 from SBTE/Petroman Pakistan. It has attestation on the backside from MOFA. Will it be enough?

    Anyone who has success with similar case?

    Thanks is advance.

  27. HI,

    i can not open website for registration
    i am in India at the moment and need to be register in Saudi Engg Council for my iqama renewal (expiry on 07th Nov 2020)

    can you please help


  28. My colleague (temporarily registered as a technician at SCE) is stuck outside of the Kingdom as SCE required a profession change. We could not renew his iqama along with re-entry because his profession change cannot be completed while he is OOK. In this case, what can we do as HR? Do we have to give him final exit and re-apply for work visa? SCE says it is Jawazat, Jawazat says it is SCE. We need serious help here.

  29. I have worked in Saudi Higher Education University in College of Computer Science & Engineering for 8 years. I have MTech and BE in Computer Engineering and prior to joining University , I have 7 years Industrial experience My contract is over and iqama is valid till May 2020. Can I use the experience letter as introduction letter for SCE registration

      1. Syed Anees Muneer

        Dear admin I uploaded my documents on 25 October, 2020 but still my membership not converted in permanent, and status showing nothing, my membership will expired on 24 December, 2020. Please guide me how I upload again.

  30. My degree is bachelors 4 years registered and attested from Higher education commission shall i’ll be eligible to apply for engineer profession

  31. Hi. I am unable to renew my membership at SCE because i am unable to find any link to upload my documents… what to do in that case? advise please

  32. Dear,
    I already upload my documents in SCE on 31st march for renewal, but still under process showing, my Iquama expire on 27th April, please consider regards this matter
    thank you

  33. Is it possible to change labour iqama to safety technician with distance learning graduation or we can apply for registration with experience certificates.which one would be the best to do.
    Suggest me the right way to go for easy access.

  34. Syed Mohsin Ali Bukhari

    Hello Sir,

    On my iqama my profession is general accountant.
    I am living here with my family I registered on SOCPA because my profession on iqama was written accountant but I have education DAE mechanical so SOCPA registered me temporarily and then rejected my registration.

    Now I registered myself on SCE and they registered me for one year
    now I want to change my profession from accountant to mechanical technician, is there any way for this? or is there any example? by logic if someone is not accountant and he doesn’t have accounts education the he should get the chance to change his profession on Iqama.

  35. dear Admin,
    I paid for the 2 nd renewal of SCE technician membership in 2020 April , still my request status shows in progress . My iqama will expire this month and i want to renew the sce membership now for this year . Pls help

      1. Hi Admin,

        I just submitted the application on SCE website as per the requirements for Engineer visa holder. After reading in several websites, I got a bit worried about the rejection. My question is: what usually people do when the application got rejected? As advised on SCE website is to get the profession changed by the company. Can anyone advise what is the approval chance in my case:

        1) I did 5 years technical diploma;
        2) I continued with a top-up degree program (1 year) in the UK in BEng. in Mechanical Engineering;
        3) I got 11 years working experience in several countries;

        Prior to my arrival in KSA, I was told to attest my degree and I did. Submission made to SCE is only degree and transcript. I read the minimum requirement by SCE is 4 years degree.

        1. SCE deals with Engineers as well as Technicians. BEng is accepted and I know many people registered at SCE – No worries!

  36. hi hello,
    I am renewing my membership in SCE but until now still in progress.
    It’s been like 4 days already waiting so that I could pay for renewal membership.
    Thanks I hope you guys can help me…

  37. Hello, I need to renew my SCE membership. But i couldn’t able to access Website from India.
    Is there any way to access?

    1. SCE website is not accessible unless you have Saudi IP. I hope you understand and can manage one in India.

  38. How much days it takes to verify certificate ?
    Myself applied for technician with Saudi council attested certificate of 2 years diploma and all the documents required, but since last 10 days it is showing me “we are auditing your request”.

  39. hi,
    I want to know after how many years of graduation date, i can convert temporary membership to permanent membership ?

    Appreciate for Quick Response….

  40. hi, wanted to check how to expedite the process of reviewing a request on SCE and whether it is normal for the request to be under review for over a month please?

    thank you

  41. Hi / Salam,
    My SCE membership was suspended, I visited SCE office they asked me to do some things which I did, and now my SCE membership is reactivated, but I can not open my account, it says your account is locked, but when I am checking my membership status it shows Membership Status is Valid.

    Second thing is that, in my email, it says your account is not suspended, still you need to login to eservices portal and request Jawazat Update, and my company is not able to renew my Iqama.

    So, please tell me how Can I update my jawazat in this case.

    Thanking you.

  42. hi,
    my SEC registration was converted from temporary to permanent and valid for 3 years still. but after that got an SMS that the account has been suspended. in the coming month, iqama will expire. question is, iqama will be renewed or not? if not then have any other solution? could be possible to change the profession?

  43. How can i convert my sce membership from technician to Engineer membership. Can u Guide me. previously i have registered as technician. Now i want to change to engineer membership as all my degree certificate was attested from saudi culture

  44. Hello there how are u all i hope u will be in the beat of ur health sorry to disturb u friends as i have read many of the people messages as they are facing some issues and the author of this page likely do solved their problem thats very good but i want to know something about of my problem as i have landed here in ksa on 11 December 2021 and i have civil engineering visa on my passport along with completed documents now i want to know that can i get SCE membership on that i have completed my degree on 31 oct 2019 please let me know if some have any information

  45. Hi, I am Abdul Careem from Sri Lanka
    I landed to KSA just one week back in an Engineering visa. My sponsor asked me to register Saudi Council of Engineer (SCE) in order to process IQAMA. but while applying for SCE, it asks IQAMA number and scan copy of IQAMA. How can I apply for SCE without IQAMA.
    And for registration SCE, the online application asks attestation of my degree certificates from Embassy of Saudi. How can I do it? Because in Sri Lanka, the embassy of Saudi does not do attestation of degree certificates

  46. If my jawazat is still in red (since my profession has not been changed till now), can i renew my membership in SCE.

  47. if i made mistake on the membership type, where i need to apply as technician but unfortunate i mistakenly use engineer, can it this amended?

    how to solve this? pls advise.

  48. I am registered as a technician and being renewing for 3 years now.
    Today I got an SMS about renewal which was 06/12/22. I logged in and found that I had to update my Iqama expiry and paid 100 SAR. After that now the SCE expiry is showing 06/03/2023 (it was extended to 3 months without a renewal request). I don’t know how? Anyway, I am going to the renewal page and there is no renewal button or link like before.
    Can you advise what has happened? or should I wait for it to expire then the button will show for renewal? I am worried did they stop further any renewals?

  49. I have completed my engineering degree in April 2018 and now I want to go to Saudi to become a mechanical engineer.when I register with Saudi council engineers (SCE).if I facing any problem through get iqama. Why if I hasn’t been 5 years since I finished my degree,still 4 months balance for 5 years,if iam go to Saudi SCE is applied or not.please I need clarification

  50. HI, I couldn’t make the SCE fee payment through SADAD within 24 hrs. Now I got a SMS saying that I can make a new bill through my profile. But I couldn’t find an option in my profile for creating a new bill. Please suggest.

  51. Hi,
    I couldn’t be able to upload authorisation letter, as the page open and ask for manual signature and then on electronic file it opens online form, but it cannot be filled online.
    My registration pending only because of this form upload.
    Does anyone have idea on this and sharing will be appreciated.

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