SIM Cards on Iqama

CITC – The Communications and Information Technology Commission has taken a good step to help Residents so that they can check how many SIM cards are under their name.

This is very useful to avoid any scam and other suspicious activities under their name.
Service is named as ‘My Number.’ It allows you to check all SIM/s that a particular ID has on.  You will be able to see a list of numbers and the operators as well. This step by CITC is to ensure user protection, privacy, and ultimately it prevents any misuse by others.

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Step to Check SIM Cards

The Communications and Information Technology Commission has put two option on its portal that you can check.

  • Check with SIM Number
  • Check without SIM Number

Let us see both, step by step

Check with SIM Number

Follow the below steps to find the number of sim under your Iqama ID

Step – 1: First of all, go to the CITC web portal here. My Number

Step – 2: Here, you will be asked to provide the below details ID number that is your Iqama number and Mobile Number that is inoperative with youEnter you Iqama ID & Image Code

Step – 3: Enter the image code; as you can see in my case, it is ‘r+b=,’ if you can not see, you can hit the refresh button, and you will receive a new code.

Step – 4: Now, you will see a “search” button at the right corner – Click it.

Step – 5: You will receive a 4 digits code on your mobile – Enter it & Click continueYou will receive a code at your registered Mobile

Step – 6: You will see a screen like below. Registered Number, Service Provider, Prepaid/Post Paid, Data or Voice, and Status if active or not. See if all numbers are yours. Like in my case, I don’t have that Data sim yet, and I need to get that duplicate or cancel it.

This will display all the number against you Iqama ID

Check without SIM Number

When you don’t have any number, you can check the box, as shown below. Fill in the Iqama and image code. Then click the ‘Search’ button.If you dont have a registered number then check this box on right side

You will see a screen like below. It shows that I am using STC services.

If you dont have a registered number

Cancel Extra SIM Card

If you find any SIM card that is not under your domain like sometimes we get for our family, then better cancel it just by visiting the nearest office or getting it port to your already working network for free.

Or you can contact the respective customer care if you prefer an easy way out.

Transfer Ownership

Yes, if that SIM is for your friend, then you both need to visit the respective operators, and they will happily transfer your ownership.

Customer Care Helplines

Just dial the respective number to disallow the sim or to port (both side operators)

  • STC:  900 or 11 455 5555 
  • Virgin Mobile:  1789 
  • Mobily:   1100 or 0560101100  
  • Zain:  959 or 0590000959 
  • Friendi:  166000 or 0571166000 

Wrap Up

If your case is not resolved by the operators/service providers, you can escalate the issue to CITC after 5 days wait as per CITC’s official statement on their website. I hope this is quite an easy way to get rid of any malicious burden. Thanks to CITC. Make sure to keep things as simple as possible, as I am only using SAWA nowadays.

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