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I landed here on an Operator visa back then but I have to change my profession as Engineer after SCE registration. I have explained here the exact process and also included how to get it done if you are a technician as it is a bit different but is the same.

It was a very common practice previously that being an engineer you come here in Saudi Arabia at labor, chef or any lower category visa. Nobody was much interested in your jobs and issued visa or Iqama profession. But, recently the Ministry of Labour has tightened the screws that you must have a relevant visa for what you are hired.

If you are an engineer or a technician you must get registered with SCE – Saudi Council of Engineers (الهيئة السعودية للمهندسين‎).

In this article, we will see how you can get register if you are an Engineer or a Technician step by step.

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For this process, you must have valid documents in both cases and keep in mind if you try to forge the documents then penalty here is imprisonment and a hefty fine that will lead to deportation later on. Make sure to stay legal always at least here in KSA.

SCE Registration for Engineers

If your Iqama profession is different from your job then it is illegal to work here in KSA.

No worries, if you are an Engineering graduate then you can change it by following an easy process as mentioned below.

Documents for Engineers | SCE

You need to have the following documents as these are required at SCE to start with and to prove you as an engineer;

  • Attested Degree – Attested by the Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture Office from the country you got a degree, for example, if you got it from Pakistan then you need to get it attested from there. Higher Education Commission – HEC, Foreign Office & the University from where you graduated
  • Letter of Introduction – A letter from your employer where gross salary, date of joining, name, etc are mentioned. Chamber attested
  • Letter Authorization – This you can download from SCE website online and fill SCE Letter of Authorization Download
  • Copy of Iqama
  • Copy of Passport with visa page
  • Fresh photographs with white background (200X200 pixels)

Registration Process for Engineers | SCE

Follow the steps;

Step – 1: Scan all the documents mentioned above after you are done with attestation. Degree from both sides front & back where most of the stamps are.

Step – 2: Sign up at the SCE website SCE Signup English by just filling the basic information and keep the credentials safe and remember. Or use the Saudi council of engineers login option if you are already registered.

Step – 3: Upload all the scanned documents carefully as required

Step – 4: Pay the Fee through Sadad

How to Pay SCE Fee | Sadad

Make sure the fee for Engineering registration is 1250 SAR at SCE. This is valid for the first three years. and later on, you can renew buy just paying 250 SAR per year.

After uploading your documents you have to pay 500 SAR through sadad. To pay through Sadad you will receiver Sadada reference number at your email or through SMS. Just use any ATM or online banking access if you have and pay it. In case you are new here then you can ask any friend to pay for it for you.

Once your application is reviewed and accepted you will receive another SMS to pay 750 SAR. pay it in the same way.

Step – 5: Once your fee is paid you will get a Temporary Membership at SCE. But it will show up like Engineer with Non-Engineering Iqama. It will be verified with other authorities like jawazat before approval.

Step – 6: Provide all the information to your Mandoob (HR or Government Relations Officer of your company). Now again you will receive an SMS to update jawazat. Login to your SCE account and click on ‘Update Jawazat’. You will get an SMS from the MOI after your Iqama profession has been changed.

Step – 7: You will receive another SMS to pay 100 SAR through Sadad again. Pay it and you are done.

SCE Registration for Technicians

If you have a diploma or equivalent experience certificates in any of the engineering fields then you are eligible to apply for the SCE membership.

The processing fee is 500 that you need to pay for one time only. Then you need to pay 200 SAR for selected years.

Registration Steps

Follow the below steps to register for a technician at SCE;

Step – 1: Scan all the documents ( diploma from both sides, Authorization Letter, Introduction letter from the current employer- Chamber of Commerce attested, Copy of Iqama/Entry visa page in the passport, Copy of Passport, Personal Photograph

Step – 2: Sign up at the SCE website SCE Signup English by just filling the basic information and keep the credentials safe and remember. Or use the Saudi council of engineers login option if you are already registered.

Step – 3: Upload all the scanned documents carefully as required

Step – 4: Pay the Fee through Sadad

Following Technicians must have SCE registration to get the Iqama renewal;

Surveyors, Draughtsman, Architectural, cartographer, Quantity Surveyors, Electrical Technician, Mobile Technicians, etc.

You can see the full list here at SCE website

How to Renew SCE Membership?

You just need to pay the fee and it will be done automatically. You need to pay the fee through Sadad. You can use internet banking for this as well.

Step – 1: Login to your SCE account at SCE Login

Step – 2: Find the tab at the lower bottom ‘Renew Membership’

Step – 3: Select the number of years like 1,2 or three. Make sure the fee will multiply like for engineer it is 250 per year and if you need to renew for three years then it will be 250×3 = 750 SAR

Step – 4: You will receive an SMS and pay it through SADAD by following the next steps

Step – 5: Login to your online bank account.

Step – 6: Go to Payment Options

Step – 7:  For SCE biller code is 123 – Company or Utility Service Provider

Step – 8: Click ‘Continue’

Step – 9: Add the bill number you received through SMS or e-mail

Step – 10: Click ‘Continue’

Step – 11: All done – you need not worry about and check at the SCE membership date again in a few minutes it will be updated automatically.

SCE Helpline

SCE team is very cooperative and I found one of the best people to deal with. You can approach them if you got any confusion or stuck in middle of your process.

There are three locations you can approach them.

saudi council of engineers Helpline

FAQ’s About SCE

Question: If I change the sponsorship then any impact on SCE membership?

Answer: Yes, it will and before to renew iqama I had to pay 100 SAR. Always check your pending dues at SCE before Iqama renewal.

Question: What are the benefits of registering SCE?

Answer: First of all if you are a working engineer and you caught doing a job as an engineer then your company will be in trouble for not having a properly related profession at your Iqama. Other benefits are you can have your family here easily. A lot of offers are there on SCE from different companies like cheap internet availability, Mobile, Car Insurances, Training workshops, etc.

Question: What are the different types of memberships are available in SCE?

Answer: Following four types are offered right now that is;

  • For Engineers
  • For Technician
  • For Student
  • For people interested in Engineering Membership

Question: How can check if an engineer is registered at SCE or not?

Answer: Yes, you can check at SCE website easily.

Question: May I renew my Iqama with Temporary Membership?

Answer: Yes, you can if your membership is valid yet. As sometimes it takes longer to verify your documents through SCE.

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