Oman Air Review

Oman’s national airline service chaired by Ahmed bin Muhammad Al Futtaisi can be traced back to the 1970s but starting functioning in 1993 under its parent company Oman Aviation Group. The company’s slogan, Timeless Traditions, focuses on how much Oman Airlines values its traditions and makes their customers feel welcomed and keep their comfort the priority.

Just a quick intro, Oman Air is based at Muscat International Airport, Muscat, Oman.

Oman is the national airline of Oman, founded in 1993. It has a fleet size of 55, including Boeing 737-300, Airbus A320s, and Chartered Airplanes. Being a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organisation, it conducts international flights and domestic flights, regional air taxis, and chartered flights.

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Oman Air Review

Oman Air Travel Classes

Oman Air offers three travel classes. We will be covering business and economy classes in this comprehensive guide.

Three travel classes offered by Oman Air was launched in November 2009. The three classes are as follows:

  1. First Class
  2. Business Class
  3. Economy Classes

All three classes provide you with the best experience of a luxurious and comfortable journey leaving you refreshing as ready to go. This facility was started in the then-new aircraft A330-300. The first class comprises only 6 seats with a wide-open lounge to feel like an exclusive private jet. However, both first-class and business class gives the passengers full privacy and access to the aisle. The economy class as well is surprisingly very spacious and comfortable. The crew at all the passenger’s service is very well trained, and the food menu absolutely delicious to make the journey a relaxing and memorable one.

In this article, you will learn about Oman Air’s

  • Food
  • Baggage Allowance
  • Entertainment
  • Seats
  • Facilities

Let’s dive right into the guide…

Oman Air Business Class Review:

Oman Air divides its business class into further 2 categories.

  1. The first class
  2. The business class

In this part of the guide, the facilities provided in both of them will be mentioned.

Oman Air Business Class Food:

Inflight meals for all classes have the facility to order special meals if any dietary restrictions keeping in view any health issues or special requirements according to every customer’s personal liking or even any religious obligations are taken into account. For example, strictly vegan food for Hindus, Muslims requirement of ‘Halal’ food, baby or children meals, allergy stricken foods, low fat, less spicy, etc.

Oman Airlines humbly secured the Saveur’s readers’ choice award for the best serving and dining of the first class and business class because of their excellent quality of food, the best selection of menu, and very satisfactory service as well as award-winning beverages. The premium class passengers are welcomed with Arabic dates and coffee.

Oman Air Business Class Seat:

All the seats of first-class and business class are provided with the lie-flat facility, direct access to the aisle, and ensured priority towards preserving the privacy of individual passengers.

The aircraft A330-300 is large enough to facilitate its customers with comfort compared to a private jet. Fully stretched legs can not reach the far end of the spacious legroom.

Business-class comprises 20 seats with a configuration 1-2-1. With a pitch of 82” and 17,” private monitor ensures this business class’s outshining from the other airline’s first classes.


oman air business class review.png

Oman Air Business Class Facilities:

The award-winning First class and business class of Oman Air makes every possible effort with the help of an exceptionally trained crew and professionals to make the journey as fun, comforting, and luxurious as possible. Separate coat hangers, specially designed seats for maximum comfort for long flights, the best entertainment, and of course, quality food serving ensures the whole experience to be one of a kind.

Oman Air Business Class Entertainment:

Oman Air pampers its customers with a leading-edge entertainment system. Audio-video on-demand and six live TV channels, as well as a vast collection of other programs, movies, and shows, not to forget the accessibility to a variety of magazines, secures its place as number one.

Oman Air Business Class Baggage Allowance:

Standard baggage allowance for First class and business class guests is a maximum of 2 bags with specific dimensions; combined weight should be 50 kg. No single bag should exceed the weight of 32 kg or will be subjected to the applicable fees.

Customers with valid Sindbad gold and silver cards have an allowance of up to 60 kg, and Sindbad blue members and other guests have an allowance of up to 50 kg. Any bag in addition to that weight must be paid according to pre-decided charges; for example, the additional weight of 20kg on domestic flights has extra charges of 20 OMR, but the same weight with international flights increases to the range of 40 OMR to 60 OMR, keeping in view the destination of the flight.

Oman Air Economy Class Review:

Oman Airlines ensures that passengers from all the classes are served with exceptional, high-class facilities without any discrimination.

Oman Air Economy Class Food:

Special food requirements related to any food allergies, religious restrictions, medical instructions like diabetes are fulfilled. For Muslims, ‘halal’ certified food is served and only vegan for Hindus.

Perfect combinations of food items are freshly served with great options for drinks, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages, including juices and fizzy drinks. Impeccable presentation of food with decent cutlery and glassware makes it more appealing and appetizing.

Oman Air Economy Class Seat:

A total of 204 seats in economy class with a configuration of 2-4-2 and a pitch of 34 inches shows its equal concern towards each passenger’s comfort and affordability. The slimline design of the seats acquires more and more space. Each seat is provided with an adjustable head and leg rest to up to 10.4 inches.

Oman Air celebrates the arrival of its newest aircraft, the Boeing 737 MAX 2

Oman Air Economy Class Facilities:

Oman Air creates an example of the best services at affordable prices for guests in economy class. World-class facilities with the best crew and quality food imprint an impression on the customers who surely prefer Oman Airline for their future travels.

Oman Air Economy Class Entertainment:

Unlike several other airlines, Oman Air takes responsibility to keep the passengers entertained and fully occupied throughout the flight. Individual flat screens and vast choices of channels makes it possible.

Oman Air Economy Class Baggage Allowance:

For the economy class guests, the maximum baggage allowance is 2 bags of 62 inches in length, breadth, and height with a total weight of 30 kg.

Members of the Sindbad gold and silver class generously allowed a maximum weight of 50kg. However, the Sindbad blue class and other guests have a maximum allowance of 30 kg.

Any additional bag up to 20 kg has to bear extra baggage charges of 20 OMR for domestic flights and 40 OMR to 60 OMR for international flights.

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