Registering with Mumaris System

SCFHS launches Mumaris System – Saudi Commission for Health Services for professionals in the health sector across the kingdom. This electronic system helps to engage all the stakeholders efficiently. SCFHS  have many branches and are solely responsible
for training, supervising, and workshop for health professionals to help the community in a better way.

Note:  Mumaris plus is a much more upgraded system, and if you are doing it for the first time, then you can register for Mumaris Plus, but if you already have an account on Mumaris, then you can use the same credentials to enter in.

Iqama Validity

Steps to Register | Mumaris System

You need to follow the below points to register for a Mumaris System;

Step – 1: First of all, visit the login page here- Mumaris System

Step – 2: Now, see the language option and change it at your convenience. You will see the language option at the upper left or right corner.

Step – 3: Click the Sign-Up button if you don’t already have one.

Step – 4: Now, choose ‘Practitioner New Account.’

Step – 5: Here, you need to answer simple questions like registration and classification. Being a practitioner, these all you should have already.

Step – 6: Enter Email ID & Name as per Iqama or Passport if you are new here. Type a strong password as per instructions, like 8 letters minimum.

Step – 7: Here, you need to answer simple questions like registration and classification. Being a practitioner, these all you should have already.

Step – 8: You will be asked more questions that and you need to select New Registration and fill in all the other information as per your documents.

Step – 9: You will receive an email.

Step – 10: Click on ‘Activate’ & try a sign in.

That all; I hope it helped. If you find a step worth mentioning, please suggest it.

What is Mumaris Plus?

Mumaris plus is also a unified portal for all practitioners across Saudi Arabia. It is a much-upgraded system that of Mumaris system. Here tons of more features are added.

If you already have a Mumaris account, you will automatically be upgraded with the same user name and password.

If you got a login issue with the Mumaris Plus account, they could call the SCFHS helpline at 920029393. But before this, you can try to reset your password.

How to Renew Saudi Council Card

Doctors and nurses can renew their Saudi Council Card via Mumaris plus.

One can get a renewal before one month of expiry without any penalty.

Conditions to Met for Renewal

You should fulfil the below 4 conditions for applying for a renewal of your Saudi council Card;

Condition – 1: Continuous Practice inside KSA

Condition – 2: CME hours criteria should be as per requirement. You can check your Mumaris Plus account.

Condition – 3: You Professional classification card should be active.

Condition – 4: Work experience documents

Steps for Card Renewal

Follow the below steps to get the job done;

Step – 1: Login or create Mumaris plus account as described above

Step – 2: Update your personal details as per new experience and the professional documents

Step – 3: Now, Go for a professional Re-registration pathway on the dashboard’s left side.

Step – 4: Here, you have to fill in the personal information that includes, Nationality, DOB, Religion, Country of Residence, National address as per Saudi Post, Gender, Iqama scanned copy & expiry date, Fresh photographs, Job Title, Medical Report if above 65, etc.

Step – 5: Enter detail and upload the documents. Verification reports of all documents, issuing authority, professional license, Job title with Date of joining, etc.

Step – 6: Here, you will see a summary of your application. Review & confirm

Step – 7: Once reviewed, Click Next

Step – 8: Now, pay the fee through a credit card, and you can even pay through Sadad.

Step – 9: Now wait, and you will be informed within two weeks. It will be reviewed thoroughly by SCFHS. You will be informed, rejected, expired, or need to upload more documents if necessary.

Step – 10: Once your application gets approved status, you can download your new Saudi council registration certificate through my certificates.

FAQ About Mumaris System?

May I retrieve my password for Mumaris plus account?

Yes, I can do it easily. Just click on I forgot my password, enter your e-mail, and you will receive an email. Reset by following the instructions.

What is Tawasul-Mumaris+? 

Here, only practitioners can ask their queries with SCFHS officials. One can discuss any technical issues there.

How to get CME hours for Saudi council card renewal?

You can use online as well as offline methods like webinars, workshops, conferences, etc.

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  1. Sheila Mae Cruzado

    How about us who are no longer in KSA? How can we ask for Certificate of Good Standing? Its almost been a dedade since I left, Dataflow requires me to have a recent COGS but Mumaris doesn’t have that option to retrieve old files. What should I do now?

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